10 Exciting Destinations to Visit in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is a large city in Mexico. It can be overwhelming to figure out what to do first and what you wouldn’t mind passing over.

If you are looking for excitement and adventure, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about our top 10 exciting destinations in Guadalajara that you might not want to pass up!

1.   Guadalajara Zoo

You’ll want to spend all day exploring the Guadalajara Zoo. There are thousands of animals and 360 unique species. No matter your favorite animal, you’ll likely find it here.

If you want the full experience, we highly suggest their diamond package. Not only do you get to view all of the animals, but you get to ride on the train, take the safari, and see the zoo from a chairlift with the Sky Zoo.

It isn’t a flat place, so come prepared for a workout. You’ll also want to make sure you have sunscreen and water. Most people spend a minimum of four hours there, so you will want to either bring some money for the food there or pack snacks.

2.   Bosque Los Colomos

If you want a little peace and quiet after spending your time in the bustling city that is Guadalajara, then you should visit the Bosque Los Colomos. There is a little bit of everything there for anyone that wants some outdoor time.

Some examples include:

●                    5K markings for those that want to run

●                    Exercise machines

●                    Horse stables

●                    Ducks in a pond

●                    Nature trails

●                    Ceramic painting section

●                    Playground

●                    Water fountain

●                    Basketball courts

3.   Jose Cuervo Express

If you don’t mind having a drink every now and then, and enjoy quality tequila, then the Jose Cuervo Express might be an exciting trip. They have a few different options. For example, you can travel either at sunrise or sunset.

This trip does take 11 hours, so plan accordingly, but it is well worth it.

There are also 4 different levels of experiences you can choose between:

●                    Express

●                    Premium Plus

●                    Diamond

●                    Elite

4.   Guadalajara Cathedral

Whether you like to learn more about history, enjoy classic cathedrals, or just have an eye for architecture, the Guadalajara Cathedral is an iconic place to visit. The central cathedral has been around for over 450 years.

The cathedral has a mix of different styles including:

●                    Spanish Renaissance

●                    Neoclassical

●                    Neo-Gothic

●                    Baroque

The site and the cathedral itself have a rich history. The original building was destroyed by fire after a series of gunshots and parts of the reconstructed building were destroyed by earthquakes.

5.   Arena Coliseo

While the original Arena Coliseo is in Mexico City, there is one in Guadalajara that is designed to fit the whole family. Even if you aren’t interested in Lucha libre at all, this event is exciting and fun to watch.

Sundays are particularly fun for the whole family, as they allow audience participation. If you want a more adult experience, then it is worth visiting on Tuesdays as they have a Noche de Glamour event that is a little less appropriate for younger audiences.

6.   Plaza de los Mariachis

Known as “The Square of the Mariachis” in English, this is the place to be for cheap music, drinks, and food. If you like loud noise and enjoying life with locals, spending your evening here will not disappoint.

It isn’t recommended for families with younger members as there is a lot of drinking involved, but it is a nice, easy way to spend an evening enjoying yourself and learning more about the culture and mariachi music.

7.   Parque Mirador

Not only do you get breathtaking views at Parque Mirador, but you also can take some hiking trails as well as see a stunning amphitheater. There are lots of trails, a canyon that you can see while exploring the amphitheater, and lots of vegetation.

If the great outdoors is where you want to be, then you don’t want to miss this park. There is even a restaurant nearby in case you get peckish.

8.   Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala started its ferrying service as early as 1868. However, now it is much easier to get to. Previously, it could take up to five hours from the nearest city. Now, from Guadalajara, it only takes an hour or so.

On top of tours and ferries, there are epic Mardi Gras celebrations, scenic piers, and plenty of island tours. There are also countless shops along the boardwalk where you can get ice cream, trinkets, and delicious snacks to enjoy on your trip.

9.  Tlaquepaque

A municipality of Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque is a great place to visit if you want a lot to explore and to go on a shopping trip. In the area, there are apostles, tequileiras, traditional Mexican art, various historic sites, and shopping malls.

If you want to spend a casual day shopping and exploring, then Tlaquepaque is the place to be.

10. San Juan de Dios Market

If you want to taste and attempt your hand at trying traditional Mexican cuisine, or just want a colorful experience, the San Juan de Dios Market is worth a try. There are almost 3,000 different stalls over three different floors. While a lot of it is fresh fruits and vegetables, there are also housewares and crafts that make excellent gifts or souvenirs.

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