Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a kind of unique tourism destination that you can consider visiting all 12 months of the year. It is packed with several ancient monuments, cultural sites, bustling beaches, cruise destinations and unique architecture. This amazing European country will give you an opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of Europe in a nutshell. Here is a list of top things to do and the best places to visit in Turkey to make your tour totally unique:

  • Aya Sofya: The mesmerized Antique Glamor of the Aya Sophia Museum, known as one of the world’s most magnificent structures, is not just one of the highlights in Istanbul, but in Turkey as well. Amazingly, the outside is surrounded by elegant minarets constructed after the victory of the Ottoman Empire, while its magnificent and spacious cathedrals interior recalls the ancient power and strength of Constantinople. For every tourist visiting the country, this famous landmark is one of the top 10 places to visit in Istanbul Turkey.
  • Topkapi Palace: The Topkapi Palace brings you to the spectacular, luxurious environment of the sultans, gorgeously beyond confidence. From here, the Ottomans Era sultans established an empire that extended through Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The interiors give an astonishing look at the power foundation of the Ottomans with its decadently flamboyant tiling and opulent jewelry adornment. The botanical gardens around the Royal Court were previously the only area, but are now open to the public and offer a peaceful, green rest from the streets of the town.
  • Ephesus: The great ruin of Ephesus should not be forgotten; it is a town of huge sculptures and marble pillars. This is the site to explore what life should have been around for the Golden Age of the Roman Empire, one of the entire Roman cities of the Mediterranean. If you truly want to explore, make sure your visit is planned to ensure you do not feel anxious, at least a half-day will take you to explore the main points and longer. No wonder, it is one of the best tourist attractions in Turkey that you must add to your itinerary.
  • Ani: In the plains near Turkey’s contemporary boundary with Armenia, the abandoned palaces of the mighty Silk Road city Ani are abandoned. The golden age of Ani came to a close following the raids of Mongolia, the damage of earthquakes, and the trading routes of the city in the 14th century. In between steppe grass, the lovely red-brick buildings still collapse and create an impressive influence on all visitors. Don’t miss the Church of the Redemptory or St. Gregory’s Church with its ornate stones and still visible painted reliquaries.
  • Aspendos: The masculine mass of the Roman Theatre, the pomp, and ritual of Marcus Aurelius’ government, celebrated just south of Antalya. It is one of the main attractions of antiquity, considered the most beautiful example of classical theatres still presents throughout the world. While theatre is the principal reason for a visit, for most guests on a half-day journey from the neighboring city of Antalya and Side, there is still more room to explore, if you have time, throughout a huge hilly terrain.
  • Pergamum: The Greek-Roman Sites are abundant in Turkey but none of them may be situated attractively in modern Bergama like the ancient Pergamum. The remains of Pergamum’s temple still stand impressively on the summit, once home to one of the oldest known libraries. It is a great place to explore, with such an ancient area and a mountain-cut theatre with a spectacular view from the top of its seating levels. This is an excellent spot if you wish to make the Roman era a true feel for living.
  • Antalya: This lively Mediterranean metropolis has something for anyone. The two beaches are sun-free in the summertime outside the city and draw tourists from throughout Europe Turkey. The Old Town is a lovely spot to explore while being comfy right in the middle of town with its cobbled alleys, lined with crazy Ottoman houses. The Museo di Antalya is known as one of the top museums in the nation with a stunning collection of Hellenistic period marble statuary, and lots of attractions are available outside the city. 
  • Patara: There is a beach for every kind of sun worshiper in Turkey with such a long Mediterranean coastline but Patara is one of the most renowned sandy stretches. The beach trailing 18 km along the coast provides plenty of room, and you can still find a calm place away from the throngs in even the height of summer.
  • Safranbolu: The Ottoman City in Turkey is a magnificent photogenic site, lined with sloping lanes, nestled in exquisitely restored houses that previously housed the wealthy merchants and have become boutique hotels and restaurants. Turkey has a lot of photographs. In fact, in town, there is little to do. Instead, you might walk the streets and observe the historic atmosphere in the world. There are lots of nice shops where you can collect a unique memento, as well as its traditional candy and handicrafts.
