Travelling to The Brink of Mississippi

The Mississippi River “waterway”‘, the largest in North America, is an untamed river that humans have never been able to control its flow, with floods causing it to cover vast areas of land and destroy many structures. For all its mighty power, it succeeds and offers many benefits to neighbouring cities and states within its sphere of influence.

“The Ol’ Man River”, the “Father of Waters” as the Indians used to call it, the “The Gathering of Waters”, and “The Big Muddy”: no matter what one calls the Mississippi River, one can not alter the mythical status it maintains in the northern landscape Of America. Here we have created the Mississippi travel guide to get more information on this topic:

And although one can cross the river by various vessels, crossing the entire length of its bank by car through the Great River Road is a unique experience that can hardly be compared to any other way you try to approach this majestic river. A road trip in the heart of American nature and life. The Great River Road, a complex of federal, state and local roads, has existed since 1938 and is commonly referred to by the initials GRR, enabling a trip across the Mississippi River from the sources of the river in northern Minnesota to its estuary that reaches the Gulf of Mexico.

It is a route that crosses a total of 10 of the 50 US states, on a magical journey from the Midwestern states to the state of Louisiana. Whoever tries it, will encounter on its way green meadows, swamps full of cypresses, dense forests with rich vegetation, limestone rocks, as well as dozens of parks and wildlife refuges.

Many people dream of doing this route at least once in their lives because it contains all those things that constitute an adventure accompanied by the wild beauty of nature. A journey that connects you with the tale of the open road that unfolds in front of you. A self-discovery of losing parts in every area that you will spot in your journey. It’s more than just a car ride for tourists. And now you can make it a reality by traveling to the USA and hiring a car from Enjoy Travel. Through this company, you will be able to choose the vehicle of your choice, through a vast range of cars that will meet your own needs but also the needs of your road trip. Quality cars with which you will discover a hidden aspect of the true natural beauty of America.

The route, of course, is not homogeneous or just “dreamy” in all its extent. There’s an industrial activity in various parts of the Mississippi, as well as at least six major urban centres not far from its shores, that “steal” the natural essence of the road trip, with all the positive and negative effects it has on the whole natural landscape. The advantage of the GRR, however, is that it has remained mostly unchanged, as the trend of last century’s endless straight style of road constructions of US roads couldn’t be applied to this particular route, due to the undulating coastline of the river.

The Great River Road changes direction whenever the Mississippi allows it, passes from one bank to another where possible, runs through cities and towns that all other roads have “forgotten”, is rarely used by trucks and vans that would make a difficult driving experience. It is a fantastic experience for every person that hides an inner feeling of adventure, discovery and coexistence with the very nature itself. A magical route that will reward those who are ready to try it. Are you one of them?

The above-mentioned details in the Mississippi travel guide will definitely help you to plan your journey with perfection. If you are planning to visit some tourist attractions near Mississippi then don’t forget to check our USA travel guide.

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