Best Tips for Traveling the Globe Virtually

Since the emergence of the coronavirus, most people have been confined to their homes because of social distancing measures. Remote work can be quite difficult, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. This factor coupled with the boredom of sitting at home all day can make your days seem dull and monotonous.

A lot of individuals also had vacations planned for the holidays. The cancellation of flights has made travel impossible. Although there’s a vaccine available for the COVID-19 virus, schedules are still unpredictable. In essence, most of the globe’s population have no idea when they’ll be free to move around.

The Internet’s Revolution of Tourism

The propagation of the internet has led us to see the world from a whole new perspective. Processes are being modified in different sectors, and the tourism sector isn’t left out. With the internet, you can travel the globe virtually.

A lot of the most traveled places on the globe have options for virtual tours. Practically, this translates to enjoying the aesthetics of wonders of the world and world heritage sites from the home. Depending on your package, you can also get virtual reality tours for these places.

There are also other virtual travel options you can use. Below, you’ll find a list of the best ways to satisfy your geographical curiosity. Go through these unqieu tips for traveling world virtually:

How to Visit Places Around the World VirtuallyTips for traveling internationally

  • The Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu is listed as one of the World’s Heritage sites. Beforehand, people used to travel to South America to get a breathtaking view of this landmark hidden in the mountains. Nowadays, you can visit Machu Picchu virtually and have the same experience as physical visitors.

The internet tour allows you to observe this World Heritage site from various angles. You’d be able to see the structures, 15th century Inca homes, and every single point on the mountains. The simulated tour also includes a narrator that provides information about Machu Picchu.

  • A Tour of Tokyo

You can experience the hustle and bustle in Tokyo from the coziness of your bedroom. What’s more, you can do a lot of stuff in the city in less than 180 seconds, something that physical visitors can’t achieve.

Japan’s National Tourism sector now offers internet visitors the option to get a 360-degree virtual reality tour with a video. The video is three minutes long, and the experience can be enhanced by using a virtual reality headset to combine both the visuals and sounds from the city to allow for a scintillating visit.
If you don’t have a VR headset, you can watch it in normal quality, although the experience won’t be quite the same.

  • Visiting the National Museum of Computing, UK

If you possess a love for computers and programming, a computer-generated tour of the National Museum of Computing is sure to blow your mind. This antiquated gallery is home to the biggest assembly of generational computers.

All of the computers in the museum are still active. On the internet tour offered, you can focus on each computer and also learn the story behind the inception of computers.

  • Visit Space

Now, in real life, you might probably not be able to afford flying to space if it becomes available for passengers. However, with the internet, you can visit space from the luxury of your home.

Different planets like Mars can all be seen in a 360-degree view. The video is available on YouTube and was recorded by NASA.

  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium Tour

If you have an immense love for animals, this virtual tour is the one for you. The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers a tour of both land and sea animals.

The great thing about the aquarium’s tour is that it’s live. Getting to see sea animals can also be a life-altering experience for your kids.

  • Using Google Earth

As an option, you can use Google Earth to visit several places you want. Google Earth shows pictures of places in high quality to you when you visit them virtually.

The faces of people casually strolling in these areas also get blurred to protect their identities. The experience is breathtaking because you can tap your device to move forward or backward or rotate your view as if you’re in the area.

Google Earth also offers tours of popular landmarks like the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Giza.

Additional tips for traveling globe virtually

  • Books

Depending on your likes, you might want to imagine the sight of places or buildings before you see them. Downloading books on your device will allow you to travel to different places in the world easily.

A massive advantage of using books to travel the world is its low cost. With no more than a few dollars a month, you can use your mind to visualize how a place can look like.

If you want vivid descriptions of places in Paris, you can read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. You can also search lists of books that’ll take you around the world.

  • Movies and TV Shows

Motion pictures budget a lot of money for their movies. This allows them to travel to several locations around the world and shoot movies.

With different streaming services like Netflix, you can travel the world. Once you subscribe to a service, you’d be able to watch movies that show quality pictures from different places around the world.

Sometimes, you can have issues with streaming movies on Netflix. Certain content is restricted in some countries or regions, blocking you from enjoying the full Netflix experience. However, if you stream Netflix using a VPN, you’ll be able to beat geo-blocking.

VPNs allow you to divert internet traffic through designated servers in various regions of the world. If you connect to a server in a location where the content is streamed, you’d be able to watch it.

Final Thoughts

The internet has offered up a way to visit places even while people are still at home. With various museums, aquariums, and World Heritage sites offering simulated tours, you can travel the world virtually.

Apart from the above-metnioned tips for traveling internationally, you can as well use books, shows, and pictures to satisfy your urge to travel the world virtually.

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