Best Skydiving Destinations in the World

Skydiving has got to be the most adventurous activity that you can think of. This adventure sport is for adrenaline junkies who like the ‘high’ in their life. However, skydiving is not just about the thrill, but also about having the feeling of flying high in the sky. If you are someone who is all ready and excited to take the plunge (literally!), then we have some destinations that are perfect for this sport.

Once you are plunging into the earth again, you want to have the best possible view; which is why it is important to decide where to skydive from. We are here with the list that will help you make the right decision. 

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

If we are talking about skydiving, then the very first name on the list of drop zones has to be New Zealand. This beautiful country has not one but multiple drop zones (in fact, you can argue New Zealand to be ground 0 for all the adventure activity happening in the world as there are many exiting experiences offered by New Zealand). 

Amongst all the drop zones, Fox Glacier is the most famous destination for skydiving in New Zealand. Fox Glacier is a 12.5km long glacier nestled in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park (present on the southern island of New Zealand). When you jump from this spot, you can enjoy the view of the Southern Alps’ snowcapped peaks and the mesmerizing coastline running with the Tasman Sea. 

Snohomish, United States 

This is a drop from the mountain to the sea, providing one of the most gorgeous views as you drop down. As you fall from Snohomish, you will see your eyes popping out because you witness the beauty of cascading mountain ranges (we are talking about Mt. Rainier & Mt. Baker here) along with the immense greenery offered by the San Juan Islands. This destination in the USA is considered as one of the most beautiful places for a skydiving experience. 

Interlaken, Switzerland 

A free fall promising the view of the Alps; nothing can beat this experience and a must do thing in Switzerland! When you plummet from Interlaken you are supposed to jump from a height of 3600 meters and while parachuting down, you will see the beautiful snow-cladded mountain peaks of Schynige Platte. You would be free-falling for 45 seconds and then parachuting down towards Jungfrau. If you are up for a mountain jump, then this drop zone has to be at the top of your list (what can top the experience of seeing Brienzersee and Thunersee lakes, right from the top!). 

Cape Town, South Africa 

South Africa is a beautiful country and offers many adventurous experiences to its visitors (like the big 5 games of Kruger National Park & caving in Gauteng); but one of the most easily accessible adventurous activities is the tandem skydiving experience above Table Mountain.
The airbase for skydiving in Cape Town is just a 20-minute- drive and offers absolutely safe diving experiences. You will be flying 9000ft above the shoreline and as you fall, you can witness the best of Cape Town spots like Hout Bay, Cape Point, and False Bay. 

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Mount Everest, Nepal

The dream of climbing Everest might not come true, but you can surely fall over the most majestic mountain (and quite a mysterious one) in the world. The fun part here is that you will be falling from a height of 23,000ft and yet will land at the Amadablam Basecamp, which is 15000ft above sea level. As far as the view is concerned, it is needless to say that it is one of the unique ones as you would be witnessing the snow-clapped Himalayas as you fall. If you are a beginner, then probably you should not start from here because you will first need to reach the airbase after trekking for several days; it is an experience reserved for the pro jumpers. 

Grand Canyon- USA

Grand Canyon is the largest canyon in the world and plummeting to this view is a must-have experience. This red rock formation is 277 miles in length and 18 miles in breadth and is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. In fact, it can look one way in images, but its true beauty can only be seen in its physical presence. 

A better way of experiencing this natural beauty is through skydiving. This is the second-highest drop zone in the world (after Mount Everest) and you can only fathom the true size of this beauty by getting a bird’s eye view of it from the sky. 

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Dubai is a city jump and comparatively new mention in the list of places from where you can drop! Though being new to the list, it still promises a safe jump and an amazing view. You can fly over Palm Jumeirah, the much-acclaimed man-made archipelago. Once you plummet, a magnificent view of the Persian Gulf will welcome you. You can see the whole of Dubai while coming down and be amazed by the innovative and modern architecture of Dubai.

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