Best Places to Visit in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the fascinating cities in Australia that brags about plethora of sightseeing locations. Whether it is vibrant nightclubs, modern theaters, buzzing shopping stores or unique restaurants offering delicious food, you will find everything here. Apart from modern attractions, you will find several classical destinations in Melbourne that mainly include historical museums, old towns, railways stations and wildlife sanctuaries. If you are searching for best places to visit in Melbourne then here is an ideal list:

Key Highlights of Melbourne

  • Sovereign Hill:

It is one of the extraordinary museums you can consider visiting in Melbourne. It is an open air museum that demonstrates unique lifestyle of historical times. It is spread over an area of more than 25 acres and features several underground mines, factories, schools, theaters, shops and hotels thereby becoming a busy location. If you are searching for a family destination in Melbourne then Sovereign hills is a place to be.

  • Docklands:

It is one of the most visited destinations in Melbourne that attracts tourists from different corners of the world. Dockland is surrounded by high rises, dining walkways and shopping avenues. This scintillating destination also features several nightclubs, pubs, cafes, kiosks, parklands, amusement park and restaurants to keep you busy throughout a day.

  • Ian Potter Museum of Art:

Ian Potter Museum of Art is a recognized as a center of relics and art from historic times. Here you can discover University art collection which is hard to find anywhere else. The exhibits and gallery in the museum possesses grand collection of public as well as private artifacts gathered from different parts of the world. The entry to this museum is free and it remains open on all days except Monday.

  • Healesville Sanctuary:

It is one of the highly recommended places in Melbourne where you can come across several unique wildlife species. Healesville Sanctuary is home to extraordinary animals such as eagles, wombats, lyrebirds, Tasmanian devils, emus, koalas and platypus. If you are travelling with kids then you should bring them here to get friendly with animals. The sanctuary remains open on all days from 7:30am to 10pm.

  • Melbourne Zoo:

Just like other zoos in Australia, Melbourne zoo boasts about amazing fauna and rare species of wildlife which are hard to discover at any other place in the world. It is family destination which is packed with lot of excitement and fun to keep your kids occupied throughout a day. Here you can spot unique species of animals such as Snow Leopard, Brown Bear, Tree Kangaroo and many others.

  • Yarra Valley Wineries:

Whether you are wine lover or not, you will definitively love a visit to this fabulous destination in Melbourne.While beenhere, you can consider taking guided tour to discover the amazing landscape covered under winery. You can taste few sips of variety of wines and enjoy unique dining experience. Don’t forget to check out Champagne and chocolates after enjoying delicious food made from local ingredients.

The beauty of Melbourne is hard to explain in words and we have to search for the adjectives to describe its magic. So whenever you come to Australia, you will find it worth visiting a city like Melbourne that welcomes every visitor with open hands. If you are planning to visit some other cities of Australia then check out our other travel guides.

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