Tips on summer motorcycle camping in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is relatively close to the absolute most fabulous cruiser travel in Australia. It’s an optimal chance to jump on your motorbike and partake in the open country. The following are incredible excursion thoughts inside a brief distance of Melbourne.

But before you hit the road in summer, you must take a few preventive measures first, which involve having the insurance of your motorbike, wearing the appropriate riding gear, and installing your motorbike with durable luggage bags to pack up all of your valuable items with you.

Viking bags offers durable and spacious motorcycle luggage bags that are stylish and inexpensive too.

Getting back to the discussion, in today’s blog I will be discussing the places in Melbourne Australia where you can enjoy camping.

The ocean road

Your road trip to Melbourne Australia is not accomplished if you haven’t seen the great ocean road. The street is likewise a feature in its own way, as it bends in the road close to the sea and takes you to the transcending woodlands and a few curious and magnificent towns. The Great Ocean Road isn’t the least demanding of streets to cruise. In the event that you’re not an accomplished rider, you might find the winding paths and sharp bends very testing.

It’s the best place to explore if you want to make yourself much more relaxed by visiting small towns and enjoying the peaceful night at your last spot.

Cruising at fall creek

If you want to do hiking or want to explore then fall creek is the best place you must visit. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have the opportunity, you can likewise go to Melbourne through Bairnsdale and Omeo, to take full advantage of the delightful field view. One thing more, fall creek is not a place that should be visited in the winter season.

Cruising at Goldfield

In the event that you start early enough in the day, you can undoubtedly do Melbourne-Bendigo-Ballarat, (two of Victoria’s biggest nation towns and where many took a stab during the 1850s dash for unheard of wealth). Bendigo is the place for a few magnificent eateries, bistros, and an eminent workmanship display, while Ballarat has Sovereign Hill, the beautiful Lake Wendouree, and its own reasonable portion of restaurants and bars.  The courses from the towns are incredible, and there’s sufficient to do en route to transform the ride into a multi-day excursion.

Cruising at Wilson promontory.

Wilson promontory is famous for the tourists, campers, and jet setters Wilson promontory is the most southern point in central Australia. There are heaps of spots to visit which include Mount Oberon culmination, Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse, and Corner Inlet Marine National Park. Returning, investigate various pieces of South Gippsland which includes Leongatha, and Mirboo North. The streets are by and large very much made with loads of curves to keep you intrigued.

Cruising at the Grampians

Legacy recorded for its Aboriginal legacy, creature, vegetation, and dazzling normal magnificence, the Grampians National Park is one of Australia’s most unmistakable spots. The most ideal way to see the value in it is on one of its numerous top-notch strolls or climbs or by taking a picturesque cruise.

This area is home to the biggest number of critical and old Aboriginal stone workmanship artworks and havens in southern Australia. The trip to Brambuk – The National Park and Cultural Center will assist you with getting the majority of your outing to these stone-safe houses.

Other than that it’s very much important before hitting the road that you must have all of your important riding gear and items that must provide comfort during your long road trips. Viking bags offer you the best and long-lasting motorcycle bags that are manufactured with high-class material.


The temperature in Australia during summers reaches more than 35 degrees Celsius, and we firmly suggest that you don’t wander outside during the mid-afternoon. As per the tourism warning given by the Australian travel industry division, the late spring sun can harm your skin in under 10 to 15 minutes!

So, it’s important for you to keep yourself hydrated whenever you are on the road, also you should use sunblock cream or lotion in order to protect yourself from UV rays.

An effective method for keeping away from serious areas of strength is to design your rides promptly in the first part of the day and remain inside during the noontime till 2:30 PM. 

By and large, the sun sets around 7:00 PM in the summer, and that implies you get a considerable amount of opportunity to make progress regardless of whether you continue your ride after the most sweltering time.

Make certain to keep your gear covered and have fitting tires on the cruiser to handle intermittent sloppy patches of rough terrain segments. It’s likewise really smart to see if the streets exist since downpour water frequently lowers unpaved streets here. So have a safe ride. Good luck!

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