Best Places to Visit in Shanghai

Being the largest city of China, Shanghai offers lot of potential for travelers to explore in this mesmerizing city. Whether those are traditional temples, art galleries, botanical gardens, museums, amusement parks or shopping destinations, Shanghai is packed with everything. There are numerous reasons that make this peerless travel destination worth visiting. If you are searching for best places to visit in Shanghai then here we have listed everything in this travel guide:

Key Highlights of Shanghai

  • Yu Garden:

It is also referred as a Gardens of Happiness and it features different sections covering inner and outer part of the garden. It is spread over a gigantic area of 20,000 square meters that attracts local as well as foreign travelers. The garden features decorative stones, tiny ponds, dividing walls, small pavilions and several mountain ranges along with theatrical stage. It is a versatile destination that offers you fun and peace at same place.

  • The Shanghai Museum:

It is one of the most popular museums in China where you will get an opportunity to dig into the typical Chinese art. The building of museum is itself a masterpiece which will make you stunned with its extraordinary structure. The museum features four different floors and all of them are packed with unique collection including seals, calligraphy and ink drawings that dates back to old centuries. Here you can also discover several coins and unique compilation of Jade.

  • World Financial Tower:

It is one of the tallest towers in China that has potential to compete with tallest buildings of the world. If you are willing to get most spectacular views of Shanghai city then World Financial Tower is an ideal place. The scenery is viewable from all the floors of building but you get to see perfect views from the observatory. It is highly recommended to visit this place during sunrise or sunset timings to enjoy best scenes of your life time.

  • Jade Buddha Temple:

Your visit to Shanghai is incomplete without visiting Jade Buddha Temple which features some of the notable statues which are recognized for their uniqueness. The temple is divided into two courtyards and three different halls that feature Hall of the Great Hero and Hall of the Kings of Heaven. Apart from this, you can spot extensive compilation of Buddhist Manuscripts in this extraordinary temple.

  • Nanjing Road:

Most of the people extend their stay in Shanghai as they want to shop until their all shopping cravings are fulfilled. If you are one of those shopaholic people then you must visit Nanjing Road. Whether it is traditional art items or consumer goods, you will find huge variety to explore here. This extraordinary shopping street features several departmental stores and shopping malls where you can consider buying your favorite items. In the vicinity, you will spot cinema halls and platforms where street performances are conducted. After a whole day of shopping, if you are feeling hungry then some popular restaurants in nearby area are waiting for you where you can enjoy mouth watering Chinese dishes.

Shanghai is a very huge city and you definitely need significant amount of time to cover maximum sightseeing of this incredible city. If you are planning to explore some more cities of China in coming time then check out our other travel guides that will offer you all the information.

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