Top Things To Do in Los Angeles

Some hundreds of shades to explore. Uncountable cultures to know. Variable landscapes to enjoy. Infinite activities to try from. This is what Los Angeles is! With Tinseltown magic, ultra-modern cosmopolitan aura, skyscrapers touching the sky, and the huge digital screen openly boasting the art of advertisements, LA flaunts its chic look through every season. The roads are dotted with top-notch restaurants, overcrowded bars, and extra lighted streets. And the CASINOS! They are in every corner of LA. From small ones to super luxurious one. Some are so big that it looks like a super-deluxe resort. There are limitless things to do in Los Angeles for free and you only need to make sure you have the right list in hand.

When its LA, then more are there to unveil. The beauty of LA is not limited to its glittering aura. The landscapes of LA speak a lot about its beauty. It’s a mini picture book of amazing landscapes, beaches, surfing, mountains for hiking, skiing, star gazing, and obviously the “HOLLYWOOD”. They say, when you are in LA you are in the land of Hollywood.

Imagine how many surprises are waiting for you to be unveiled in LA. Dig into this intriguing list of things to do in Los Angeles today and nudge through the best possible option of exploring LA.

1. Stroll along the streets of the rapidly evolving streets of Downtown

The cutting-edge architecture contrasting sharply with the world-class modern art museums is the most alluring essential of Downtown. While you explore the streets you might meet some Chinese grocers also. Or might end up seeing the oldest building of LA. And if you want to make your visit an entertaining one then you can watch your movie in one of the luxurious movie palaces or chill at the hottest restaurants and bar. The different galleries and boutiques hidden in the streets might tempt you to explore more of it. All these reasons make it one of the fun things to do in Los Angeles downtown anytime.

2. Explore small elements of happiness as you walk along the Venice Boardwalk

If you are searching for one of the top things for to do in Los Angeles today then you should try this. Slip into your trunks or bikini, whatever you are comfortable in, get ready to go for a walk along the ocean-front. It is flanked with palm trees bordering the road, tattoo parlors, street arts, bohemian and hippie crowds drumming and singing on the road. Skaters and proud loud freaks running here there enjoying every corner of Boardwalk. It portrays a picture of eccentricity which has aroused among all travelers out of happiness.

3. Indulge in the colorful shades of Getty Center

LA is full of contrasting features. Another such example is the Getty Center. It is both literal and metaphorical. Look at the stunning panorama dotted with hillside mansions, the Pacific Ocean and the mesmerizing stretch of the LA basin. And the million-dollar museum. You are going to discover so many things here. from medieval to starry Van Gogh. Then there lies the showstopper of Getty Center. Gardens with blazing flowers, world-famous sculptures, and scintillating water. It is one of the best things to do in Los Angeles this weekend that you shouldn’t miss at all.

4. Discover your love for art by visiting LACA

Now it’s time for the seekers of culture. Art lovers, you are going to love the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACA), the largest art museum in the western US. Some100,000-plus works are there. And all are exclusive and antique. Transport to the world of Islam by seeing the world’s finest collections of Islamic art. The masterpieces of the art biggies are also housed there. You will fall short of words by seeing such creativity. Also engage yourself in touring exhibits, film screening, readings, and jazz gigs.

5. You have come to the Tinseltown – The Hollywood

Fasten yourself! Get ready to fly to Hollywood! It’s Tinseltown. Everything is glamorous and glittering all around. The maker of so many dreams. The maker of our favorite fantasy world, our favorite characters. As you enter this zone of creation, discover many fabled sights, many movie backdrops that you might have seen in your favorite movies. Stand on the Walk of Fame and click a picture that will be close to your heart. The Hollywood Museum and the vintage booths are like time wrap and will transport you to a different era.

6. Enjoy the magical journey of stargazing from Giffith

Here you get a chance to connect with heaven. And the path to that is Griffith Observatory. Facilitated with historic telescopes, high-tech shows, engaging exhibitions and elegant murals Griffith offers a detailed view of the entire sky as your telescope ranges goes high up leaving the skyscrapers, endless avenues, rugged hills, and the most iconic Hollywood sign. Now you may have realized that why it is listed in one of the fun things to do in Los Angeles with kids.

7. Choose from an innumerable patter of activities in Santa Monica

Though Southern California has an overwhelming number of options to choose from including beaches and activities, Santa Monica deserves special mentions here. As excitement lies in every corner of Los Angeles, Santa Monica is also not an exception. Experience butterflies in your stomach while you take a ride on a solar-powered Ferris wheel on a Hollywood pier. Shed some calories while running, cycling or playing volleyball on the original Muscle Beach. Relax your feet in the soothing ocean by simply dipping your toes and enjoy some me-time as you watch a heart-melting sunset of Californa. Make it part of your things to do in Los Angeles tonight to end your day on a good note.

8. All culture vultures are invited to explore Broad

Downtown’s Broad is a hub of culture. That too cultures from different eras. Be it traditional or contemporary. Quench your thirst for knowing masterpieces from different cultures here, in this magical paradise upholding different forms of art. Be it pop-art paintings, video art, sculptures, modern and contemporary art. And their museum’s collection of art will make you go awe. The building itself is an incredible piece of jaw-dropping work that looks straight out of the 22nd century. No wonder it is added in the list of Los Angeles things to do with your family.

9. Listen to the amplified music in the Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall has its own form of music. Which is louder. More melodious. More cherishable and enjoyable. Built by a winning architect, the undulating steel forms evoke a different style of music that can only be created in this concert hall. The meticulous designs arouse pure acoustics. Go on a guided tour to explore how the concert hall has been built which is able to create such dumbstruck music. It really deserved a standing ovation and thereby becoming top things to do in Los Angeles on any weekend.

What’s next waiting for you?

Now you got the entire list of what to do in Los Angeles and top things to do in Los Angeles for free as well as paid, what are you waiting for? You know what all you will be exploring in LA. So, pack your bags and head towards this incredible travel destination. You are going to have awesome memories in which you are going to cheer for life. If you want a complete list of best places to visit in Los Angeles then check our other travel guides.

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