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You love the Himalayan Mountains, the tropical forests of Borneo, the calm blue seas of the Hawaiian Islands. And you wonder? When will I be able to travel to these places? Well, you are not alone, and are millions out there, who cannot find enough reasons to do so. What about doing a job that would allow you to travel? How to make a career in traveling and what are the free travel opportunities in 2022? Yeah!! Now that sounds like a brilliant idea, and that way you will be able to earn something also, while you are exploring these countries, even by yourself. So what should you do next? Read on this article to know how to travel the world for free and most lucrative jobs that help you travel the world:

Travel the World

International Tour Guide

One of the most obvious choices that will let you travel around the world. If you like to be with people and are interested in places then this job is for you. Being a tour guide means that you go to many places i.e. museums, national parks, forts, palaces, etc. This job as a tour guide will not only help you travel to different corners of the globe but meet new people. The knack of communicating in foreign languages, understanding world cultures, history, and a lot of other things are necessary to be a tour guide. You could easily make $500 – $1500 per month as a tour guide. No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the top jobs that require traveling and pay well.

Flight Attendant

As a Flight Attendant, you can reach any country within minutes. But being a Flight Attendant also means you suffer from frequent jet lags and working long hours. But the perks also include paid hotel stays, partying, discounts on rent, and of course, lucrative salaries. You should have a graduation degree, do a course in aviation or Flight Attendant Training Program, and possess an attractive personality. But the most important factor is that you should have a great sense of hospitality and the patience to handle erratic people. The monthly salary ranges from $2000 – $2500 per month and it is an answer to your question of how to travel the world for free and get paid.

Cruise Ship Crew

Working on a cruise ship is the best job you can take to travel around the globe. The advantages of working as a crew aboard a cruise ship are many and include free accommodation, free meals and salaries also range from $1000 – $4000. But being on a cruise ship is a lot more demanding job, and you should be fit and healthy, be a good swimmer, and being able to work hard. You could be working in housekeeping, F&B operations, entertainment and guest management, engineering, chef, decks, medical staff, etc. If you are finding an answer to the question of how to travel the world with no money then a Cruise ship crew is a perfect solution.


An archaeologist may be digging up skeletons in one part of the globe or lost treasures in another. This is one job that lets you travel to the farthest corners of this world. You will need a graduate or master’s degree in Archaeology, Geological Sciences, History, and other subjects. You could also become an assistant and help other archaeologists with manual work. It is not easy though, and you have to adapt to various climates and be able to do physical hard work. It requires loads of patience and on of the best ways to travel the world for free in 2022.

Event Manager

Organizing events and festivals will enable you to travel. You could be involved with event planning, administration, sales, marketing, public relations. Event management does not have to do only with trade shows, but it could be anything from a cultural festival, farmer’s market, sports events, award functions, fashion shows, product launches. You could be meeting hosts, vendors, participants, workers, and traveling across continents or just from city A to city B, but travel nonetheless.


Armed with a camera, you could shoot pretty much everything under the sun. And that also means you do travel a lot. You could be photographing historic landmarks, art deco buildings, or a war-torn country. While the options are not limited to photography alone, you can still be a photojournalist, a wedding photographer, or a shoot at an event. It may not pay as much in the beginning, but as you pick up the knacks, you could earn a decent living by regularly publishing to well-known sites and international agencies. Photography is one of the most flexible jobs that require international travel and it helps you to travel the entire world.

ESL Teacher

Teaching English today need not be restricted to the confines of your school, but you could well end up traveling the world. Countries, where English is not their first language, are the obvious choice for you to seek jobs as an ESL teacher. It could be incredibly satisfying and gives you the golden opportunity to know foreign cultures. Salaries are good, and you will find your accommodation expenses paid by the employer and meals included also. You could do it with a TEFL certificate, or a BA or MA in the English language.


Although this is not a regular, high-paying job, it is a voluntary service that allows you to travel. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF is for people who like to sweat it out on the farm. You simply put in certain hours of work per week, doing everything from planting trees, to cutting out weeds, to sowing crops, and you are reimbursed by way of free food and accommodation by the farm owner. You, in turn, get to know the region, interact with locals freely, and stay for free without having to pay for it.

Au Pair

If you are good with keeping children and schoolwork, then you may take it up and offer to do it in some other country. This way, you find free accommodation and salary, not to say, free meals with your host family. But it is also a way to see the world while traveling to foreign lands. Au Pairing is also a way to connect to people and is great to those who love to serve others and have a way with children. Salary is not that good that you can boast of, but then there are no expenses also.

