Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

A honeymoon is the most pleasant but often romantic holiday of your life. Generally, it’s an opportunity to relax with your new spouse or partner after the wedding to escape from your families, careers, and daily life with their dull bills. An opportunity to go to an exotic location and enjoy a romantic two-way trip is a dream come true. Usually, it is a trip once in a lifetime and one you will remember forever. The USA is one of the ideal honeymoon destinations in the world to celebrate a romantic time with loved ones. From over-the-top pampering at a luxurious spa resort to affordable outdoor adventures, you can experience everything here.

From exquisite to romantic, from nature to adventure, from the beach to mountains and from picturesque to hyped, whatever your honeymoon theme may be chosen, there is literally no experience that the United States does not offer. The only thing you need is a valid visa to US. Here we are presenting to you the best honeymoon destinations in the USA to plan an incredibly romantic holiday that will ensure unforgettable memories:


The island of Hawaii is lined with serene white-sand beaches accompanied by azure waters, some surfing, coastal hiking and a variety of accommodation from affordable to luxury. The Hawaiian island is surrounded by a coastline of 130 kilometers, 30 of which is sand. Most beaches in Hawaii are small, with a portion of brush and sandy beaches at its bottom. Maui, a crucial part of the Hawaiian archipelago, is one of the most serene and beautiful destinations for honeymoon in the USA. Here the white-sand beach is located in a covered reef and lined by excellent snorkeling reefs. Maui is world-renowned for its shimmering beaches, famous for its lush scenery, and waterfalls.

Kauai’s Hawaiian Island is one of the best honeymoon spots in the United States (USA) for couples who enjoy outdoor spending time. Beach lovers at Polihale State Park can soak up some sun or can enjoy a swim at Kalapaki Beach. Hikers can enjoy Waimea Canyon State Park’s winding trails and spectacular lookouts. Meanwhile, sports enthusiasts will paddle the beautiful rivers of the Garden Island, and in the Pacific Ocean.

Lanai is by far the most popular of Hawaiian Islands, offering less tourists and therefore more comfort. Couples will spend their days in jaw-dropping scenes – like ethereal cliffs of red lava overlooking azure water – on foot or from a four-wheel drive vehicle.


Limitless sunshine, unpolluted beaches and no need for a visa, Florida has the perfect recipe for one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA with a plethora of newlywed-friendly resorts and hotels.

Key West is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the United States (USA) with serious energy about it and lots of history. There are many beaches to explore in the clear blue water, as well as activities like snorkeling.  The sunsets here are famous. Also, one famous place to watch is Mallory Square.

The charming city of St. Augustine, renowned for its architectural marvels dating back to the Spanish colonial period, also draws many newlyweds due to its futile Atlantic beaches and a great mix of nature and wildlife. Visit Anastasia State Park beaches, explore Anastasia Island, visit the Oldest Wooden School House, catch a Black Raven Pirate Ship evening cruise, and more. Located on the shimmering Florida coast in the northern part, St. Augustine not just claims to be one of the state’s oldest cities, but is also considered one of the off-beat honeymoon vacations.

The city of South Florida is known for its magnificent beaches and lavish mansions. Worth Avenue has a posh yet romantic atmosphere, ideal for walking past upscale stores, art museums and restaurants with fine dining. Sanibel Island is another laid-back, romantic beach honeymoon destination, off the coast of southwest Florida. The barrier island is ideal for adventurous couples seeking more than just sitting all day on the beach.


This Golden State is diverse enough for all USA honeymoon destinations styles. From the rough coastal path of Monterey Bay to the famous Lone Cypress views, Monterey is one of the quietest and most serene honeymoon destinations in the USA. It is an ideal destination for honeymooners to unwind away from the crowd surrounding the couple with peaceful surroundings that contain the abundance of nature’s goodness.

The cliffs at idyllic Laguna Beach fall into the ocean. It’s connected to more than 30 scenic beaches and coves in Orange County, about two hours south of Los Angeles, making it a perfect beach honeymoon destination. The city itself is beautiful and full of art museums, boutique shops and great restaurants, as well as the beach. The Deck is an ideal dining spot right on the beach, al fresco. It is just before sunset where to come for live music and fish sandwiches.

Located between Carmel and San Simeon on the Central Coast of California, Big Sur covers a wild stretch of coastline along Route 1, with cliffs tumbling down into the Pacific Ocean which makes up the ultimate away-to-nature honeymoon. This rugged region is lined with great opportunities for walking and other outdoor activities, and there always seem to be wildflowers flowering in the gardens.

