Best Beaches to Visit in the World

When we talk about beaches , there is a lot that comes to your mind including crashing waves, golden sand, palm trees, water sports, sunbath and much more. Have you ever heard of a beach that gives you an experience of hot springs rushing exactly beneath you? Do you wish to experience spectacular views of sunrise and sunset from a same beach? Then here we have listed some of the diverse categories of beaches that you can consider visiting according to your age and interest:

  • Railay Beach: It is one of the incredible beaches you will come across in Thailand which is known for limestone cliffs on different sides. Railay Beach will give you an opportunity to see emerald-blue waters that you may have not seen in your entire life. The sand here is extremely soft and you will get a rejuvenating experience while walking on the coast line of Railay Beach. The water here is quite warm and you can enjoy several water sports activities in the vicinity such as rock climbing, hiking, snorkeling and kayaking.
  • Red Beach: It is one of the unbelievable creations of god which makes everyone stunned during first visit to Greece. Here you will see everything red and the color is on the virtue of red lava rocks that you will find in the vicinity. It is truly a magnificent sight to see when blue waters of see collide with the dark red cliffs. The overall scenery here is outstanding and you can definitely consider capturing some unique photographs in the lap of nature.
  • Hot Water Beach: It is one of the extraordinary beaches you will come across in New Zealand that will give you a memorable experience. Simply relax on hot waters at the edge of beach to enjoy one of the most serene experiences of your lifetime. Tourists from all the corners of the world come to this beach and enjoy best time of their life. In the vicinity, you will come across several restaurants and hotels where you can try some unique cuisine made from local ingredients.
  • Bathsheba Beach: Pristine, wild and rugged are few of the adjectives that best describe the Bathsheba beach.It is one of the most recognized destinations for surfers and natural photographers who gather in huge number. Some of the rare sites you can view here including clash of gigantic boulders and white sand. So during your next visit to Barbados don’t forget to visit this fantastic destination to make your tour memorable.
  • Horseshoe Bay: It is one of the most famous beaches you will come across in Bermuda which is known for many secrets. Here you can spot several weird rock formations that offer an ideal place for photography lovers. The sand here is extremely soft and pink which is extremely soothing to your legs. No matter what your age and interest is, you will definitely find something to cheer here.

Mother Nature has offered us a lot in the form of sightseeing destinations most of them are hidden while some of them are quite obvious to our eyes. Beaches are considered as one of the most sought places that offer plenty to explore for every traveler. There are several buzzing beaches in the world that offer you water sports opportunities while others are known as pristine places where you can find out peace of your life. So go ahead and plan your journey to one of the beaches mentioned above to make your journey memorable.

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