Hiking Phuket’s Mountainous Interior

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest and most famous island with an area of 576 square kilometres and reaching 529 meters at its highest point. Most of the fun on Phuket is focused on aquatic activities, but the island has another facet that is usually overlooked- its lush, mountainous interior. It’s even in the name, Phuket is thought to derive from the Malay word Bukit, meaning “hill”, the shape of which is plain to see when viewing the island from the water. If you need a break from the sand and surf, it’s time to take a hike into some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world, an undiscovered paradise just waiting for you to come explore!

First off, you need to get there and get settled! If you want to make your stay really something special, then be sure to book your reservations at Novotel Phuket Resort! This 4-star hotel is a gem set in the green hills above Patong Beach, and is famous for having the best view of the sea, surpassing any other! It’s the perfect place to relax by the pool whilst watching the sun set over the wide Andaman Sea after a long, thrilling day of hiking and adventure!

There is certainly a multitude of entertainments on the island, and the list of fun things to do goes on and on, but today we will go off the beaten track and make our way into the rugged mountains of inner Phuket. The following are just a few of the wonderful hikes to choose from, so put on your boots, grab your camera, and let’s go!

Kathu Waterfall – Make your way upwards through the verdant jungle alongside a series of enticing small pools and waterfalls, perfect for taking a quick dip along the way. The waterfall gushes cool and white over smooth stones and is a wonderful place to swim and frolic. Finally, the view from the peak is utterly amazing, your reward for all that climbing!

Black Rock Thai – If you are up for more of a challenge this steep climb through the lush forest to the 420-meter-high summit of Black Rock will afford you a fantastic panoramic view of the island and sea below. Best for seasoned hikers, it is a bit of a tough go, but well worth the scenic payoff.

The Layan Loop Trail – After all that climbing you might want to try something a bit easier, this mellow trail is also suitable for a pleasant family stroll if everyone needs a break from the beach. You will walk through rubber plantations worked by friendly local farmers, whilst winding through a series of small lakes and pastures full of docile grazing cattle. It’s a nice, shady way to spend a pleasant day.

Since you will undoubtedly return one day to Phuket for more fun, consider joining the Phuket Tourist Association so you will know what’s happening on your favourite island whilst you are away! See you soon!

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