Top Things To Do in Mexico

Mexico is one of the finest world destinations. There is so much to do here and this is beyond the things to do at the beach. You can explore the cities and their cultural vibes, or embrace the outdoors. Mexico invites you with its cuisine, its ancient culture, its festivals and so much more. So if you are wondering what is there to do in Mexico, here is your window into what are the most exciting things to do on your trip to Mexico. Whether you are looking for must do things in Loreto Mexico tomorrow, amazing things to do in Mexico Albuquerque for couples or top things to do in Riviera Mayan Mexico with family, the above travel guide covers everything:

Swim in a cenote

Cenotes are natural sinkholes and they are formed when the ceiling of a cave sinks. There are so many cenotes that you can visit. Not just visit, but swim in one. Yucatan Peninsula has so many of these cenotes. You can enjoy cliff jumping, and dive down to explore the stalactites and stalagmites. Or perhaps, you can do some underwater photography of fish, turtles, and other creatures that live in these sinkholes. There are many cenotes in Cancun, Tulum, and even in Playa del Carmen. You can take your scuba diving gear and swim in these cenotes. So one of the top things to do in New Mexico Cancun this weekend is to exploAlbuquerquere these cenotes.

Marvel at the Monarch Butterflies

One of the best things to do in Mexico City with friends is to visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. This is one of the best places in Mexico to watch the amazing Monarch Butterflies. The Monarch Butterflies visit Mexico every year from US and Canada to spend their winter in the Sierra Madre mountains, which is one of the major mountain ranges that run through Mexico. Morelia is one of the best places to watch these winged beauties. You can do a day trip from Morelia and watch these butterflies. This is one of the famous things to do in Mexico Monterrey this week.

Experience the joyous festivities on the Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead celebrates the ones who are dead. This is a festive occasion and not a sad one. It starts in November and lasts many days. Mexicans take to the streets and wear different costumes to mark this day. Graves are cleaned, and photos and candles are lit to remember the dead relatives and friends. Food is offered to the dead ones, and toys are brought for the dead children. People dress in colorful costumes and attires and celebrate this festival in a truly joyous spirit.

Swim with Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks are one of the world’s largest marine creatures. You can swim with whale sharks on your trip to Mexico. Swimming with whale sharks is one of the fun things to do in La Paz Mexico for adults. You can swim with whale sharks in several places. La Paz is one place and so is Baja Peninsula. Isla Holbox near Cancun is also one of the top places to go swimming with whale sharks. This is one of the unique things to do in Mexico at beach.

Go on a horseback tour in Chamula

Chamula or San Juan Chamula is a small town where the indigenous tribes called Tzotzil still practice old Pagan rituals. One of the best ways to explore Chamula is to go on a horseback tour of Chamula. You can visit the Temple of San Juan Chamula, it is one of the unique churches that you can see here. Horseback riding in Chamula is one of the top things to do in Mexico. You can ride through fields and forests and pass through colonial towns like San Cristobal de las Casas. Horseback riding is also one of the fun things to do in Ensenada Mexico for free.

Go snorkeling at Cancun Underwater Museum

One of the top things to do in New Mexico Cancun this weekend is to dive underwater and visit the Cancun Underwater Museum. This is one of the unique underwater museums and is one of the largest of its kind. You can explore more than 500 life-size sculptures and statues in this museum. These installations are submerged completely under water and you have to dive down to be able to see them. You can go on glass-bottom boats or join a diving tour to see these sculptures.

Explore Mummy Museum in Guanajuato

There is a museum for mummies in Mexico, and this is where you can see different mummies and learn a lot about them. The Mummy Museum in Guanajuato is an eerie place, and there are more than 100 mummies here. These mummies were dug from various graves and cemeteries in the 1800s. On display is one of the smallest mummies, which is a fetus. This is one of the best things to do in Mexico with friends.

Watch the pink flamingos at Celestun

The pink flamingos can be seen in Celestun at the Celestun Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. Watching flamingos in flight is one of the best Mexican things to do. The flamingos gather here in large numbers and they can be seen from November to February. More than 35000 of these pink flamingos can be seen in this wetland reserve. A boat trip is one of the best ways to spot these flamingos. You can see them feeding on fish, preening themselves, or taking off in a fantastic display of flight. This place is near Yucatan and is a drive of an hour from Merida.

Discover ancient ruins

The Maya civilization in Mexico left some spectacular ruins, which today are its top tourist attractions. The Mayas were a civilization that inhabited Central America and southern Mexico. There are so many Mayan ruins scattered throughout Mexico and these are places where you can go back in time and see the history of Mexico unfold before your eyes. Discovering ruins is one of the fun things to do in Ensenada Mexico for free.

Visit museums in Mexico City

Mexico City is not just the capital city of Mexico, but this is a place of so many museums. There are museums art museums, museums on architecture, contemporary arts, and many other subjects. You can explore art exhibits, sculptures, art installations, and paintings, by celebrated artists at these museums. You can see exhibits of Mayan ruins and learn more about Mayan culture and civilization at the National Anthropology Museum.

