Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is a dream destination for some people while for others it is an ideal holiday getaway which they prefer to visit occasionally. The country is blessed with several natural jewels that look like a postcard. With its breathtaking mountains, amazing waterfalls, lush gardens and serene beaches, it will be surely on the top of your travel bucketlist. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in New Zealand to get an unforgettable experience:

Key Highlights of New Zealand

  • Muriwai Beach: You can reach to this destination after a drive of half hour to get into the spectacular territory of West Coast. Muriwai beach features sand dunes, mesmerizing sunset views and unique surfing places. If you are lucky, try to visit this beach on stormy day to get best out of it. Moreover, you can stop by at Gannet Colony to enjoy a view of birds flying in large groups and creating awesome patterns.
  • Bay of Islands: It is an ideal place to try out sailing, fishing, scuba diving and different forms of water sports activities in New Zealand. You can reach at this magnificent destination after travelling for only 3 hours from the city of Auckland. This place is created from more than 125 islands and you can go deep into the bay to explore fabulous world of marine life.
  • Nelson Lakes National Park: Situated on the South Island, this extraordinary park signifies the foundation of Southern Alps. At the very center of this park, you will come across couple of alpine lakes encircled by forested valleys. Furthermore, if you wish to try swimming, hiking, fishing and adventurous camping then this is an ideal place to be.
  • Marlborough: If you want to taste some local wine of New Zealand then don’t miss out on Marlborough. Here you can find lush backyard that will definitely make you homesick. Most of the tourists, visit this place to find out peace of the mind in the lap of nature.
  • Whangarei Falls: This is not just a place where you can stand below falling water and click some pictures as memories. It is a unique destination where you can actually climb behind the falls and wait for sunrays to hit the falling water to create rainbow around you. Furthermore, you can enjoy rock climbing here which is the main reason why Whangarei is crowded with so many people all around the year.
  • Tongariro National Park: This is recognized as an oldest park in country which is located at the center of North Island. It features three giant volcanos from where you can try out snowboard and skiing in the season of winter. Moreover, it is a go to destination for hiking enthusiasts who want to enjoy thrill of their life.
  • Rotorua: If you want to visit a place where earth actually speaks then come to Rotorua. It is referred as one of the highly geothermal places in the world. Volcanic craters, hot mud pools and hissing geysers talks everything about unique topography of New Zealand. Whether it is mountain biking, luging or sky-diving, adventure seekers also have lot to do here.
  • Mount Cook National Park: It is recognized as New Zealand’s largest glacier and tallest mountain. Here you can spot more than 40 different species of birds and 250 alpine plants. It offers perfect base for organizing challenging activities such as hiking, hunting, ski touring and hail-skiing.
  • Coromandel Peninsula: If you are nature lover then you can’t stop yourself from recommending this scintillating place to others. Tourists can enjoy sitting on golden beaches, do sky diving and kayaking here.  Furthermore, you can also spot several art studious and galleries in the vicinity which is also a treat to watch.
  • Kaikoura: If you are wildlife enthusiast or a bird watcher then don’t ever miss this place in life. Here you can spot extremely rare variety of birds that offer you spectacular view when they fly in patterns right above your head. Moreover, seefood lovers also have lot of options to discover here. They can try delicious cuisine made from local ingredients which are difficult to get anywhere else.
  • Napier In Hawke’s Bay: Unique art and gourmet food are couple of things that perfectly depict Napier. Here you will find several Spanish style architecture and decorated buildings. Moreover, in the vicinity you will also come across several reputed restaurant where you can try some mouth watering cuisine. The menu list is endless and you will get perplexed while making final choices.
  • Fiordland National Park: It is home to awesome walking trails that boast about their rare beauty. This place is packed with several exciting things that make sure your adrenaline is constantly pumping with thrill. It features mountain peaks, unspoiled forest, pristine lakes, white water waterfalls and the list is never ending.
  • Christchurch: Though this place has suffered lot of demolition in the earthquakes of year 2010-11, it has perfectly come to life. You can see rebirth of entire region where several shopping malls and sky-catching buildings are renovated. While in such a beautiful city of Christchurch, you can visit botanical gardens that feature lot of conservatories, walking tracks along with horticultural exhibits. 
  • Milford Sound: If you are on the edge of closing your tour to New Zealand but haven’t visited Milford Sound yet then you must try to cover it in your itinerary without fail. The ideal way to explore this destination is to hire a boat. It is an amazing feeling when you cruise through crystal clear waters while watching wildlife and waterfalls on the way. Furthermore, you can also consider visiting underwater observatory where you can enjoy views of 360 degrees into 30 feet deep underwater.

If you are flying to New Zealand for the first time, there is high chance that you will be tempted to visit it again and gain. No matter what excites you, here you will find one or other reason to merry. If you are done with an exhaustive tour of New Zealand then you must explore another marvelous travel destination, Australia.

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