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Located in the northeast of the United States, between New York and Washington DC, Philadelphia city is celebrated by almost all the Americans. And why shouldn’t it be, it’s the birthplace of the United States after all. Philadelphia tourism and places to visit are more than just eagles or the Cheesesteaks. It has a lot of interesting history inside it. This city has been a witness to a lot of “firsts”, including the museums, prisons, banks, and zoo.

Philadelphia is renowned for it’s museums, so it seems as though we are going back in time. If you are a history buff, then do check out these places.

Philadelphia is recognized as one of the largest cities in the US. It is known for its historical gems and most of the people traveling to Philadelphia to discover unique offerings within the city. From classic architecture to modern buildings, here you will spot the perfect mingle of diverse cultures. If you are confused over where to start and what to cover then you should refer a Philadelphia travel guide. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in Philadelphia that will help you to plan your journey in judicious way:

  • The Liberty Bell Pavilion

It has been recognized as a symbol of independence and freedom in the US. The bell was on tour during the 19th century so as to motivate people for freedom. In the year 1915, the Liberty Bell finished its journey and since then this unique masterpiece has become key highlights of Philadelphia. It is free for the public for demonstration and they can also enjoy several videos and exhibits to discover more about the history of Bell. If you are a history lover then this is one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Philadelphia that you shouldn’t miss at all.

  • Independence Hall

It is one of the most visited and top tourist attractions in Philly which is added in every Philadelphia travel guide. The Independence Hall has great importance as it is a place where the Declaration of Independence was signed. The ticket to the hall is completely free but you need to pass through a high-level security check go inside. In the vicinity of the hall, you will discover several other unique destinations that are worth exploring.

The declaration of Independence from Britain by The Country was first publicly read in 1776. This occasion was marked by a 2,000 pounds Liberty Bell toll. The United States Constitution was first signed in the Pennsylvania statehouse, now known as Independence Hall, which makes it historically significant.

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you are traveling to North America some of the incredible tourist sites in Philadelphia then you shouldn’t miss visiting this incredible museum. Here you will spot an extensive collection of paintings, exhibits, and artwork that dates back to old centuries. You will be mesmerized by the unique collection of oriental carpets and Asian art which is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. The museum boasts pictures by Degas, Monet, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Cézanne.

Comprising of the neoclassical buildings, this is one of the largest museums in the city. There are those iconic stairs in front of the museum which Rocky Balboa jogged in the famous Rocky series. The famous Rocky statue used in the film is on the east side of the lower stairs. (P. S. Don’t forget to strike the Rocky Pose)

  • Please Touch Museum

Museums may be a bore for children, particularly when every now and then they’re hushed away. But this museum does not. This is a hands-on museum, especially for children’s playtime. The museum’s interactive show is enjoyable and educational. If you are looking for one of the ideal tourist spots in Philadelphia where you can take your kids then Please Touch Museum is an ideal choice.

  • Museum of American Revolution

This museum conveys the story of the American Revolution. A collection of thousands of items, including works of art, sculpture, textiles, weapons, manuscripts and rare books, is available. Through their collections, visitors can see a gallery full of the revolutionary era. There’s a lot more to this city of brotherly and sisterly love. This city also features some highly unique tourist attractions of Philadelphia that include architecture and some beautiful gardens.

  • Fairmount Park

This municipal park consists of two park sections, the east park and the west park, which is divided by the Schuylkill River. Philadelphia tourist attractions are recognized for their extraordinary touch and you will come to know this fact when you visit this amazing park.

The Fairmont Waterworks are located behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Stroll around, go for cycling, or horseback riding. There are also Japanese tea ceremonies and various other outdoor activities. You can also admire the view of the Fairmont Dam and the row of boathouses.

This spectacular park is situated along the Wissahickon Creek and Schuylkill River thereby making it one of the most tranquil places to visit in Philadelphia. The park features several unique places to explore including playgrounds, picnic areas, hiking paths, swimming pools, ball fields, and lush gardens. Every year, people traveling to Philadelphia from different countries visit this park to experience its beauty.

  • Franklin Square

This is a modern family park with a mini-golf course, fountains, playground, carousel, etc. Devour delicious burgers and fries at the SquareBurger. Don’t forget to try the famous coke shake blended with some butterscotch krimplets. Philadelphia tourist spots have something or other for every tourist and you will come to know this fact when you visit Franklin Square.

  • Academy of Natural Sciences

Located on Logan square, this is one of the oldest research institutions and museums.  This place is like a zoo where you can pet live animals. Founded in the year 1812, by the many leading natural scientists, it has a tradition to display public art and educational programs for both the general public and school children.

