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Chile is a place with diverse beauty in its land. In recent years Chile is becoming a popular tourist destination, and the best place for travelers who love adventures, sightseeing and nature lovers. This the long narrow region on the west coast of South America. Chile is a place which ranges from the world’s largest swimming pool to the driest desert. Chile is also called as “the country of poets” or “pais del poetas”.Chile is the world’s wine destination and land for wine lovers. Chile is enclosed with lots of tourist attractions like fine museums, art galleries, stone figures, national parks and conservation areas etc. Whether you are looking for things to do in Chile Santiago or things to do in Valparaiso Chile, the following guide covers everything.

So be ready to explore the land blessed with abundance, with our lists of top things to do in Chile.

World’s largest swimming pool in Chile

The city Algarrobo in the pacific coast, which has a beautiful artificial paradise. San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort about 100 kms west of Santiago. This one of the popular tourist destinations. It can contain about 66 million gallons of water. This was named as the world’s largest swimming pool by the Guinness books of records. Its length is of 1,000 yards and are of 20 acres and depth of 115-feet. It has crystal clear seawater. This was opened in December 2006. It took almost 5 years to construct this place. So this spot would be a great entertaining spot. This has become the top tourist destination of the country and tourists to take a visit. This adds a star to the Chile things to do.

Driest desert Atacama

The Atacama, one of the oldest deserts in the world. At a range of 7,500 feet, the driest desert found with the surreal beauty of the landscape. Here few parts in the desert never witnessed a drop of rainwater in its history. This one of the oldest deserts found on earth which runs 1,000 km long. This land is a long strip that runs between Andes Mountain and the Pacific Ocean and has an area of 363,000 square kilometers. The northern part of Atacama contained valuable mineral resources.

Wine destination and producer of wine

Chile is the 9th largest producer of wine in the world.  Chile is a wine country and it is the fifth-largest export of wine in the world. Here high-quality wines are made with experts and traditional methods. The wine grapes were planted in 1554 first at Chile, brought by Spanish Conquistadores. Chile has more than 1200 km viticulture valleys in 14 different zones. They produce 10 million hector liters of wine every year. The finest wines are available here which makes you exotic with its taste.

Easter land

The “moai” island in the coast of Chile was annexed in 1888. It was renamed as Easter Island in the late 1700s. Here sheep farms were maintained by the Chilean navy in the 1900s. In this island, more than 7km of subterranean lava tunnels are mapped out. That is the home system to one of the cave systems on earth. This island was opened for the public in 1966. This is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites which is filled with the stone figures are amazing to gaze. Though it is far away from Chile, the most attractive identity of the country. A fantabulous island which has beautiful stone sculptures all over the place.  

Lauca National park

This park is just 140 kms away from the east of the city Arica. This park covers up a range of mountains, plains and some volcanos. This is an important archaeological site that is evidence of early European settlers. This place is perfect for bird watching and has about 140 species of bird-like Andean geese and massive Andean condor. Another popular and attractive area is the Conguillio National park in the Araucania region of Andes. The best place for nature lovers.

Penguins in Chile

The interesting fact about Chile is penguins. Here penguins are found in several areas of southern Chile. One of the spots is Seno Otway Penguin Colony. Humboldt Penguins are also found in the Northern coast of Chile. That is 12,000 breeding pairs of penguins are found and that is not a small count. Pinguinos monument is just 35 km away from the Punta Arenas. One of the largest colonies of penguins. Watching penguins and taking selfies with them is one of the top 10 things to do in Chile with kids and family.


The Valparaiso city is known for its historical central areas. This is one of the glorious cities of Chile. This place is declared as the World Heritage site in 2003. It is the chief port of Chile and the end of the Trans-Andean railway track.  It is not only a historical center but also an industrial center that produces different goods like textiles, paints, leather goods, and chemicals. Valparaiso is the bucket list for many poets and painters.

Chile’s Andes Mountain

Chile is one of the countries with lot of counts of active volcanos in the world. The top three historical and watching volcanos of the country are Cerro Arul, Cerro Hudson and Villarrica. They are known as Stratovolcanos. These volcanos are used as an experimenting place by the people to check their skills on hiking volcanos or mountains. Some other best things to do in the Andes Chile are to explore the sacred valley of the Incas.  Then you can see Lake Titicaca where the amazing views are present. Another thing to do in the Andes is some people take horseback riding a traditional way to explore different regions on the Andes. 

Coast lines of Chile

Chile is a country with the longest coastline of 6,500 km. almost a narrow stretch with a width of 200 km, in the world. The most popular beaches are in central Chile.  Chile has a Mediterranean climate where the visitors can enjoy the climate absolutely. The Vina del Mar is an excellent upscale beach resort in Chile. The main beaches are Playa las Salinas and playa Seneca. Salinas is best suited for beach-goer with children.

Santiago the capital city

Santiago is not only the business and financial capitals of the country. Santiago is the heart of the country as it serves as the cultural and entertainment center and place for endless funs. Including the museums, art galleries, shopping and the best hotels.  Interest points of the city are Central Cultural Palacio La Moneda- state’s art culture center. A highlight of the city is taking amazing views at San Cristobal Hills. It has an observatory and a 22-meter tall statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Amphi Theater. Be sure you spend some time at Santiago Metropolitan Park which is a huge green space in the city. Park has botanical gardens, the Chilean National zoo and a funicular railway. This city keeps you engaged in lots of activities.

What’s next waiting for you?

Chile is considered to be the eight most popular destinations for foreign tours within America. Chile has five UNESCO world heritage sites. Chile has the most significant and diversification landscape that attracts tourists from different zones. Chile’s government has taken new steps to maintain and protect the culture and best sites in the country. Chile is worth visiting a place filled with sacred and natural beauty in them. So Chile has much more to be explored like National parks, museums, volcanos, and modern stuff. Now you know what to do in Chile, plan your journey with your loved ones and get going.

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