Best Vacation Destinations To Visit in the World

Vacations are always fun! While most of you have an obsession with going on vacations with your friends, you should not underestimate how fabulous it is to go out on vacation with your family and spend some quality time with them. Family vacations are all about the bonding time between the family members. Since everyone is busy in their day to day lives, family members hardly get any time to sit together and talk about what is going on in their lives. Apart from spending time talking to each other, you can also indulge yourselves in fun activities like hiking, relaxing and building sandcastles at the beach, visiting the monuments, and so much more.

Traveling brings some new experiences that help you create memories that you can cherish for the rest of your lives. We spend most of our memorable moments with our family, and there is nothing better than creating more memories with your family so that you have a lot to cherish about in the future. When you go out on vacation with your family, you can do all the things you want to do without worrying about people judging you. If you have a small kid, you should keep in mind that your kid will grow up and get busy in his/her life; therefore, you should travel with your family as often as possible. The world is a broad area that has a lot of places for you to explore with your family. While you are in the dilemma of deciding the location of your next vacation, below is a list of eight places that will guarantee you the best family vacations in the whole world. Almost all of these places are different from each other and boast a plethora of activities that you can do with your family. So go ahead and check out these amazing family vacation destinations to make your upcoming holiday memorable:

  • DUBAI:

Dubai is not just a city, but it is a once in a lifetime experience. Being loaded with beaches, theme parks, museums, deserts, etc., Dubai is an ideal destination for family vacations. When you visit Dubai, you not only visit one of the most expensive and most attractive cities in the world, but you also get to see some marvelous structures like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Atlantis, and the Dubai Mall that you will not see anywhere else in the world. You can also rent cars with car roof racks so that you can travel around the city without worrying about the leg space inside the car. If you are on vacation with your kid, you should visit the Aquaventure Water Park and Ferrari world so that your kid can enjoy amidst the fun activities in these places. You should also visit the Dubai Miracle Garden so that you can witness around forty-five varieties of flowers planted uniquely.


Singapore stands out amongst all the other vacation destinations with your family. It is one of the tropical vacation destinations that you would love to visit at any time around the year. Though the size of this country is small, it has loads of activities, tourist attractions, and delicious food that you need to experience while you visit it. You also get to experience the different Asian cultures like Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Malay in this one country. One of the many places that you should visit in Singapore is Universal Studios, as it will give you all the Hollywood feels with the marvelous lanes and adventurous activities. While you are in Singapore, you should not miss out on the magnificent Sentosa Island and the beautiful Gardens by the bay. You can also click a cute family picture in front of the world-famous Merlion. The best way to enjoy in Singapore is to eat your hearts out and walk around the scenic locations that Singapore offers to you.

  • JAPAN:

There are hardly any destinations all around the world that would be as surreal as Japan. Japan is an example of the best of both worlds, as you can experience the rich Japanese history and culture, and at the same time, you can experience the astounding skyscrapers and modern cuisines. You can indulge yourself in activities like rafting, skiing, hiking, and even take lessons in the traditional handicrafts of Japan. You can take your kid to some of the best museums and even to the huge Disney Land present in Tokyo. Traveling in Japan is very easy, thanks to the marvelous trains that have connectivity to almost all the places in Japan. While the language may pose a few problems for you, you can get in touch with a few local guides who will make sure that you do not face any problem during your vacation.


Sri Lanka is a big deal for its small size. It does not only have beautiful beaches with palm trees, but its laid back environment makes it one of the best vacation spots for families. Apart from the fascinating landscape and the charming scenery, Sri Lanka is also an astounding place to see and experience wildlife. Sri Lanka boasts around hundreds of areas that house elephants, lions, sloths, leopards, reptiles, and so much more. If you want to experience the beauty of blue whales, you need to visit the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Another thing that Sri Lanka is famous for is its watersports activities. If you and your family members enjoy doing adventurous things, you have to try activities like canoeing, water rafting, trekking, scuba diving, and mountain biking. For having a fun-filled trip, you should avoid visiting Sri Lanka during the monsoons as it gets a little hot and humid. All these reasons make Sri Lanka one of the most sought after beach vacation destinations for families.


The land of kangaroos is one of the most delightful destinations to go on vacation with your family. People from all over the world are full of praises for this wonderland. If you want to relax amidst nature, there is no better place than New Zealand. While you are in New Zealand, you get to attend many things like farm shows, cultural tours, sightseeing, and you can also dig a hole in a beach to relax in the natural hot waters. If your family is a fan of adventures, you can go on a Hobbiton tour, ski, try Rotorua biking, and experience a freefall. You can also rent a campervan to enjoy the outdoor beauty of the different places inside New Zealand.


Having a royal past, Austria has the most stunning landscapes in the whole world. You can observe the wealth of the royal family that created Austria into the best places to visit in Europe. The country has a lot of activities that you can enjoy with your kids, like discovering museums, skiing, exploring the beautiful playgrounds, and hiking. You can also visit the neighboring countries through trains as they are all a few hours away from Austria. If you and your family members are music lovers, then you will enjoy the music culture of Austria. Austria is a great place for your children to gain exposure to classical music. You should also relish the world-famous chocolate cakes (Sacher Torte) while you are in Austria.


When you hear the term France, the first thing that comes to your mind is Paris. However, France has much more to offer than just Paris. While Paris has beautiful attractions like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame, you should leave the city to explore the beauty of the caves and beaches in places like Dordogne and Côte d’Azur. If you like flowers, you should visit the ruins and lavender fields of Provence. You and your family will experience warm hospitality from the locals. The locals will also make you try the delicious cuisines and tell you stories of the iconic French History. Once you visit France, it will become your family’s favorite holiday destination.


Germany is one fo the ideal summer vacation destinations if you want to take a quick three to four days trip with your family. The infrastructure of the whole of Germany will leave you astonished. Your kids will love the variety of sweets and chocolates in Germany. While you are in Germany, you should also eat german waffles with fresh fruits and whipped cream during your breakfast. A lot of cafes around Germany have play areas where your kids can play and make new friends. If you love beer, there are a lot of biergartens where you can sip authentic craft beer. Germany has a lot of zoos where you can take your kids for exploring the wildlife of the region. You should also visit the castles to make your kids aware of the history of Germany, and while you are exploring the castles, you should stop at the authentic German restaurants to try out the authentic cuisines.

What’s next waiting for you?

Organizing a trip with your family is a fun thing to do. Not only do you indulge yourself in the beauty of your travel destination, but you also get to know all the information that you miss on regular days. Selecting a travel destination can be a little confusing for you as there is a lot to visit around the whole world, but you can go through the list above to get an idea of the eight best family vacation destinations around the world. Next time you search for family vacation destinations near me, you will come across the above-mentioned list. All of these places have lots of fun, thrill, and relaxation to offer. You can roam around these places and come back with a suitcase full of memories with your loved ones. If you are looking for cheap vacation destinations for families then don’t forget to check our other travel guides.

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