Best Places To Eat In San Francisco

San Francisco is constantly changing itself to flow with the modernized culture and technology and there have been major changes in the field of food in San Francisco. San Francisco is turning out to be a foodie’s paradise with world-class fine dining restaurants, perfect pizzas, and sushis, spicy noodles, incredible dim sums, or even strong rum drinks made of pineapple, San Francisco has a lot to offer to its travelers. You can relax and have some quality time in any of these with its fine food and taste. If you want to know what to eat and where to eat in San Francisco then some of the best places to eat in San Francisco are listed as under:

  • Cinderella Bakery & café

This café is such a beautiful one and is great for having breakfast and starting your day. You will find standard breakfast items like eggplants and French toast but you must come here for all the Russian delights. The Syrniki which is sweet and dense cheese pancakes with a crispy outing goes well and people love ordering it here at Cinderella Bakery & Café. But if you are planning for dumplings, try out their Vareniki dumplings for the savory touch to your breakfast. No wonder, it is one of the good places to eat in San Francisco with your family.

  • Vive La Tarte

If you have a thirst for croissants, you cannot miss out on Vive La Tarte offering some of the best croissants, super fluffy, and amazingly delicious. The mocha and strawberry versions are what people tend to like but you can try out other croissants on the menu as well. Also, the egg sandwich and breakfast pizzas are just too good. The prices are also reasonable and missing this café in San Francisco is not a great thing. 

  • Tartine Bakery

The Original Tartine Bakery is a small place, low on seats serving some of the best sweets in the whole city. This bakery is perfect for those days when you just feel like strolling on the streets and feel like having something sweet for breakfast. The pieces of bread and croissants are all amazing but people are here in the mornings for the morning bun.

  • The Shota

Whenever you find yourself in the Financial District of San Francisco, the Shota turns out to be one of those few FiDi restaurants worth making a special visit to. They are well known for serving a 15-course mix of kaiseki and omakase dishes but the Kaiseki dishes always tops the list. The uni plates are designed and delivered in gold orbs apart from bringing the tender tuna in glass domes glazing in smoke. The sushi prepared here is simple using freshly prepared wasabi and soy sauce but these are some of the best sushi you will taste in the city.

  • Wayfare Tavern

Wayfare Tavern turns out to be one of the coziest places to eat in the Financial District. It has a cozy ambiance with William Morris Wallpaper and a big fireplace for that laid down environment. The food served here is a classic mix of Tavern dishes like from oysters to bone marrow apart from all the comfort food. You will get mac and cheese and enormous burgers with melted brie. These are some of the things you love having before going to the office.

  • Trouble Coffee

Firstly, named Shack Shack they offer some of the inventive and innovative coffees that you will ever taste but it’s their toast that makes people come back to this coffee shop. The loaves of bread are super thick fully covered with butter and cinnamon sugar. For drinks, you can order fresh coconut drinks or even coffee is a perfect start to a great day. Without any doubt, it is one of the famous places to eat in San Francisco with your friends or family.  

  • Arizmendi Bakery

Designed in the shape of a grocery store, you can choose from a wide range of candies and Banana runts, Arizmendi provides you with endless bread options to choose from. You can fill up the bunch with pastry pouches and cheese rolls, focaccia topped with cheese and kale, and the croissants that feel thick but are flaky from inside. They also serve some awesome pizzas but you can simply have coffee and pastry in this bakery store.

  • Hook Fish Co

All the dishes prepared here are so fresh and made using simple ingredients and you can get a variety of dishes here like the crab cakes having a lot of meat and non-filler, burritos and fish tacos famous all over the city. The best thing about this place is also its seating arrangement in logs of wood. It is bright wood and concrete giving the feeling of an ideal beach shack.

  • Rose’s Café

This café seems right out from the 19th-century medieval setting having bright yellow walls and chairs and also colored glass chandeliers making it one of the best places to hang out with friends. The smoked salmon breakfast pizza is done delicious made using freshly made ingredients and cheese. The soft scrambled eggs and crème Fraiche also makes you stand in lines for the awesome taste. Everything you find here is worth tasting and pleasant. 

  • Vegan Picnic

Are you looking for cool places to eat in San Francisco, then come to Vegan Picnic. There are no picnic tables inside the restaurant but it takes you through some sort of movie marathon and gives you the feeling that you are having food at your best friend’s place. The donuts are world-class with the crispy chicken sandwiches melting in the mouth as soon as you put it, dripped with butter and cheese. The Caprese salad made with non-dairy cheese is something you would like to pack in your picnic basket and enjoy with your friends and families.

  • Roam Artisan Burgers

Roam is a kind of counter-service spot where you have to help yourself with the orders and it is kind of casual dining, good for stopping by on a long afternoon day. This is the place for having some classy burgers. All the burgers are made of high-quality meats like turkey, bison, and beef with barbeque sauce topping. And you can choose from a vast range of drinks to go well with the burgers.

  • Family café

Family Café is one of those eating spots giving you a vintage feeling and it is a two-story Japanese style café located on Columbus Eve. With bright colors, vintage mirrors on the walls, and turquoise walls, you get to experience a vintage feel here while eating your Tonkatsu, veggie sandwich, or Katsu. These are served on Japanese milk loaves of bread and the family café is open both for lunch and dinner. It is one of the cheap places to eat in San Francisco on weekends.

  • Palette Tea House

Palette tea house comes out to be creative while making dim sums and other Chinese specialties. You get various things like lobster har gao with butter injected to all dumplings, bite-size honey walnut shrimps, Soup dumplings with black truffle and Dungeness crab, etc. 

  • Zuni Café

The Zuni Café was opened in the 70s and it is cool even today as it was before. The food is a classic here with the whole chicken roast on the menu. The Caesar salad is also made to perfection. This is one of the unique San Francisco places to eat where you will love walking in for lunch and it is a go-to place at all times.

  • Smitten Ice Cream

Your search for great places to eat in San Francisco ends at Smitten Ice cream. It is different from all the rest as it is made using liquid nitrogen and easily dismissed as smoke and mirrors operation. Apart from the dry smoke used in making these ice creams, there are custom made machines as well resulting in phenomenal and smooth ice creams. Pretzels and strawberry mascarpone are given as toppings.

  • Powder

All the colorful ribbons made at Powder using condensed milk and ice simply melts in the mouth and there is nothing better than you can ask for when it comes to frozen dessert. The cereal snow having cinnamon sugar is the frozen version of the cinnamon toast crunch with the matcha topped with mochi. All the ice creams made here are super airy and light and you can take large scoops without filling full to the stomach. 

What’s next waiting for you?

Whether you are looking for top places to eat in Chinatown San Francisco or trendy places to eat in San Francisco above-mentioned list will answer all your queries. Plan a trip soon and you will be delighted in tasting unique dishes in all of these cafes and restaurants. 

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