Best Places to Visit in Shanghai

Being the largest city of China, Shanghai offers a lot of potential for travelers to explore this mesmerizing city. Whether those are traditional temples, art galleries, botanical gardens, museums, amusement parks, or shopping destinations, Shanghai is packed with everything. There are numerous reasons that make this peerless travel destination worth visiting. If you are searching for fun things to do and the best places to visit in Shanghai then here we have listed everything in this Shanghai travel guide:

  • Shanghai Circus World: Shanghai’s acrobatics and where better venues to look at it than Shanghai Circus World are known across the world. In daily performances of Insertion of Time, a show similar to a Broadway musical, visitors may observe these incredible acrobats. Agile acrobats execute works from conventional acrobatics to martial arts that all include music, lights, and sets to accentuate. Shanghai Circus World also has its Happy Circus, it is all about clowns, animals, and acrobats. On weekends and holidays, Happy Circus takes center stage. Shanghai Circus World has its full-size circus ring, which is also used for foreign circuses and it is one of the best places to visit in shanghai. 
  • Zhujiajiao: Everyone who visits Shanghai must see at least one water city to finish their stay. Zhujiajiao, situated in the suburb of Shanghai, is, despite its 1,700 years old, among the finest maintained water towns. Visitors merely have to enjoy a canal ride, sailing underneath 35 antique stone bridges dotted with traditional residences. The Fangsheng Bridge of 1571, with its 5 apertures and eight dragons, is probably the most renowned. The short North Street lined with the buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties will also not be missed by visitors. The Kezhi Garden, the largest Zhujiajiao memorial garden, is one of the best places to see in Shanghai.
  • Oriental Pearl Tower: As it overlooks the Huangpu river in the new area of Pudong, the Oriental Pearl Tower is a hallmark of Shanghai. It was the highest building in Shanghai when it was constructed in the early 1990s with a height of 468 meters (1.535 ft). The sixth biggest radio and television tower in the world is similar to a crossing between the Eiffel Tower and the Seattle Space Needle and has 15 observation decks with a 264 m (867 ft) high rotating restaurant. Eleven spheres are stretched vertically across this tower, an image reminiscent of Perl-playing dragons. One of the top tourist attractions of Shanghai is the glass floor of the outdoor observation platform.
  • The Bund: The German Bund is without a doubt at the top of Shanghai’s list. The Bund displays iconic skyline vistas of colonial and skyscraper buildings along the five hundred meter Huangpu River, splitting the city in two. Admiring the iconic Bund skyline is one of the best things to do in Shanghai. The Bund is walkable or you may take a boat along the Huangpu River to admire the city skyline. A unique yet expensive option to cross the river is on the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.
  • Qibao: The area of Shanghai is surrounded by eight old water villages that make for a road journey once in a lifetime. Qibao is one of the ideal places to visit in Shanghai to try some local food. Qibao is located on the outside of town and is noted for its great street cuisine and magnificent views across the canal. Qibao is like a mini-town just a few streets away. The best thing is to enjoy it throughout the week, as vacationers may pack on the weekend. Cheap shopping and the Qibao Cellar are the highlights.
  • Longhua Temple and Pagoda: The majestic Longhua Temple is one of the oldest religious buildings in China, situated in a beautiful park in the southwest part of Shanghai. This significant temple of worship was created together with the adjoining 40-meter wood and bread pagoda about 242 AD. The existing construction dates to the 10th century and has long since been demolished and rebuilt. The site is still utilized for regular Buddhist rituals with 5 big rooms, including the Maitreya hall (Mile Dian) as well as its magnificent Buddha statue, the Holly King’s Hall of the Four Heavenly Kings (Tian Wang Dian), and the Great Wise House (DaxiongBaodian), with beautiful sculptures and the 16th-century.
  • Tianzifang/Xintiandi: Tianzifang is Shanghai’s ancient French district touristic retail and café district. It is wonderful for souvenirs and unique cultural stores selling tea treatment goods. Xintiandi is a best-known restructuring of the French concession in comparison to Tianzifang which is utilized for shopping, dining, and luxury shops. If you are searching for some of the versatile places to visit in Shanghai then this one should be on your list without fail.
