Best Places to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the incredible nations in SouthEast Asia which has been rapidly growing in tourism sector. It is surrounded by some of the auspicious tourist destination and often visited by travelers who are always in search of adventure. Besides, you can spot everything here ranging from natural landscapes, cultural landmarks and fantastic historical sites. If you are planning to explore gems of Myanmar in coming time then here are few places that you shouldn’t miss:

Key Highlights of Myanmar

  • Mount Popa: If you love hiking then Mount Popa is one of the most preferred destinations you can find in Myanmar. It is a site created due to extinct volcano that offers you outstanding views when you reach at the peak. It takes only around 800 steps to reach pinnacle of Mount Popa and once you reach there you can’t stop yourself from capturing some of the breathtaking views of Mandalay.
  • Kalaw: It is one of the untouched destinations in Myanmar that is known for its amazing landscape and breathtaking views. You will be surprised to see such natural scenery that features several trekking trails that welcome you to cruise through them in order to enjoy one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. On the virtue of its high altitude, you will feel extremely healthy ambiance here that will force you to spend some extended time in the vicinity of nature.
  • Ngapali Beach: It is an awesome experience to relax at the seaside destination such as Ngapali Beach. Here you can enjoy both village and modern culture as there are several resorts located next to fishing villages that will give you taste of diverse lives. For water sports lovers, there is a lot to do here including kayaking, boat tours, snorkeling, scuba diving and much more.
  • Macleod Island: Located in the Southern zone of Myanmar it is listed in one of the pristine islands of Andaman Sea. Once you reach at this island, you will be mesmerized by its breathtaking flora and fauna. If you want to find out ultimate peace of mind in the tropical surroundings then Macleod Island is a place to be.
  • Bagan Archaeological Museum: If you are done exploring natural sightseeing in Myanmar, it’s a time to explore some museums and galleries here. Bagan Archaeological Museum is run by the local government authorities featuring immense collection of ruins of Bagan history. From murals, paintings to artistic pieces, you will find everything in this Museum very extraordinary. Here you will get an idea about how ancient people of Myanmar lived their life.

Myanmar is not a very big country in terms of geographical location and this makes it a very convenient destination that you can consider visiting in couple of days. Once you reach here, you can make a proper planning of specific destinations you want to cover and other ones you want to skip. No matter what your age and interest is, you will definitely find something of your interest here.

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