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Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole, could also be a virtually uninhabited, ice-covered landmass. Antarctica isn’t just one of the foremost mesmerizing travel destination the earth, it’s also one among the foremost interactive. Antarctica is fast becoming the supreme travel destination for the true adventure travelers. Tourist attractions in Antarctica are full of great beauty, an abundance of wildlife, and many of fun and adventure.

Antarctica is a destination packed with amazing beauty, incredible wildlife, and lot of adventure. You can explore this amazing island through different modes of an expedition that include icebreakers, ships and lush vessels. If you are an adventure lover then there is no place on this earth that can match the thrill offered by Antarctica places to visit.

Browse through the following list to know about the best places to visit and top things to do in Antarctica during your upcoming journey:


If you’d wish to attempt to something different though head to the polar regions and kayaking in Antarctica is the way and away the foremost fantastic place to undertake to the present. Kitted out in a dry suit and cold-water kayaks, leave into remote coves for the closest encounters with the marine life possible. Nothing will take your breath away like watching a humpback it’s hard to feel anything aside from complete tranquility while surrounded by a glacier, snow-capped mountains, and clear blue skies. Spotting seal, minke, orca, and humpback is common, and seeing them from the water level is beyond spectacular’s breach right next to your kayak – one among the fun things to do in Antarctica!.


The world’s coldest water which is understood because of the polar plunge, this quick dip in one among the planet’s most extreme destinations is certainly something which will get your heart racing. Because courage is strictly what you’ll get to take an unforgettable polar plunge. The polar plunge is strictly what it sounds like; fully submerging your bathing-suit clad body within the icy waters of the Antarctic. The polar plunge is strictly what it sounds like; fully submerging your bathing-suit clad body within the icy waters of the Antarctic.


In Antarctica people sleep on expedition ships or fly to Antarctica to tread on the land, armed with a high-quality bivy sack and warm clothes, camping. Antarctica will little question be something you mention for the rest of your life. In fact, being during a place as volatile and extreme as you would possibly not have the simplest sleep, but nothing will ever beat awakening to sunrise on the snowy continent or watching the celebs glow above you. Out of all Antarctica things to do, camping under the celebs is one experience nobody would really like to miss.

Staying overnight in Antarctica is definitely a thrilling experience. As everything here is extremely chilling and you can’t even think of eating or drinking at such a cold temperature. Doing camping in such challenging surroundings is definitely a proud thing to do which you will remember your entire life.


This activity may be a big favorite of photographers. Zodiac cruising allows for more intimate viewing also as a completely different perspective. The advantage of choosing a smaller expedition ship to Antarctica is that they provide what many of the very large liners don’t, that’s Zodiac cruising. The hooks of Antarctic seas where the important wildlife action unfolds. Amongst icebergs is where you’ll have the simplest chance for close encounters with whales, and where you’ll see a flurry of activity as penguins and seals hop on ice floes. You’ll likely shoot your best pics on your Zodiac outings.

It is one of the exciting experiences you should not miss during your tour to top places to visit in Antarctica. During your expedition, you can watch seals, whales and breathtaking glaciers. You will love strolling through thick ice while exploring the amazing wildlife and enjoying some of the unique formations.


There is simply no other place on earth that offers this type of close encounter with the clowns of the polar wildlife world. Penguins are rather animated creatures and as you meander your way through their ‘hoods’, you’ll see them waddle along well-worn tracks within the ice – referred to as penguin highways – fight and argue over everything (including lunch), dive into the ocean and cater to the requirements of their fluffy offspring. Penguin encounters are almost guaranteed on every Antarctica cruise, regardless of where your itinerary takes you. The sole variable is that the sort of penguins you’ll encounter.


One of the best and popular tourist attractions of Antarctica is the Vernadsky Research Station. This Ukrainian base features a long and colorful history dating back to 1947 when it had been first established as a British station. Whose work ranges from meteorological studies to environmental research and even medical experiments. Regardless of the departure point. Station staff are often very keen to share their research with visitors and list the logistical intricacies of their day-to-day life. Visiting a search station in Antarctica is immensely fascinating and an activity no cruise liner passenger should ever miss.