  • Philadelphia Zoo

Across the river is the oldest zoo in America. From Monkeys to other inhabitants of wildlife they all reside here. In addition to animals, there is a collection of over 500 species, it’s research and veterinary facilities. Also while in the zoo, don’t forget to appreciate it’s historic architecture. If you are done exploring historical landmarks, it’s time to discover some natural wonders within the city. No matter from what corner of the world you are traveling to Philadelphia, a visit to this Zoo is a must. The zoo is extremely active in conserving wildlife and also reputed for the rehabilitation of several animals. If you are traveling to Philadelphia with kids then a visit to this Zoo is highly recommended by every Philadelphia travel guide.

  • Reading Terminal Market

The oldest food paradise in the city. From the famous Cheesesteaks to the Chinese, and everything between them, this place is worth a visit. Some of the vendors still function in the same way as it was in 1892.

And if you are a fan of the Cheesesteaks, then you must try the roast pork sandwiches, which are voted to be the best sandwich in America. Here’s something for everybody, from doughnuts and pie for the sweet tooth, to the cheesy dishes for the cheesemongers. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner are all sorted at this place. Good news for the vegetarian travelers, there’s a lot of vegetarian food available for you guys too.

Check out any Philadelphia travel guide and you will find this destination featured in it without fail. The old market has witnessed renovation several times. Today, it is transformed into a highly attractive destination for people traveling to Philadelphia for various reasons. Here you will spot more than 100 different businesses operated by reputed merchants. If you are a shopaholic person then you will love purchasing some unique items here including crafts, gifts, jewelry, and canned goods.

  • Italian Market

For the love of quality organic food, visit the Italian market on the ninth street, which is also known for its culinary abilities. Not only Italian, but a variety of international cuisine is available at this Philadelphia places to visit. Do try the signature dish of Philly, the Cheesesteaks at the Geno.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary

This was the most influential jail the world has ever built. Take an audio tour and thoroughly visit the jail that has Gothic architecture. The hallways the cells are sure to bring back some gripping stories of the difficult times back then. Don’t forget to visit the yard in which the inmates will play baseball. All these reasons make it one of the fun places to visit in Philadelphia with kids.

  • Magic Gardens

As the name says, this place is magical indeed. This space is created by recycled products using mosaics. Carry your camera, and click a lot of pictures in this unique place focused to detail. No wonder it is listed amongst one of the most offbeat places to visit in Philadelphia where you can take your entire family.

  • Ben Franklin Bridge

This is one of Philadelphia’s largest suspension bridge and an iconic location. Named after the prolific Benjamin Franklin, it links with Camden and Philadelphia. Admire the waterfronts of both Camden and Philly.

  • One Liberty Observation Deck

The sky’s never the limit! Well, not at least in Philadelphia. 57 floors above sea level, get a chance to see Philadelphia from the top. Because no trip is complete without a bird’s eye view. It is one of the best places to visit at Philadelphia to capture some panoramic views in your camera.

  • Love Park

 John. F. Kennedy Plaza, famously known as the LOVE Park, offers an architectural treasure view, with a lot of activities in the parks. This park is named LOVE because of the iconic LOVE statue of Robert Indiana. If you are searching for some of the awesome places to visit near Philadelphia then you shouldn’t ski Love Park.

  • Once Upon a Nation

This tourist attraction is famous for its benches. Yes, you got it right. With 13 storytelling benches, stories by professional storytellers feature in 3-5 minutes. Among these benches are scattered the true stories of Philadelphia ‘s history. The best place for kids to study history and enjoy it.

What’s next waiting for you?

I’m sure after reading this, all of you will be tempted to travel to Philly, but that’s not all, though. There’s a lot going around the city, especially sports. Philadelphia is known for its sports and has its team in all four major professional sports. The eagles at Lincoln financial field, Wells Fargo center, and the Phillies. Surely enjoying a game is a fun thing to do in Philadelphia.

Do visit South Street, as it is the hippest street in the Town. With over 400 independent shops, restaurants, and bars, cuisine from all over the world is represented here. Do as the locals do, take a bus, or walk around the architectural buildings, just as the founding fathers of America did.

Beer lovers, brace yourself, Philadelphia is a beer-loving town since the American revolution. There are different craft breweries which follow the recipes of Washington. Don’t forget to stop by the other landmarks such as the first bank of the United States and warship USS Olympia, Besty Ross House, Elfreth’s Ally, and Penn’s landing.

Philadelphia is very pleasant during the springtime and fall, but let’s be honest, this is a city which looks beautiful all year round (and is highly Instagrammable).

Philadelphia has always offered what tourists expect from this fabulous travel destination in North America. The places mentioned in this Philadelphia travel guide are all-inclusive. You can consider adding a few more locations in your itinerary if you have additional time. In case, you are planning to visit a few more popular cities in the US then check out our other travel guides on North America.

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