Best Places to Visit in Toronto

Being the capital of Ontario, Toronto also recognized as the biggest city in entire Canada. It is known for featuring diverse sightseeing destinations that demand lots of energy and time from travelers. Whether those are museums, galleries or waterfalls, you will find this city packed with several hidden gems that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. If you are not sure what are the best places to visit in Toronto then check out this exhaustive travel guide to get all the details:

Top Tourist Attractions of Toronto

  • Ripley’s Aquarium
  • Niagara falls
  • CN Tower
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Toronto Eaton Centre
  • High Park
  • Toronto Islands
  • Bata Shoe Museum
  • Casa Lama
  • Hockey Hall of Fame

Why you Must-Visit these Travel Destinations?

  • Ripley’s Aquarium:

It is one of the latest travel attractions in Toronto that boasts of several marine animals difficult to find anywhere else. It is one of the most popular destinations that you can consider visiting with your entire family. The underwater tunnel is a key highlight here that gives you a perfect glimpse of the ocean with several deadly fishes lingering around you. It is one of the memorable experiences to get at Toronto places to visit which you will not forget in your entire life.

  • Niagara falls:

If you ever come to Toronto then a quick tour to Niagara Falls is recommended as it will not take you more than 2 hours to reach this family-friendly destination. Once you reach here, you will feel like been at heaven. You can opt for a cruise ride that will take you extremely close to waterfalls. Some other destinations you can plan in your itinerary include Floral Clock, Whirlpool Rapids and much more. Check out any Toronto travel vacation package and you will find Niagara Falls listed in it without fail.

  • CN Tower:

CN Tower is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Toronto which you should add in your city itinerary. This iron structure can be observed from any spot of the city. In the phase of 1970s, it was recognized as the tallest structure in the country and since then considered as an ideal travel destination. Visitors are allowed to take a tour to the observation area of Tower from where they can enjoy spectacular views of the city.

  • Royal Ontario Museum:

It is one of the premier museums of Canada and on the virtue of its international fame, it has received lots of recognition from foreign tourists. It is also referred as ROM which features a diverse collection of items that talk about culture, history and art of the country. Some of the most popular exhibitions are also organized in the museum which attracts crowds in huge numbers. No wonder it is listed amongst some of the best places to go in Toronto Canada without fail.

  • Toronto Zoo:

If you have already mesmerized by the artificial structures and vibrant life of Toronto then hold your breath for some natural gems of the city. Toronto Zoo is one such attraction that became a heaven for nature and animal lovers. The zoo is packed with amazing wildlife featuring more than 5,000 animals of diverse species. The zoo is divided into several key sections featuring unique highlights such as Tundra Trek, Gorilla Rainforest, Polar bears, Great Barrier Reef and much more. It is one of the popular destinations to visit with your family especially during the summer season when nature calls you to enjoy its pleasant weather.

  • Toronto Eaton Centre:

When it comes to discovering tourist attractions of Toronto packed with shopping stores, Toronto Eaton Centre comes to your mind. This amazing structure features everything from big corporate offices to small shopping stores. Every week, thousands of visitors come here to get one of the best shopping experiences of their lifetime.  After a full day of shopping, if you get hungry then you can stop by at any of the restaurants to try your favorite cuisine. All these reasons make the Toronto Eaton Centre an ideal part of Toronto Tourism.

  • High Park:

It is one of the top places to visit in Toronto Canada that gives you an opportunity to enjoy amazing outdoor activities. Some of the key highlights of the park include zoo, garden, playground and hiking trails. The Hillside Gardens feature an observatory deck from where you can view some of the spectacular views of the city. Maple leaf is considered as another important highlight of the park along with other platforms such as tennis courts, swimming pool and much more. There are several other reasons that make High Park one of the best places to visit at Toronto.

  • Toronto Islands:

It is one of the recreational tourist attractions in Toronto Canada where you can reach by taking a ferry ride. Toronto Islands is one of the most tranquil vacation spots that offer you incredible surroundings away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Some of the top things to do in Toronto can be done here. Biking, kayaking and swimming are amongst the few activities that are highly preferred by tourists. Rock music festivals and art events are also organized at Toronto Islands at regular intervals that attract tourists in huge numbers.

  • Bata Shoe Museum:

If you want to discover some of the offbeat Toronto tourist attractions then Bata Shoe Museum is a place to be. Here you will spot some of the highly innovative pieces of shoes that are known for their innovative design. The museum features more than 10,000 pairs of shoes that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. With so much see here, you definitely need to dedicate at least half of your day to get the best out of your visit here. If you are planning an extended vacation trip to Toronto then you must add this museum in your journey.

  • Casa Lama:

It is one of the historical Toronto visit places that you should add in your itinerary. The history of this incredible castle dates back to the early years of the 20th century. It is of a memorable experience to explore this castle that features 98 rooms. It also boasts of a hunting lodge, unique library, gardens passageways and elevator which are only of its kind. It took more than 300 people to create this fantastic masterpiece in three years. Without any doubt, you will this castle added in the list of ideal Toronto visit places.

  • Hockey Hall of Fame:

Toronto is recognized for its ice hockey and there can’t be a better place than Hockey Hall of Fame to enjoy this fantastic sport. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Toronto that make you well versed with different sides of ice hockey. Here you can spot film and artifacts of some of the recognized players along with their achievements. So simply named your favorite ice hockey player and you will get to know lots of details about that player here. The museum also features a multi-media demonstration that gives an opportunity for visitors to play against some professionals in a virtual way.

What’s next waiting for you?

Canada is blessed with several historical landmarks and natural gems that are spread over prominent cities such as Toronto. Once you take a tour through the best places to visit in Toronto, you would love to visit them again and again. Now you have also got an entire list of best places to visit in Canada near Toronto, go ahead and plan your journey judiciously. If you are planning to visit some other cities in the zone then check out our travel guides on Canada.

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