This stretch of sea, mentioned because the Drake Passage has the reputation for having a variety of the foremost dangerous seas within the planet. Huge oceanic currents flow through the relatively-narrow channel, churning up rough waves and enormous storms. Despite the bad rap, the Drake Passage isn’t as dangerous because it used to be, due to much better ship-building techniques and satellite weather monitoring. Still, experience and therefore the bragging rights of crossing the Drake Passage is well worth the adventure.


In Antarctica, the ice is extremely large, colorful, and it creates a variety of the foremost interesting formations. At one point we took a cruise through an iceberg graveyard where icebergs have grounded on the lowest of the ocean and this is often the spot where they go to spend the ultimate days ending within the water until they dissolve into nothing. It’s eerie and delightful all directly. one among the simplest things to determine on earth is actual icebergs.


One of the foremost incredible experiences in Antarctica is having the ability to ascertain huge pods of whales up close at any time of day. Whales haven’t been hunted in Antarctica for years many so once they see a kayak, zodiac or ship, they don’t run the opposite way, they are available certain a better look. Seeing a whale within the wild may be a magical experience and when traveling to Antarctica you’ll get so on the brink of them and you’ll almost reach out and touch them. The foremost common species of whales found in Antarctica are humpbacks, orcas, minkes, blue, sei, sperm, fin, and right whales. Seeing a number of the most important creatures on the earth with the backdrop. Of snowy peaks and icebergs is far and away one among the best things to do in Antarctica.

Whales are extremely social in Antarctica and when they see any ship or kayak in the close distance they don’t run far but they come closer. Watching whales in Antarctica is definitely a majestic experience and it is one of the fun things to do in Antarctica viewing such a massive creature jumping on waters every now and then.


Scuba diving in Antarctica isn’t for the typical beginner diver, however. You want to be an open water advanced diver together with your dry-suit certification wand over 20 logged dry-suit dives before you’ll apply to hitch a diving expedition in Antarctica. Rich marine life, crystal clear waters and shimmering icebergs give views that are hard to seek out anywhere else within the world. Then skin diving is one of the foremost unique things to do in Antarctica you’ll roll in the hay.


It is one of the most unique things to do in Antarctica and considered as the safest harbor. During the old days, it was recognized as a whaling station and now became a famous sightseeing location. On the shores of the island, you will come across several whale bones, boilers and oil drums. At this spot, you can consider swimming as the water is quite warmer thereby giving you a rejuvenating experience.

  • Lemaire Channel:

If you love doing nature photography then simply head to Lemaire Channel. Here you can spot several mountains deeply covered in snow to give you an opportunity to capture some of the awesome images of a lifetime. It is recommended to spend some substantial time at this place to discover the unique wildlife of the island.

  • Get social with Penguins:

There can’t be a better place in the world than Antarctica where you will get an opportunity to get social with penguins. Here you can view some of the most beautiful creatures of the world from only arm’s length distance. You can simply stroll through massive colonies and capture a few of the extremely unique moments in your camera.

  • Enjoy creativity of Icebergs:

If you haven’t seen an iceberg in the ocean yet then come to tourist attractions in Antarctica. Here you can spot massive and colorful iceberg creating highly creative formation. If you are lucky then you will even get an opportunity to cruise through the graveyard of the iceberg when they are under a dissolution phase.

What’s next waiting for you?

Apart from this even you’ll find more exciting things to do in Antarctica like Trek to the South Pole, Run A Marathon, Study with Polar Experts, Southernmost bar in Antarctica, Climb Antarctica Tallest Mountain, skiing On Snowy Mountains and Mail a Letter at port lock Roy. But albeit you strike these incredible surroundings from the list, you continue to have a wealth of activities that make places to see in Antarctica quite well worth the trip and causes you to tougher one in your life.

A journey to Antarctica tourist attractions is not as same as other islands and you need to do special planning before visiting such a thrilling destination. You need to make yourself physically as well as mentally prepared to make your journey an ideal one. Go through our list of exclusive travel tips that you can follow to make your itinerary a truly memorable experience. Now you know what to do in Antarctica, go ahead and embark on your journey now!!!!!!!

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