  • Disneyland Park: Disneyland Park in Shanghai, Disney’s first mainland China theme park, combines the charm of Disney and China’s distinctive cultural features. The park contains six thematic lands. When you enter the park, you will feel that you are in another universe with numerous adventures and excitement. It is one of the top 10 places to visit in Shanghai, and a great area to spend a day or two with family and friends.
  • City God Temple: Built in the early 15th century, the God Temple of the City has had a history that is extremely rich and intriguing. It is dedicated to three Chinese people today, who are regarded as Shanghai city gods.  The temple is one of the best tourist attractions in Shanghai. The area around the temple was used to open numerous enterprises and stores throughout the Daoguang dynasty, since it was regarded as favorable, making the entire building a busy location today of stores, restaurants, and activities.
  • Science and Technology Museum: Shanghai does not lack a fair share of world-class museums according to its standing as a world-class metropolis. In addition to the magnificent Shanghai Museum, the city also has the gigantic Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology, popular tourist spots in Shanghai, with annual visits of over two million. The museum has many things to see and do, opened in 2001, including interactive multimedia exhibitions, permanent displays, and cutting-edge scientific theatre. A big variety of animals from the region, scientific breakthroughs, a unique display on robotics, and demonstrations on space transport are among the highlights.
  • Yu Garden: It is also referred to as a Gardens of Happiness and it features different sections covering the inner and outer parts of the garden. It is spread over a gigantic area of 20,000 square meters that attracts local as well as foreign travelers. The garden features decorative stones, tiny ponds, dividing walls, small pavilions and several mountain ranges along with a theatrical stage. It is one of the best places to see in Shanghai that offers you fun and peace at the same place.
  • The Shanghai Museum: It is one of the most popular museums in China where you will get an opportunity to dig into typical Chinese art. The building of the museum is itself a masterpiece which will make you stunned with its extraordinary structure. The museum features four different floors and all of them are packed with a unique collection including seals, calligraphy and ink drawings that date back to old centuries. Here you can also discover several coins and a unique compilation of Jade.
  • World Financial Tower: It is one of the tallest towers in China that has the potential to compete with the tallest buildings of the world. If you are willing to get the most spectacular views of Shanghai city then World Financial Tower is an ideal place. The scenery is viewable from all the floors of the building but you get to see perfect views from the observatory. It is highly recommended to visit this place during sunrise or sunset timings to enjoy best scenes of your lifetime.
  • Jade Buddha Temple: Your visit to Shanghai is incomplete without visiting Jade Buddha Temple which features some of the notable statues which are recognized for their uniqueness. The temple is divided into two courtyards and three different halls that feature Hall of the Great Hero and Hall of the Kings of Heaven. Apart from this, you can spot extensive compilation of Buddhist Manuscripts in this extraordinary temple.
  • Nanjing Road: Most of people extend their stay in Shanghai as they want to shop until their all shopping cravings are fulfilled. If you are one of those shopaholic people then you must visit Nanjing Road. Whether it is traditional art items or consumer goods, you will find huge variety to explore here. This extraordinary shopping street features several departmental stores and shopping malls where you can consider buying your favorite items. In the vicinity, you will spot cinema halls and platforms where street performances are conducted. After a whole day of shopping, if you are feeling hungry then some popular restaurants in the nearby area are waiting for you where you can enjoy mouth-watering Chinese dishes.

Some of the popular things to do in Shanghai are seeing performances at the Shanghai Circus World, Discover Yuyuan Garden green places. Tower Oriental Pearl TV Observe Shanghai, Nanjing Road, walk and shop, Walkabout in a city of water, Discover Shanghai Museum’s displays, In Tianzifang/Xintiandi, relax, wander, dine and shop. Disneyland Park, have fun, see Qibao’s historic architecture and relax. Enjoy the dishes of Shanghai. 

What’s next waiting for you?

Shanghai is a very huge city and you definitely need a significant amount of time to cover maximum sightseeing of this incredible city. Now you know where to go and what to do in Shanghai, go ahead and pack your bags. If you are planning to explore famous places to visit near Shanghai in coming time then check out our other travel guides that will offer you all the information.

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