Best Places to Visit in London

Popular for several extraordinary sightseeing destinations, the capital of UK, London will definitely mesmerize you with its diverse offerings. Whether it is architecture, culture, history, museums, nightlife or shopping, the city has got everything to keep you busy. If you are planning to visit such a feature packed city then you definitely need to plan things properly to cover maximum destinations within short distance. Here we have made a list of best places to visit in London that will guide you on where to start your journey and where to end it:

Key Highlights of London

  • Buckingham Palace:

There are several reasons that make this an iconic destination in the world. You can consider exploring several staterooms within the palace to enjoy real splendor of this majestic masterpiece. During every single moment you spend here, you will feel the royalty of palace along with its grandiose architecture. This magnificent piece of art is also surrounded by blossoming gardens which is an absolute treat to watch during warmer months.

  • The Tower of London:

The name of this destination speaks a lot and it doesn’t need any formal introduction to describe this magical place. Nestled at the banks of very famous River Thames, the Tower of London is known for its extraordinary architecture. You can take a tour to its long history and reveal some hidden gems during the tour. Here you can spot crown jewel which is real masterpiece in itself that has a unique history to unravel.

  • Madame Tussauds:

Though there number of Madame Tussauds museums you will find across the world, the one in London is the original. Here you can spot wax statues of famous personalities ranging from politicians, actors, sportsperson, social workers, monarchs, singers and many more. Don’t forget to carry your camera here as you will get lot of exposure to do photography with the statues of your favorite celebrities.

  • London Dungeon:

If you are looking for something excited within London then London Dungeon is a place to be. Here you can experience the darker history of city along with unraveling its deep secrets. Here you can get familiar with the some of the most deadly and notorious characters of London. In addition to this, you will get an opportunity to enjoy several thrilling rides here which is an absolutely rare experience you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime.

  • London Zoo:

If you are done exploring some historical sites and unique landmarks of London, it’s a time to make yourself acquainted with the natural gems of London. A visit to London Zoo will definitely make your day as you get an opportunity to witness several rare species of wildlife which is difficult to find out anywhere in the world. It is a must visit place if you are travelling with family as your kids will love to create attachments with the friendly animals here.

London is packed with endless sightseeing destinations that you can’t cover within a short period. So whenever you plan a tour to such a famous city, make sure you allocate sufficient amount of time to make your tour comfortable. The city of such great attraction will definitely make your journey memorable and you will look forward to visit it again and again.

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