  • Kabak Bay: The coastline of the town of Lycia is Kabak bay, recognized as one of the best travel destinations in Turkey. In approximately an hour from Ölüdeniz, visitors can come here by dolmus, taxi, or car. In the immediate surroundings, there are no shops or ATMs. An escape from city life is a visit to Kabak. Sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, and resting at the beach are usually visited. The narrow beach is sometimes busy with tourists, but is entertaining, as you have tents dispersed along the bay to rest. Sumptuous tomatoes, pickles, olives, and more are offered for tourists who stay near the bay.
  • Basilica Cistern: A cistern is an underground system for storing and providing filtered water. The renowned basin cistern was built in 532 for storing and filtering water for the Constantinople Palace and the surrounding areas. Visitors currently have access to two of the cistern’s gates. Looking at the wonderful dynamics and intelligence of time, notice that two flickering medusa sculptures lie at the far-left corner of the cistern. The reason why the tilted head medusa is placed remains a mystery. Furthermore, explore this atypical tourist site to learn about its historical and cultural activities.
  • Galata Tower: The oldest tower in Istanbul is Galata Tower which is one of the best places to see in Turkey. It’s one of the sights to be seen in Turkey built like a watchtower. The tower’s observation deck is the greatest site to experience the city’s panoramic vista. The multi-story tower also contains a luxurious restaurant serving authentic Turkish cuisine with a view of the beautiful city. There is also a video light display that is held for about 10 days, around April or May, which is a visual pleasure. The tower is also equipped with a museum you may visit.
  • Cappodocia: This exciting tourist spot in Turkey is a dream of every traveler. Here you can spot several hill crests and cliff ridges that give wave-like structure to rock thereby creating unique shaped pinnacles developed by the water and wind action. While been here, don’t forget to take hot air balloon ride that offers you an amazing opportunity to do photography. Without any doubt, Cappodocia is listed amongst one of the top places to visit in Turkey.
  • Ölüdeniz: If you came to Turkey and didn’t get time for paragliding then you simply missed a lot during your tour. It is one of the fun things to do in Turkey all around the year. Come to Ölüdeniz where you can not only enjoy serene beaches but also get an opportunity to enjoy aerial views from top of the Babadag Mountain. It is recognized as one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for doing paragliding.
  • Pamukkale: It is known as one of the natural wonders of Turkey where you can spot lot of lush landscape and snowfield. You will be stunned to see wide range of travertine terraces created here that offer a spectacular sight to view. If you want to do some photography then it is recommended to do it during a dusk time when the sun deeps below the horizon. The list of best places to visit in Turkey is limitless and Pamukkale is one of them.
  • Mount Nemrut: If you have an interest in archeology then you will love visiting this site where you can spot several remnants of gigantic statues. It is one of the isolated and calm places in Turkey where travelers gather to enjoy amazing views of the sunrise. Photography lovers also keep this destination on their bucket list where they can spend some quality time exploring the masterpieces of historical time.
  • Mediterranean Coastline: It offers a lot to both adventure and piece lovers. For many travelers, it is about water sports while for others it is only about soaking the sunlight while watching the amazing coastal views. Here you can try cruising on yacht and explore several untouched islands while passing through dense forests of Turkey.
  • Sumela Monastery: It is recognized as one of the oldest and unique monasteries in the world. The construction of this masterpiece dates back to old centuries. It is perfectly standing on the edge of Zigana Mountain and attracts tourists from different corners of the world. Moreover, it offers perfect ambiance for doing meditation and enjoy some calm moments in the lap of nature.

Turkey is blessed with charming villages, an extraordinary cultural legacy and a fantastic coastline that separate it from other countries. No wonder you will find several foreign tourists in this country come in search of a memorable time of their life. Simply visit this country during your upcoming tour to Europe and you will not regret adding Turkey to the itinerary. Whether you are looking for best things to do in Turkey or the top tourist attractions of Turkey, the above travel guide covers everything. Once you know what to do in Turkey, you can go ahead and plan your journey in a given budget. If you are looking for the best places to visit near Turkey then don’t forget to check our Europe travel guide.

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