Best Beaches in El Salvador

El Salvador has seething and bubbling volcanoes. But there are also those cool beaches that line the Pacific Ocean. These beaches are best known for their volcanic sands and surfing. You will find accommodation near the beaches and also go for many aquatic adventures. The beaches in El Salvador are also varied. You will find beaches isolated and remote, and beaches that are teeming with people. So to give you a better perspective of what beaches are the best in El Salvador, here is a list of all popular beaches that we find the most beautiful.

El Zonte

El Zonte is the best beach for surfing and relaxing. The big surf during winters can make conditions ideal for surfing. During summer, the waves are gentle though, and you can just relax on the beach sands. If you feel the summer sun hot, then you can sit in the shade of palm trees that line the shores. You can be more adventurous here, and explore the caves and tunnels on the shore. The cliffs on the beach and the rocks also make the beach scenic. You can do skating here in the Skate Park, and watch the sunsets on the beach.

El Cuco

You will not find rocks here on this beach. But the sands are soft and are best if you want to go for long beach walks and beach games. Surfing can’t be done either, so you only have the beach sands to play on. But El Cuco might be just the beach for you if you want some privacy. El Cuco is not visited much, so you will not find tourists here. But it is a beautiful beach with pristine sands and calm waves lapping up the shore. So plan a picnic if you want and play some soccer or volleyball if you want. You can then head to one of the many food stands and grab a bite of seafood.

Barra de Santiago

Beaches like Barra de Santiago can be remote like El Cuco, but it doesn’t snatch away the charm of this wonderful beach. The waters of this beach are calm, and you can rent a kayak or canoe and paddle on the calm waters. The beach is located at the point where the river and ocean meet. There is much wildlife to spot here. The mangroves are best to spot some birds and aquatic creatures like turtles and crocodiles basking on the sands. But you can also be able to spot dolphins playing about in the water.

La Costa del Sol

If you love beaches that offer luxury experiences in El Salvador, then La Costa del Sol might be just the beach for you. This is the best beach for tourists because there are a lot of hotels and restaurants here. You will find a resort or a hotel that gives private pools or beaches here. This is not a remote beach but tourists love such beaches due to the facilities that it offers. You can find a seafood restaurant to taste the juiciest seafood. The shallow waters of this beach are best for swimming. La Costa del Sol is the best beach for you if you love food, swimming, and luxury facilities.

El Tunco

If you are searching for a beach that is ideal for surfing, then you can head to El Tunco. This beach is smaller compared to other beaches, but the waves are huge and best for surfing. You will find rock formations jutting out into the ocean. You can capture the beach landscape in your Instagram profile, it’s that kind of a beach. The town of El Tunco is also close to the beach, and there are many restaurants and hotels where you can stay put and dine on delicious seafood. There are many rocks to sit on, and they are also there on the beach, so you can just as well sit and admire the sunset views rather than play a volleyball match.

Port of La Libertad

Puerto de la Libertad can be the best beach in El Salvador if you are looking for fun and exploring the local culture. The beach of Puerto de la Libertad is located right in the city of La Libertad. You will find so many fun activities to do here. The hotels and restaurants here are best for mouth-watering authentic seafood. Even the local fish market is worth exploring, and you can come back with some fresh clams, shrimp, octopus, and shellfish. You can find a good bathing spot here to have a dip in the warm waters. Head to the pier to have stunning sunset views.

Los Cóbanos

If you are looking for a picture-perfect beach with golden sands strewn with rocks here and there, Los Cóbanos is the beach for you. This beach lures everyone with its picturesque beauty. The shimmering sands here glisten under the golden rays of the sun. The palm trees lining the shore sway with a gentle sea breeze. Some rocks jut out of the sand and make good seating places. The waters are rich in corals and you can dive in with your snorkeling and scuba diving gear. The marine wildlife is a treat for the eyes, and you can spot whales on their migration routes.

El Sunzal

Among the many famous beaches of El Salvador, El Sunzal is right there on top as one of the best surfing beaches. The waters are not that deep so you can even join a surf instructor and learn the skills of surfing. But seasoned surfers will also find El Sunzal a great beach for surfing. You can even walk on the rocky bottom as you snorkel and scuba dive to the shallow depths of this beach. Seafood restaurants serve you tasty bits of seafood varieties.

El Majahual

You will rate El Majahual right there among the top beaches of El Salvador. The main reason is that this is the perfect beach for swimming. You can put on your beachwear and wade into the waters of the beach and swim. You can expect crowds to join you, so you can make planning if you want to be alone and do not want too many crowds. There are many hotels, beach shacks, and restaurants that serve the best seafood. You will find beachside resorts where you can find decent accommodation. You can bookmark El Majahual on your trip to El Salvador and you will not be disappointed at all.

