Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

Think about Europe, and you invariably think about the Swiss Alps, French castles, Scottish Isles. It is as if there is an ‘expensive’ tag that you unconsciously put to almost every country in Europe. But there is a different ‘Europe’ that you have just missed out on!! And guess what, some European travel destinations won’t be a burden on your wallet. So why not have a glance at the cheapest places to travel in Europe, and you will just be glad that you found this blog post.


Hungary is one of those European countries where you will not pay more than €50 a day visiting various landmarks and eating out in restaurants.  And when you consider that you get to stay in five-star hotels at less than €150, it definitely makes Hungary all the more cheap and affordable travel destinations in Europe. You can travel cheap too, and while eating out, you won’t have to pay more than €20 for a meal. River cruise on the Danube, visiting Buda Castle, thermal baths at Lake Hévíz, exploring the wine region of Tokaji are the must-do activities in Hungary. No wonder, it is one of the most affordable places to visit in Europe all around the year.


Romania is sure to throw up images of Count Dracula, and you can actually, explore Bran’s Castle nestled in the Transylvania region of Romania, which is also one of the best-known attractions of this famous east European country. The daily travel budget rarely exceeds €50, and you will find budget hostels and even luxury hotels at €100. The Black Sea has excellent seaside resorts, but they may be costly. Restaurants serve the best Romanian local food within €10. Visiting the Palace of Parliament, guided treks in the Carpathian Mountains, or going to the depths of the Turda Salt Mine are must-do things in Romania.


Poland entices visitors with its historic towns like Krakow and Warsaw, castles like Royal Castle, world war landmarks like Auschwitz-Birkenau camps, historic museums, national parks, and more. It is still among the least expensive European nations. You could find budget hostels, mid-range hotels, guesthouses within a budget of €50 per night stay. Buying a Poland Eurail Pass will save you money and enable you to take underground trains, regular trains between cities. You will find the best restaurants where you can have vodka, rum, or bite into juicy potato pancakes, dumplings, veggie doughnuts, and more at affordable rates of €10.


Smaller than other European countries and also the least known, Montenegro is, by far, are the cheapest European countries you can visit. How cheap? Well, a hotel stay will cost you €50 a night, and eating out might cost you €10-€15 per person. Traveling in trains and buses is the best way to travel within Montenegro. Bay of Kotor, Budva, Herceg Novi have some of the best attractions in Montenegro. Entry fees to most sites are free, and you can do beach activities on the shores of the Adriatic coast without having to pay anything.


You can set aside a daily budget of €50 per day if you are visiting the Czech Republic, and that includes accommodation costs (€30), food (€15), and sightseeing. Traveling by bus or train are cheap ways to get around most places here. Commuting between cities is also cheap, and it hardly costs beyond €20 per day. Taverns are best to get that vintage medieval vibe when you sip on a beer, and munch on something.  Prague is at the center of its tourism, and entry to most tourist places in Prague like Prague Castle, museums, and parks is free. But don’t forget to visit Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov or Brno for they are more affordable than Prague.


Here in Estonia, you will feel like visiting Scandinavian countries, but minus the extravagant costs. Within a daily budget of €40, you can move with comfort in all its touristy places. Hotels charge anything from €20 to €30 per night and there are cheaper dorms and sharing accommodation you can go for. Food is cheap and in Tallinn, you get mouthwatering food at less than €10 per person. Adventures, there is plenty to do in Estonia, particularly, in the coastal towns on the Baltic Sea. There isn’t any fee to walk down the old town of Tallinn, and visiting its cathedrals. You can hit a hiking trail, or walking tour and see the majestic mountains and pine forests… all at no cost at all.

North Macedonia

Tourists will find all the best things to do in North Macedonia within a daily budget of €35 or at the most €40. That makes North Macedonia one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. You can get a decent budget hotel or guesthouse at €15 per night, maybe even cheaper. A bus is best to travel and it would cost within €15 to board a return bus service to Ohrid. Expect no more than €15 for a two-person meal and you also get cheap beer here. Lake Ohrid and Skopje are the best tourist attractions in North Macedonia and also making it one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.


Speaking of cheap European countries to visit, Latvia can’t be far behind. If you choose budget travel options, there are plenty of them in Latvia. Cheap guesthouses and hotels charge €15, although you will also get more luxury at higher budgets. Riga has excellent hotels on all budgets. Latvian food is cheap too, and at €15 you will get to taste the best Latvian food in cheap restaurants in Riga. You can find some free things to do in Riga like visiting its memorials and parks, and hiking treks along the Baltic coast is also free. This is what makes Latvia one of the budget-friendly places to visit in Europe all around the year.


Anything under €30 is cheap in Europe, and the daily travel budget hovers around €30 – €40 in Serbia. Budget hotels in Belgrade offer cheap accommodation at under €20 per night, and expenses on food will also not exceed €10 per person. Serbia has a great nightlife, and you can buy a beer and grab juicy titbits of Serbian food like Sarma, Burek, and delicious pork and cheese varieties at cheap restaurants and eateries. Walk on the cobblestone streets, see the calm Danube flow, or wonder at the byzantine architecture of Saint Sava Temple. All this is for free and it makes Serbia one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe.