San Francisco is a stunning and lively town with a side of the beach that makes it one of the top honeymoon destinations in the USA. There’s so much to see and do here, from the arts and music to diverse communities where you can eat your way across the globe.

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands has its own Caribbean Paradise, with three of the islands called U.S. territories. The glorious beaches’ stunning elegance is the primary reason why honeymooners flock to the US Virgin Islands. They have spotless white sand beaches along the shore, lined with rustling palms and verdant peaks. And beyond the salt, the gin-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea make those beaches look even more stunning.

In the US Virgin Islands, a honeymoon is incomplete without attempting the different water sports that its beaches have to offer. Those include snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and paddle boarding. The destination also provides pleasant sunset cruise trips with dinner facilities in addition to checking out such fun yet enjoyable activities on US Virgin Islands.


Georgia offers a combination of breathtaking natural scenery, romantic spots, a wide variety of outdoor activities and fine food and wine. The country as a whole is blessed with stunning natural beauty, ideal for Georgian romance. You can Stroll down the Tbilisi Peace Bridge with your partner for some quiet time and enjoy the views it provides. Take a chairlift trip to Climb Mtatsminda and enjoy a trip on a Ferris wheel. Enjoy a walk at the side of beautiful lakes in Kakheti, walk-on Sighnaghi ‘s stone-paved streets and taste wonderful wines in the small wineries along with local delicacies. Look at the stars at Abastumani Observatory or spend a night out on the Black Sea beaches. Experience a hike to the villages of Kazbegi and Juta, packed with unforgettable scenic beauty. See the Kintrishi and Mtirala national parks at Ajara. Admire the medieval towers and the Khevsureti or Svaneti castles.

The breathtaking scenery of Georgia also lets you get off the well-established roads and go off-road with horse riding and 4×4 drive adventures, making it ideal for a couple looking for adventure. You can also experience an eco-lodge stay, pitch a tent in a secluded area, or stay in local residences. Georgia Honeymoon is sure to be an experience for adventure seekers to enjoy thereby making it one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Savannah, one of the most romantic places to honeymoon in the United States (USA), Georgia has cobbled streets and lush, lush green trees along with plenty of Southern charm and historic architecture. Take a walk past 19th-century mansions and Spanish-moss-clad walls with your lover to one of the 22 existing town squares in the historic old town, and each has a wonderful garden area ideal for a picnic.


A honeymoon in Alaska is as romantic as thrilling thereby becoming one of the top honeymoon destinations in the United States (USA). Alaska gives you a one-of-a-kind honeymoon trip that gives you all the excitement and solitude you ‘re looking for. Why is it not? Awe-inspiring journeys, beautiful scenery, cozy lodges and peacefulness. Alaska checks all the boxes from their honeymoon which a couple wants.

With its limitless views, magnificent animals and multitude of adventures, this natural frontier inspires travelers. If you’re walking through frozen ice, hiking the magnificent Denali National Park, riding through dense woods or simply driving through the mountains. The stunning scenery and rare wildlife in the backcountry offer honeymooners plenty of opportunities for private outings and quiet moments.

New York City

There are few places in the world that can compete with the lively New York City atmosphere. Manhattan-with its crowded streets, landmark skyscrapers and unapologetic attitude-is popular all over the world, and could make a great place for honeymoons.

Start your days in top-notch restaurants with museum tours, Central Park strolls, boutique shopping and gourmet meals. For good measure, put a broadway performance or two on top.

A Hudson River cruise will view the skyline of the town from a different viewpoint. The grid layout of New York City makes for easy travel, either on foot or by road, and a vast subway network opens up possibilities for visits to the surrounding boroughs. Brooklyn-with its atmosphere of a chic coffee shop, intentionally grungy bars and live music venues-is still within reach.

What’s next waiting for you?

The list of best honeymoon destinations in the USA mentioned above will ensure that your honeymoon will be an extraordinary experience through which you build memories and enjoy them. The USA also has a lot of other stunning & romantic honeymoon destinations such as Houston, Orlando, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Nashville, San Diego and San Francisco. Some other well recognized USA honeymoon destinations are visited during the year by local and international honeymooners throughout the United States. If you are searching for the best places to visit in the USA then don’t forget to check our dedicated travel guide.


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