Ideal Luggage Bags for your Motorcycle Tour

A motorcycle tour is one of the best travel experiences you could enjoy during this lifetime. Just imagine riding alone or with your significant other through the Rocky Mountains or the Appalachian scenery. Sounds pretty awesome right? However, if you aren’t carrying enough essentials for the ride, your dream motorcycle tour could quickly become a horrific nightmare.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the best types of luggage bags for your motorcycle tour. So, without any further ado, let’s just get into it.

Types of Motorcycle Luggage Bags

Choosing a motorcycle travel bag isn’t simple. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are more travel bag types than bike types on the market. But still, there are some important categories that a buyer should know. 

  • Sissy Bar Bags: These bags are designed to be strapped together and fastened to your bike’s sissy bar.
  • Saddlebags: These bags can be secured on either side of the rear of your motorcycle.
  • Tank bags: As the name suggests, these bags can be situated on the tank of your bike.

These are the types of bags being manufactured by most companies. It’s up to you to decide on the particular type, method of securing, and proper capacity. Always remember to make your decisions based on the specific parameters of what your bike can handle. Your bag options mainly rely on your bike type.

Bags come with all kinds of features. They can have:

·         Hard or soft shell

·         Waterproof capabilities

·         Locking mechanism

·         Permanent or removable mounting

Your choice will depend on your destination, motorbike type, and whether or not you’re comfortable with leaving your bags on the motorcycle when parked.

Hard Bags

Hard motorcycle bags are typically made out of plastic or metal. These bags are very useful and are used by bikers who are looking to spend miles and miles on the road. Their features include:

·         Waterproof: Hard bags are usually waterproof, but make sure to check when purchasing one. There’s no feeling like extracting dry stuff from your bag at the end of a long and wet ride.

·         Lockable: They can usually be secured with a lock, but again you should check before buying. The lock may not be quite as tough as you would like, but it’s still tough enough to make your worries disappear.

·         Protection: Bikers learned about this feature in a hard way. If you crash your bike without hard bags, your leg will be the first body part to come in contact with the road. This can trap your venerable ankle between the motorbike and highway. But if you’ve got some good hard bags, they’ll create enough space for you to free your ankle.

Soft Bags

Soft bags come in a wide array of different constructions and features. They are typically used when riding through non-dusty, drier conditions.

When compared to hard bags, these soft bags help make your drive easier and more streamlined. They don’t require additional hardware to fix the bag to your bike as soft bags come with tie-downs and straps that keep them securely in place. This means that you can remove them very quickly.

Soft bags are usually water-resistant. However, this doesn’t mean they are entirely waterproof. But if you only want to secure soft bags, there are inner waterproof bags on the market as well.

Dry Bags

Dry bags are the best option if you’re looking to travel through water crossings or possibly long days of inclement weather. They’ll make sure your items remain clean and dry.

These bags have no zippers. They are designed with a roll-top and buckles, making sure that the closure remains secure. Dry bags are made from heavy-duty, waterproof material. This particular material is more durable than textiles and is easier to clean as well.


We hope this blog was able to help you choose the best type of luggage bag for your motorcycle tour. Do visit Viking Bags to buy high-quality motorbike travel bags at affordable prices. Good luck and stay safe! Check out our other travel guides to read such more useful tips.

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