Be in awe at the Chichen Itza

One of the top things to do in Mexico is to visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. The Mayan ruins are spread over a vast area which includes the ruins at Chichen Itza. This was a Mayan city where you will find spectacular temples and monuments that were built by the Mayas. One of the top places here is the Temple of Kukulkan. The temple is dedicated to the Mayan feathered serpent god. The temple is also famous by the name of El Castillo, or The Castle. The amazing thing about this temple is that at certain times of the year, the shadow on the pyramid resembles that of a serpent.

Visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Chichen Itza is a famous Mayan ruin, but this is not the only spectacular ruin that you can visit in Mexico. The site of the Pyramids of Teotihuacan is historic and has tremendous archaeological value. In medieval times, the city of Teotihuacan was one of the largest cities in the Americas. It is believed that at that time, more than 125,000 people lived in this city. Today, this is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mexico. You can plan a tour of Teotihuacan from Mexico City. Climb atop the Pyramid of the Sun to view the surrounding landscapes.

Visit the Basilica of Guadalupe

The Basilica of Guadalupe is one of the top Catholic churches in Mexico. It is sacred for the Catholics who hold the basilica in high regard and is next only to the Vatican. This is a pilgrimage site for Catholic Christians. The basilica is just north of Mexico City. You can plan a half-day tour to visit the Basilica of Guadalupe. The new basilica is just next to the old one, which was closed as it was unsafe for tourists. Plan your visit in such a way that you can celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is a great cultural experience to have in Mexico.

Guelaguetza Dance Festival

Cultural festivals take place throughout the year. You can participate in Guelaguetza Dance Festival, which is a cultural festival, held in Oaxaca. That is why participating in the Guelaguetza Dance Festival is one of the most popular things to do in Oaxaca Mexico today. The main festival takes place in an auditorium. This is a huge dance festival that takes place in July and is a cultural celebration and reflection of the cultural diversity that Oaxaca is bestowed with. Handicraft markets and mezcal festivals take place during this event.

Ride the Copper Canyon Train

One of the iconic train rides that you can have in Mexico is the Copper Canyon Train. In the Spanish language, it is called the Barrancas del Cobre. This natural wonder is a group of six canyons that are situated in the northwestern part of Mexico. The train is called El Chepe, and it crosses 37 bridges and 86 tunnels on this epic train ride. The train makes halts at local towns, and you can enjoy hiking, horseback rides, biking, and many more adventures on the way.

Trekking in the Sierra Norte Mountains

Mexico is more than sandy beaches. There are mountain ranges like the Sierra Norte Mountains, where you can go on trekking adventures. You can take a local guide and hike through the mountains and cross valleys and rocky terrain. There are local villages where you can interact with the locals and learn about their ways of life. Trekking in Sierra Norte Mountains is one of the top things to do in New Mexico.

Venture into the eerie world of Puebla Tunnels

The Puebla Tunnels were discovered in 2016, and they are one of the best-kept secrets about Mexico. These series of tunnels are about 500 years old and have a huge historic value. The Battle of Puebla against the French took place here on May 5, 1862. You can plan a visit to the museum with an archaeologist. The tunnels were used to store gunpowder, bullets, and other arms and ammunition.

River Booze Cruise in Xochimilco

One of the best things to do in Mexico city with friends is to go on a River Booze Cruise in Xochimilco. The fun thing about this is the festive atmosphere here and the food and drinks. You can enjoy the mariachi bands playing their music. You can ride on gondola-like boats which are painted in many colors. The locals serve you food and drinks as you ride the boat. You can relish Mexican drinks like the michelada and munch on tacos during your boat ride

Watch a Lucha Libre match

If the US has its WWE, then Mexico has its very own Lucha Libre. It is the local style of wrestling in Mexico. But it is very different from the US version of wrestling. Wrestlers wear masks and comical attires and do much acrobatics during the wrestling match. The entire match is choreographed and made to look very amusing and comical. Even spectators join the fun in this unique form of wrestling. You can enjoy the fun and also the thrill of a wrestling match.

Sailing through the Lagoon of Seven Colors in Bacalar

One of the best things to do in Mexico city with friends is to go on a sailing tour of the Lagoon of Seven Colors in Bacalar. This is in Yucatan Peninsula and is located close to the Belize border. The Lagoon of Seven Colors is named because of the various shades of the color blue seen here. Going on a sailing tour can give you memorable experiences. You can come close to the prehistoric rocks called Stromatolites. These rocks can filter sunlight and release oxygen which is called photosynthesis.

Taste Mexican food

Tacos are familiar to everyone, and so does various Mexican food. But eating and relishing Mexican food in Mexico is an altogether different affair. This is one of the best things to do in Merida Mexico at night. You can check out a restaurant or try cooking a Mexican dish, by enrolling in a cooking class. You can also go for late-night meals.

Final Words on Top Things To Do in Mexico

Mexico is not just a tourist destination, but an age-old culture that is waiting to be discovered. You can plan your tour of Mexico or hire a local guide to help you with the history and culture of this great country of Mexico. So here were all the answers you will require to the one question of ‘what is there to do in Mexico’.

From top 10 things to do in Rosarito Mexico tonight and top things to do in New Mexico in summer season to fun things to do in Cancun Mexico in winter season and top things to do in Mexico in rainy season, the above travel guide covers everything.

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