When you consider all the free things you can do in Croatia, visiting this central European country becomes so much cheaper. And daily travel budget will not exceed more than €40 if you are a budget traveler. Within €20 or €25, you will get a decent room in a mid-budget hotel, and traveling by bus and train is best in Croatia. The food you will get is under €10 per person at cheap restaurants. And consider some free things now like exploring the beaches and islands on the Adriatic Sea, stroll through parks, walk on medieval-style streets in old towns of Zadar or Trogir and Split, or visiting palaces and monuments in Zagreb.


Among European countries, Slovenia is a cheaper travel destination, when you consider an affordable budget of under 50 euros. Slovenia is cheap as many of the activities you can do here are free. You will get cheap hotels at under €30 in many places in the capital city of Ljubljana, and restaurants will serve pork sausages or dumplings and other traditional Slovenian dishes at approx €15 per person. Trekking in Soča Valley, walking near Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj, discovering old fortresses, bathing in waterfalls, or canyons are the best things to do in Slovenia. 


Slovakia is also among those European countries where, if you consider all the things you can do for free, it definitely reduces your travel costs. The daily travel budget will be only €40, and that is if you choose your destinations and stay wisely. Cities like Bratislava have expensive hotels, but you will eventually find some budget-friendly stays here also. Expenses on food will be under €10 per person. Hike in the alpine forests of the Tatra Mountains, stroll near the lakes of Bratislava, or watch a live concert on the banks of the Danube, or rent a bike and go biking in the woodlands of Slovakia. 


Ukraine is also cheap if you consider the average daily travel budget of 45 euros. In this budget, you can travel cheap and hostel rates also are not that expensive even in cities like Kyiv or Odesa. You can walk around Kyiv and see its museums for free. Parks such as Hryshko National Botanical Garden, or Mariinsky Park are in Kyiv and are free to enter. You can eat traditional food or sip on beer or wines at a nominal cost. Hiking trails in the Carpathian Alps or its natural reserves is the best adventure activity to do in Ukraine, and you will see gorges, quaint villages, waterfalls, and natural scenery all around you.  Without any doubt, it is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe with family.


Bulgaria has the best of European charm and it is also among the cheapest countries in Europe. Hotels start from 15 euros and some are even cheaper. You can travel with a daily budget of 30 euros in Bulgaria. Food is cheap too, and if you want to hike there are the Pirin Mountains with many hiking treks. In Sofia, many churches, museums, and art galleries have free entry, and it won’t cost you a thing to walk down the streets of Sofia and exploring the culture. Varna, Plovdiv, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo are the best cities in Bulgaria and there are almost 400 lakes where you can enjoy a quiet walk.


Albania is one of the most underrated and budget-friendly places to travel in Europe and also far cheaper than most European countries. You can go on a daily budget of €40 and see the best sights of Albania. You will find inexpensive hotels at €20 and you get cheap travel options too (€10). You get a mixture of Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine in Albania, and that is also within €10 per person. Being on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Albania has some scenic beach destinations like Saranda and Ksamil. There are medieval towns like Gjirokaster, and cities like Tirana, Berat are not too costly to tour.


When you spend only about €30 in Europe you know you have come to the cheapest destination, and Kosovo is one of the cheapest. Food costs only about 10 euros per person, and that also you get to enjoy the traditional food of Kosovo. Hotels you will get at around €25 per day, and Kosovo has some of the best architectural marvels in Europe. Pristina, Prizren, and Peja are beautiful cities where you can have a free walk, explore museums, visit ancient churches, and marvel at the byzantine architecture. The Balkans are great for a day of hiking and exploring canyons and waterfalls.


Although Portugal may sound expensive, with the right choice of hotels and activities, you can make Portugal into a cheap European travel destination. Portugal is the best European destination if you want to see the culture of Europe up close. Lisbon is costly, but you will get cheap hotels or dorms at around €20. You get the best European food in Portugal within a budget of €15 or 20 euros. In Lisbon, you can go on a free walking tour and see its top monuments. Travel becomes cheap also with Lisbon Card, and many places in Lisbon are free entry. Beaches are free, hiking is free, traditional markets are free for tours.


Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe, and it is also one of the most affordable travel destinations in the world. The daily travel budget will be only up to €30 or a maximum of €45. Turkey is rich in its cuisine and you can have the most exotic kebabs, baklava, Turkish Delight, kofte at under €15 per person. Traveling around can be cheap too if you go by public transport. Hague Sofia and many monuments in Istanbul are free to visit, and a visit to Grand Bazaar and flea markets in Turkey is a must-do thing as they will not cost you a dime.


If you are in search of the cheapest European travel destinations then consider Moldova. This central European country is the best option for budget travelers who want to have a trip to Europe at an affordable cost. You will get very good hotels at under €20 and meals will cost a maximum of €10 per person. You can taste the finest local food in cheap restaurants and even beer and drinks are cheap compared to other European countries. Trams are best for transportation, and most historic monuments are free to enter.

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Whether you are looking for the cheapest places to travel in Europe in July or budget-friendly places to visit in Europe alone, the above travel guide covers everything. If you are looking for top places to travel in Europe then don’t forget to check our other travel guides of Europe.

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