Top Things To Do in Atlanta

With the holiday season starting in full swing, Atlanta is one of the worth visiting destinations with winters banging in. And, the weather of Atlanta is fantastic, with chill and not so chilled days! Visitors are ready to explore Atlanta to their very best. Firstly, it is an important city in the South and has been the center of military conflicts to wide-reaching cultural movements as well. Likewise, the Olympics game was also hosted in Atlanta. Whether you are looking for free things to do in Atlanta GA with kids or the best things to do in Atlanta at night, the city satisfies the interest of every traveler. From the glamorous restaurants to the country home cafes, Atlanta holds a little of everything.

Here we have listed some of the top things to do in Atlanta GA that you must add to your itinerary:

Enjoy at the Centennial Olympic Park

This is one of the major tourist attractions in Atlanta surrounded on all sides by restaurants, cafes, malls, museums, amusement parks, and everything you want on a fun-filled vacation. Then, the centerpiece is the Fountain of Rings, a gorgeous water fountain shooting musical and computer-enabled jets in synchronization. The sightseeing in this place is such a delight. Further, during summers, you can see fireworks during various festivals. Consisting of an amphitheater, it holds everything from outdoor concerts to rallies. The open fields are great for picnics or just spending some quiet time. This is one such stop you can’t miss out thereby making it one of the cool things to do in Atlanta this weekend.

Delicious food at Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Tea rooms are so classy, so why leave out Mary Mac’s Tea Room? Additionally, Atlanta has so many of these tea rooms. This particular tea room deals with serving old-style country food. Some options are gravy-smothered biscuits, crispy fried chicken, making you feel like you have stepped inside a southern kitchen from the 40s and 50s. Some drinks served are sweet tea and lemonade. For desserts, you will find banana pudding, pecan pie, etc. Also, it is a classic place in the very heart of the city and spending some here is one of the unique things to do in Atlanta today.

Visiting Tiny Doors ATL

Now, this is one of the best places to visit in Atlanta that must be part of your tour. This place is dedicated to the tiny doll-like doors, a project which is an effort of so many artists of the city. Everything you find here is small and miniature scattered together in so many places. If off beaten paths amuse you, then Tiny Doors ATL is an interesting concept for you out there. The doors are made from simple bricks to stone constructions including fences and gardens. Rent a bike and explore the place with ease.

Fun at Peachtree Street

Witnessing bits and bits of Atlanta, next on the list is Peachtree Street which is an iconic tourist spot you must definitely visit in Atlanta. Secondly, it stretches to miles consisting of clubs, bars, restaurants on both sides of the street. You can see gleaming glass offices, historic homes along with vintage theatres. Also, you can-do high-end shopping at the malls or buy cheap items at the thrift stores. When at Peachtree Street, try out the delicious cheap eats in various food trucks. Take a selfie at the Peachtree Street road marker which is recognized as one of the fun things to do in Atlanta for couples.

Taking an electric car tour

Considered to be one of the premier destinations in Atlanta, there are many amazing places to see in Atlanta. It is one kind of experience taking a tour in an electric car. Also, see the parks, museums, amusement parks, etc. with the tour of 90 minutes fitting easily into any one of your schedules. The tour is either private or semi-private, so you get a chance of interacting with the guide in a meaningful way. Further, you also get recommendations for later sightseeing. It is a quick and cheap way of getting around the city and after finishing the tour, you can venture for more.

Taking a stroll at Cator Woolford Gardens

Another of the best things to do in Atlanta is taking a stroll down Woolford Gardens that is not only beautiful but also a benefit to the local community of disabled children. The garden has displays of laurels, roses, daffodils, and other exotic flowers. Then, there are shaded tree groves along with stone staircases where you can climb and see the view from there. If you are visiting Atlanta for business, this garden is a great location for corporate meetings. The community out here accepts donations and there are pavilion-style tents to rent for special occasions.

The daunting experience at 13 Stories Haunted House

Don’t wait for Halloween to get the scary experience when 13 Stories Haunted House is open all year. You just need a waiver for getting in with no refunds on the tickets that you have purchased. Consequently, once you commit to getting inside, there is no question of returning. The scares are both typical and non-typical ones. You can find devils with twisted perversions of carnivals, and monsters lurking from behind. This might be one of the scariest encounters in your life which is a vital part of your Atlanta things to do.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Revolutions Donuts

As you know, Atlanta is famous for its beaches and this will not come as a surprise to you if the fruits are battered, baked, or fried in a million ways. Revolutions Donuts came up with the concept of peach sliders! These are the sugar-coated donut valves having fresh peaches in the middle. Further, these peaches are sweet and tart, making them the best summertime snacks. They have a creative menu and they are always coming up with new ideas for attracting the customers.

Visiting the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

This turns out to be one of those spots that you will keep talking about long after the trip is over. So, what makes this place so special? It is a real tavern setting with wooden tables serving pub-style food and drinks. Dig into the shepherd’s pie or sip craft beer as you enjoy the performance at the theatre. The performances are so enthralling that they will always be fresh in your memory. And, the costumes are all handmade with lines delivered by the actors who move among the crowd. Seats are filled up fast here, so, don’t wait to buy your tickets.

Exploring the Municipal Market

This is a one-stop destination where you can find everything from fresh pastries to old books. The market is jam-packed always with vendors selling fresh bread, cheese, fish, wine, coffee and so much more. The place is also known for having small eateries. Many people come here to sell their dishes, so enjoy a big burger or even homemade apple pie. It is the melting pot for all races and cultures. Likewise, many people come here for buying stuff that is not found anywhere else. Loosen your belt for trying out delicacies like Vietnamese desserts or Ethiopian meat skewers.

A day at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

This is yet another spot that will make you halt and admire it. The life-sized dinosaurs found here look like they would come to life and stomp on the little humans at any time. There are fossils and gemstone collections till the stretch your eyes can see. You can also take the trails into WildWoods to see the wild animals walk across the aerial rope bridges. All between the dangling bridges and dinosaur bones, you will be mesmerized by visiting the Museum.

Enjoying at Atlanta Aquarium

Having 10 million gallons of water in the tanks, pools, and tunnels, the Aquarium is such a sight to behold. It is the third-largest in the world where many small animals live. There are even whales and sharks here! Exotic species here are jellyfishes, puffins, fire eels, sea lions, etc. You will get information about every animal inside the aquarium. The size of the place will blow your minds off and there are fun specimens making you get a keen interest.

What’s next waiting for you?

Whether you are looking for romantic things to do in Atlanta city or top things to do in Atlanta GA for free, the above travel guide covers everything. So, pack your bags and plan a trip soon to this fun-filled destination place and you will enjoy one of the best times of your life! Now you know what to do in Atlanta GA, you can also consider exploring some other popular cities in the USA.

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