Top Things To Do in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state in the Mid-Atlantic, Appalachian, and the Great Lakes of the North-eastern US. It is the 33rd largest, and the fifth most populous state of the United States recorded in the US census count held in 2010. Pennsylvania was one of those 13 original colonies of the US, where the acclamation of Independence was signed. This US state played a crucial role in the downfall of the British colonial Empire. Also, the Liberty Bell determines as the American freedom symbol even today. Whether you are looking for top things to do in Erie Pennsylvania or unique things to do in Easton Pennsylvania, you will find everything here.

This US state is also known as Keystone State, a home for several natural sceneries and architectural masterpieces, which provides the nature fanatics with continual hours of admiring and recreational endeavors. Pennsylvania has Pittsburgh as the rustic appearance that makes the city more edgy and vibrant. Also, if you want to witness the dreadful events that were caused during Civil War then you must visit Gettysburg for finding out the living history presentations and enactments. 

So, let us now jump right into the article to find out some of the top things to do in Pennsylvania that you must add in your itinerary:

1.     Visit the State Capitol building: the Pennsylvania State Capitol building is in Harrisburg, which is rich in architecture representing this beautiful small city and the area it is surrounded by. Also, some of its interiors are designs that took inspiration from the Paris Grand Opera House. Also, it makes you witness a huge dome that was built back in 1906. No wonder, it is one of the best things to do in Allentown Pennsylvania this weekend for tourists of all ages and interests.

2.     Relive the times of the American Civil war in Gettysburg National Military Park: We all wonder what must have happened during the American Civil war in 1863, where 51,000 people lost their lives during the battle, and this Gettysburg National Military Park marks several monuments throughout, which makes it come to life. It includes the region of the opening day battle, which is Oak Ridge, and the area of the last two days of the war, Cemetery Ridge.

3.     American Pop fans? Visit the Andy Warhol Museum: Andy Warhol fans would love to visit his Museum in Pittsburgh, where they provide all information about this American pop artist from his birth to the later years. Also, some of his very famous pieces are shown in the Museum, including the Elvis and tomato soup portrait. It is considered one of the largest museums dedicated to a single artist in the United States.

4.     Take a Ride on Strasburg Railroad: Strasburg is a small town, which is very famous for its oldest steam trains in the country and is widely known for its Amish culture and railroads that left a momentous mark in the United States. Taking a ride on these steam trains would make you understand and resonate with the place better. Also, if you are keen on witnessing trains from the mid 19th century, visit the railroad museum of Pennsylvania as they have over a hundred locomotives and cars. 

5. Enjoy the fun rides at Hershey Park: This small town called Hershey, also associated with the chocolate factory has a famous amusement park that attracts both children and adults as it offers 90 acres of entertainment and rides. This amusement park was originally made for the workers at Hershey’s. But over the past years, it has attracted many visitors from every corner of the world. If you are searching for some of the top 10 things to do in York Pennsylvania then Hershey Park will offer you the same.

6.     Vacationing with children? Visit this beautiful Dutch Wonderland: if you are vacationing with children, then this theme park good makes your kids love you more. This beautiful theme park is at the east of Lancaster that is spread up to 48 acres and got established in 1963. It provides your kids with the kingdom of their own, which has castles, roller coasters, slides, and live entertainment that are all meant for your children. The Dutch Wonderland has got voted under the top 5 theme parks of the world for children. 

7.     Take a house tour of Falling water: Falling water is a 1939 architectural masterpiece, which was built by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann that completely blends with the natural environment. This house was over a 30 feet waterfall, which majestically presents The National historical landmark. It was originally built for the weekend retreats for the Kaufman who are also the founders of the 1930s Kaufman Departmental Store. To visit the house you must book it in advance. If you are looking for some of the fun things to do in Pennsylvania with kids then this is an ideal place for you.

8.     Try out the nicest Dutch food at Reading Terminal Market: The reading terminal market is a huge, multi-ethnic market in Downtown, Philadelphia, where the major highlights are Amish Cuisine at Dutch Eating Place, Doughnuts at Beiler, and Roast Pork at Tommy Dicnic’s. The market was formed in 1890, and also at weekends, you can see a lot of crowd emerging to eat the delicious food. The connoisseur of good food could find anything and everything in this market, be it ingredients, tableware, and even freshly cut flowers. 

9.     Visit the Philadelphia Zoo with your kids: Your trip to Pennsylvania is incomplete without a visit to the United States’ oldest zoo, where you could witness about 1300 animals, including polar bears, pumas, and tigers. The whole zoo covers about 42 acres of land, where some animals like small primates, tigers, and apes could walk around the zoo through the walkways, which get elevated above the public aisle. Without any doubt, it is one of the fun things to do in Pennsylvania with kids this weekend.

10.   Take a tour at Indian Echo Caverns: The tour at Indian Echo Caverns is about 45 minutes, where you will get an insight into the history and the geology of the caverns. These wonderful Caverns came into being with the help of water cutting done through the 440 million years old limestone that makes it more astonishing. You will also locate some crystal clear lakes, cozy paths to travel, and beautiful rock developments. 

11.   Want to know the history of Pennsylvania? Head towards the State Museum: We all want to know the history of the place we are traveling to resonate with it better so; here’s the State Museum of Pennsylvania, where you will witness the history and the prehistory of the place. You will discover a variety of fossils, including Mastodon and Dinosaurs. Also, the Exhibit maintains a collection of the American Civil War. Moreover, the museum has a collection of fewer than five million concoctions and objects, which are related to Pennsylvania’s past.

12.   Spend some time shopping at The King of Prussia Mall: The King of Prussia mall is situated about 25 miles Northwest of Philadelphia and is widely known as East Coast’s premier shopping center. Shopaholics would love to visit this second largest mall in the United States that almost covers 400 shops, restaurants, and boutiques. You will find famous stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Nordstrom in the King of Prussia Mall thereby making it one of the top Pennsylvania things to do.

13.   Spend some time in tranquility at Lancaster: Lancaster is one of the most tranquil places in the world, which is along the rural side of the state. You will get to witness some of the beautiful Amish farms and the Dutch community where they live a quiet life. Take out some time to drive along the winding roads of Lancaster and also plan to stop by the farmers market, which is one of the largest running markets in the United States. This place will resonate with you for a lifetime as it fills your days with Amish attractions. 

14.   Enjoy the adventurous sports at Laurels Highlands: A visit to Laurel Highlands is a must for those who love spending time outdoors, especially those who have a thing for adventurous activities. Ohiopyle State Park offers you a lot of outdoor activities like white water rafting and kayaking. Once you finish enjoying the river rafting, then rent a bike and Hike down the rugged trails of the Great Allegheny Passage, as this will make sure you left Pennsylvania with the most beautiful imprints of natural beauty. Along with the scenic beauty that draws people up to this town, Laurel Highlands also has small cafes surrounded by dense forest and mountains that will simply make your day.

What’s next waiting for you?

From best things to do in Bethlehem Pennsylvania to things to do in Pennsylvania Poconos, the above travel guide covers everything. If you’re planning to make your stay in Pennsylvania memorable then the above article is simply right for you by all means. This place will resonate with you for a lifetime, Be it museums, parks, food, rivers, or tranquil rural regions. Now you know what to do in Pennsylvania you can also check out the best places to visit in Pennsylvania to make your itinerary an ideal one.

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