Peace Corps

While being a volunteer in Peace Corps isn’t a job at all, it is far more enriching in the way that it opens up a minefield of experiences to you. You have to commit well over 2 years with Peace Corps, an international organization. You have to undergo relevant training before you are on the field, making a difference to those around you. But it will allow you to travel to the remotest parts of the world, and you don’t have to worry about hotel rent or restaurant bills.

Scuba Instructor

While a Scuba Instructor, you may be training others in scuba diving, snorkeling, and help scientists in underwater expeditions. At the same time, you could be exploring remote parts of this world. It will let you travel and see different countries. You will have to undergo a professional scuba diving course, and train for years before you become a fully trained Scuba Instructor. And the earning is also within a range of $1000 to $4000 per month and no wonder it is one of the best jobs that help you travel the world.


While an Ethnomusicologist may be researching music in different parts of the world, it also allows them to come up close with local tribes, and find out more about the musical instruments and culture within that region. It is a job that has multiple aspects to it. You may be indoors in a museum, researching about tribal music and folk cultures, and outdoors among the people who make their folk tunes and dance at their festivals. It will require long study hours, a graduate or post-graduate degree.

Marine Scientist

What’s the one job that lets you travel, conduct extensive scientific research, interact with people, study and interpret data, and fathom the ocean depths? A Marine Scientist, of course. It is one of those high-paying jobs, for which you have to burn the midnight oil and study as if there’s no tomorrow. But after that, it’s all smooth sailing. You will work on path-breaking marine research, stay on vessels and boats, even dive the ocean depths, and interact with local fishermen, all this while taking home a fat paycheque.

Médecins Sans Frontières

If you are willing to put service above everything else, then being part of an international organization such as Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders might be your calling. You will need intense training as a medical professional first before you go out there among the disease-stricken countries, nursing and curing patients. It also means that you are far from the comforts of daily life, working in poor hygienic conditions. But it will surely allow you to travel the world and get paid.

Translators & Foreign Language Interpreters

While translating a language helps in understanding different languages, it is among the best jobs that help you travel the world. It may sound so easy to translate, but a Translator also has to understand the cultures, slang, grammar to emphasize and highlight the true meaning of what is being said or communicated. A job of a Translator or Foreign Language Interpreter is flexible, and salaries may vary from country to country. But it is an immensely satisfying career for those who love languages and communicating with people.

International Aid Worker

Working to solve world problems might seem daunting at first, but that’s what so many people do today. They enroll in international organizations like UNICEF, CARE, World Bank, WTO and work for the upliftment and wellbeing of their citizens. They fight against a range of problems like hunger, poverty, war crisis, natural disasters, education, and others. They also earn and have to travel to far-flung nations and work in challenging environments, but it is worth the effort. You will have to complete graduation or post-graduation.

Hospitality Industry

Travel and hospitality go hand in hand, and if a regular 9-5 office job seems boring, then you can join the hospitality industry. It will not only let you travel the world but also understand world cultures. You must have to do graduation in Hotel Management, or even if you are not a graduate, you can join as an intern. There is a whole plethora of areas available to you – F&B, Airlines, Resorts, International Hotel Chains, travel desk, housekeeping, waiter, front desk, lodges, guesthouses, back office, ticketing, and reservations, etc. It is a well-paying job, and you also get to stay for free in some positions, while you earn and learn.

Airline Pilot

The job of the pilot takes him to several countries, but the job is full of risks, and not for everybody. You will have to train very hard to become a professional airline pilot. You should have a fit body, defects, perfect eyesight, and experience of flying up to 1500 hours. It is the best job for people who are go-getters and want precision in everything, and above all, a will to serve and a love of travel.

Import and Export

If you are into the import and export business, it might take you to foreign countries. There is no limit to what you can earn through this, but one thing is sure… you will be able to satisfy your love to travel around the world. You should have the knack of seeing the value of a local product, and the ability to find a market for it. It calls for an entrepreneurial mindset, a passion for marketing, a love for cultures, and a genuine lust for travel. You could end up being a businessman or even grow your own business in a foreign land, and use the natural resources and manpower of that country to your advantage.

Ski Instructor

Can you glide effortlessly down a snowy mountain slope and love to teach it to others? Well, why not take it up as a full-time job. You are in familiar territory, can travel also, and earn enough to be able to support yourself and your family. You will have to have a professional Ski Instructor certification, of course. You could be a Ski Instructor in a ski resort, a hotel, famous skiing locations, or launch your ski training academy. Countries like Switzerland, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina are some of the best countries where you could train as a Ski Instructor and also find a suitable job.

What’s next waiting for you?

Now you know how to travel for free in 2022 and which are the most prominent traveling jobs in the world, you can give a thought of making a career in traveling. If you are making a list of destinations that you can visit while doing jobs in the travel industry then check out our travel guides. Don’t forget to check our recent blog on how to travel on a budget to save some money while travelling.

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