Best Places To Visit in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is one of the most charming tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Popularly known as the Golden City, it is a land of incredible attractions. Travel to the sand dunes and enjoy a camel safari in Jaisalmer amidst a rustic and dramatic setting. This Mesmerizing city was discovered by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD. Located in the Great Thar Desert of India, this city invites you to an incredible travel experience. The history of this city has its own charm. Go through the following travel guide where we have listed the best places to visit in Jaisalmer to make your itinerary convenient:

  • Jaisalmer Fort:

In 1156 on Trikuta Hill, the fort was built by the ruler BhatiJaisal. Satyajit Ray, the famous film director, wrote a detective novel about this fort that later became the basis for his film Sonar Kella or the Golden Fort. In this fort, the main attraction that you will find is Rajmahal and the temples of Laxminath and Jain. The walls of this fort are the color of the lion that turns into honey gold at sunset.

  • Salam Singh ki Haveli:

This Haveli was built by Salam Singh in 1815. He was the PM of Jaisalmer at this time. The arched ceilings decorated with peacock-shaped brackets draw anyone’s attention to this Haveli. It is one of the most overlooked places to visit in Jaisalmer that will give you a glimpse of the history of Rajasthan and its culture.

  • Patwoki Haveli:

This is the largest and most attractive Haveli in Jaisalmer. It is a five-story complex that took 50 years to complete. This haveli was built by a wealthy merchant Guman Chand Patwa and his five children. Jaisalmer tourist places are known for their historical touch and Patwoki Haveli is a great example of this.

  • Nathmaljiki Haveli:

This was newly built by Prime Minister Nath Singh of the princely state of Jaisalmer. It is decorated with beautiful ornamentation of birds, elephants, flowers, soldiers, steam engines, and a bicycle. If you are looking for some of the most tourist attractions in Jaisalmer then this one is an ideal destination.

  • Shreenath ji ki Haveli:

In the 15th century, this Haveli was built by the Vyas family and their descendants live here today. In the remaining part, he runs a hotel: the Haveli Shreenath Palace. Only five rooms are available here. Jaisalmer places to visit are also recognized for their offbeat settings and this Haveli symbolizes the same.

  • Jain heritage of Jaisalmer:

Jaisalmer was always inhabited by many Jain families and as a result of this, we can see the beautiful Jain temples dedicated to Lord Sai Nath – 16th Tirthankara and Lord Parshvanath – 23rd Teerthankar. Brahmsar, Pokharan, Lodavra and Amarsagar are the other pilgrimage places. Jaisalmer tourist places feature several old heritage sites and this one is always in the list.

  • Sand dunes and camel safari:

Explore the mystical charm of the sand dunes at the camel’s back. The moment you embark on a camel safari through the sand dunes, you will be transported to a completely different world. The rustic charm will never fail to capture your heart. You can even plan a stay in organized camps on the sand dunes. This will add the best adventure to your list of most adventurous Jaisalmer tourist attractions.

  • Jain Temple:

The splendid Jain temples make the city a holy land. There are a total of 7 temples, built within the fortress walls. Decorated with beautiful sculptures, the temples are a wonderful example of the then prosperous architecture. If you are planning a tour with Places to visit in Jaisalmer in 2 days then you must add this Jain Temple in your itinerary.

  • Maharwal Palace and Fort Museum

This absolutely attractive palace is carved out of five levels, offering its visitors a complete insight into the history of Jaiselmail. You can visit the palanquin palace, the ornate silver throne, and the huge collections of armories with ornate rooms. The Fort Museum also displays artifacts, stamps, and sculptures that date back to the 15th century. You can end up visiting the rooftop terrace from where you can see the golden city of Jaisalmer. While exploring such extraordinary tourist attractions of Jaisalmer, you can opt for an option of an audio trip.

  • Lodurva

It is a great place for this purpose. It is a fort with golden tones, located in Jaisalmer and it also houses a large part of the city. There are narrow streets and charming havelis as well as some magnificent Jain temples as old as the 12th century AD. C. and five palaces. It is at a height of 80 meters above the desert area. The fort is allowed through 4 gateways: Hava Pol, Suraj Pol, Ganesh Pol, Akhaiya Pol. There is a market located within the lanes of Lodurva where tourists can shop for souvenirs and remember the trip to Jaisalmer forever.

  • Mool Sagar Fort

It has three Spectacular carved Jain temples dedicated to the Jain Tirthankara-Rishabdev, Sambhavnath, and Parswanath. Sam Sand Dunes is another pagoda-shaped architectural building that emerges from the beautiful “Badal Mahal”. It is located 42 km from the city center. It is one of the most famous places of attraction in Jaisalmer. Most tourists are attracted to these Sam sand dunes due to the pleasure that comes after a camel ride in these sand dunes. This is the best method to explore the wonderful stretch of sand dunes.

  • Amar Sagar

It is the most beautiful haveli in the city of Jaisalmer, known for its large pillar carving and all the corridors. This five-story building has an apartment painted with murals (large paintings). It has a beautiful blue dome ceiling with supports superbly carved like a peacock. This entire fort is made of yellow stone and has a complex balcony or gallery on the top floor.

  • Bada Bagh

This is another excursion site and is a very old haveli. It was the residence of the Prime Minister of Maharaja de Jaisalmer. The yellow-colored mansion is superbly beautiful with its blue capola ceiling and carvings. It is the most famous among all the other have in Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer tourism is one of the exciting and thrilling among Rajasthan tourism.

  • Gadisar Lake

This lake is one of the best picnic spots in the city. In the desert land, this beautiful lake is like a lifeguard of the city, as it is the source of water for all of Jaisalmer. In winter, a number of migratory birds come here. So it is one of the ideal places to visit at Jaisalmer during the winter season.

  • Things to buy

In the camel kingdom, the best purchase option you will find is camel leather products. Except for silk embroidery, cotton fabrics, handicrafts, sheets, silver jewelry, old items like knives, swords, utensils, etc. they are the specialty of the Jaisalmer.

  • Where to Stay

While visiting the city, experience the real comforts with budget hotels, which are exactly what you are looking for: warm, comfortable hospitality, decent facilities, and a friendly pocket. Tourists who are in search for places to visit in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur often preferred to stay in Jaisalmer because of the amazing accommodation facilities.

What’s next waiting for you?

The list of best places to visit in Jaisalmer are some of the most sought after tourist attractions in Rajasthan. If you are searching for most sought after places to visit near Jaisalmer then you will find many of those while traveling to cities of Rajasthan. If you are planning to visit some other popular cities such as Jodhpur then check out our other travel guides to get all the information.

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