Las Flores Beach

You can expect pretty big waves here at Las Flores Beach in El Salvador. You can include Las Flores Beach as one of the top surfing beaches in El Salvador. You can sunbathe on this beach and also pitch a tent at this beach. There is some vegetation and the cliffs also provide a good shade on sunny days. You will love Las Flores Beach if you want to feel the tropical vibes here in El Salvador. There are seafood restaurants nearby, and some luxury resorts where you can stay.

Bahia de Jiquilisco

You will find Bahia de Jiquilisco more of a wetland than a beach. This is a bay with mangrove forests. You will find many accommodation options here that also offer boat tours. You can spot spider monkeys, turtles, and birds, here. The wetland is rich in bird and animal life. You can explore the cacao plantations here via walking tour or bike tours. The lodges are best for staying as they are close to the bay. You will find many islands in the bay. You must visit Bahia de Jiquilisco if you want more than just a typical beach experience on your trip to El Salvador.

Playa Los Almendros

Beaches like Playa Los Almendros have white sands which are quite surprising if you compare them with other beaches in El Salvador. You can swim in the calm waters at Playa Los Almendros and also come here for a suntan. This is one of those beaches where you will not face a huge crowd. There are, however, a few tourists around. But that cannot discourage you from relaxing and bathing on this beach. You will find several places to bathe here. You can also arrange a picnic here with friends. There are rocks too, in certain patches on the beach. The waters on this beach are calm and ideal for swimming and frolicking about in the gentle waves.

Playa El Tamarindo

Some beaches in El Salvador like the Playa El Tamarindo are secluded. They do have much visitors as other beaches. But Playa El Tamarindo is one of the most exotic beaches that you can find in El Salvador. The Playa El Tamarindo beach is a treat for photographers. The beach is spectacular in itself, and the backdrop of the Conchagua Volcano looming in the distance makes a pretty impressive sight. You can easily spot the islands of the Gulf of Fonseca on a clear sunny day from this beach. Do arm yourself with a DSLR if you are visiting this beach.

Playa San Diego

San Diego Beach is one of those beaches in El Salvador which is best for every kind of beach activity. You can go for long beach walks, go swimming, apply a suntan and go sunbathing. You can play beach games on the soft sands. There are many private ranches and beach rentals that offer accommodation. Waves are not that strong that you can surf here. But the waters are calm and ideal for swimming. You will find greenery around. Not many people come here and visit this beach, so you can have the entire beach for yourself.

Playa Acajutla

El Salvador has such beaches as Playa Acajutla where you will find all that is to be found on a beach. There is the surf and you will find a few surfboards bobbing gently on the waves. Then, there are the awesome cliffs and caves which are natural formations on this beach. You can explore them all by yourself for some added excitement and Instagrammable photos. These are just the things that make Playa Acajutla one of the best beaches in El Salvador. You can have a dip in the calm waters of this beach. If you are hungry, you will find some delicious and juicy fish at the fisherman’s wharf. But do have a stroll at the promenade for some picturesque views.

Playa El Espino

El Espino beach is one long beach. It stretches 10 km. El Espino beach has gorgeous sunset views. This is a lovely beach with palm-fringed shores and frothy waves. You can come here for a nice swim or arrange a beach party. Sit on the rocks or go on long beach walks. This beach has several beach shacks where you can stay and have delicious seafood. You will find greenery here and hunt for shells of all sorts.

Playa Punta Roca

Punta Roca beach is best for surfing. The waves are big and are ideal for surfing. You can also visit Punta Roca beach for relaxing on the soft sands. Other beaches like El Tunco and El Sunzal are close by. Punta Roca beach is a clean beach where you can just sit for some time and admire the sunsets. There are many restaurants nearby, and you will also find beachside resorts to stay in.

Playa El Palmarcito

Beaches like Playa EL Palmarcito are one of those not-so-well-known beaches in El Salvador. You will find the waters good enough to do surfing. The beach is located in a cove with cliffs. You will find natural rock pools here and viewpoints like Punto Palmarcito and Mirador Altos del Palmar. There are restaurants here where you can dine on juicy seafood while feasting your eyes on the sweeping views of the sunsets.

Mizata Beach

If other beaches in El Salvador seem too crowded you can visit Mizata Beach. This beach doesn’t have too many people and is also best for surfing. The surf conditions here are ideal for surfers to take out their surfboards and head out to ride the waves. The sands on the beach are also best for relaxing and those who do not surf can sit on the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze.


If you have not made any holiday plans then you can make them right now after reading about the best beaches in El Salvador. They can make a perfect beach holiday for you and your family. You will find seclusion, privacy, and many touristy things to do at these El Salvador beaches. Escape from the humdrum life and get ready to embark on a perfect beach vacation on the exotic beaches of El Salvador.

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