Best all inclusive resorts in Bali

Bali is a stunning Indonesian island famous for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture. It is a dream destination for travelers. With its wide range of all-inclusive resorts, Bali offers luxury, convenience, and relaxation. We will explore the best all inclusive resorts in Bali, catering to various preferences and budgets, ensuring an unforgettable vacation experience.

Top resorts in Bali all inclusive

The following are the top all-inclusive resorts in Bali. Also, check our travel guide on Where to stay in Bali Indonesia.

Samabe Bali Suites & Villas: Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Bali, Samabe Bali Suites & Villas is among the top all inclusive luxury resorts in Bali. This haven of indulgence offers an unparalleled experience, seamlessly blending luxury with the natural beauty of Bali. Samabe Bali provides guests with an all-inclusive haven with all comfort. From sumptuously appointed suites and villas to world-class dining and a plethora of recreational activities, Samabe Bali ensures an immersive and stress-free retreat. 

With its exclusive beachfront location and a range of personalized services, Samabe Bali Suites & Villas sets a standard for all-inclusive luxury resorts in Bali, promising an unforgettable and indulgent escape.

Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali: Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali is one of the best luxury Bali resorts all inclusive, offering an unparalleled all-inclusive experience. Nestled along the stunning Nusa Dua beach, this resort exemplifies opulence with its world-class amenities and panoramic ocean views. The all-inclusive package at Grand Mirage Resort ensures a seamless and indulgent stay, encompassing gourmet dining, recreational activities, and spa treatments. 

Guests can immerse themselves in the resort’s Thalasso spa for rejuvenating therapies. The resort offers lavish accommodations, each designed for utmost comfort and adorned with Balinese aesthetics. Whether lounging by the pool, engaging in water sports, or savoring international cuisines, the Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali delivers an unforgettable, all-encompassing retreat for travelers.

Melia Bali: Melia Bali is among the best all inclusive resorts in Bali with beach, seamlessly blending luxury with a beachfront paradise. Located along the serene Nusa Dua coastline, Melia Bali offers a tropical haven where the lush landscape meets the pristine beach. This all-inclusive gem ensures a harmonious blend of convenience and indulgence, with its comprehensive package covering gourmet dining, recreational activities, and wellness experiences. Guests can bask in the breathtaking beachfront setting, indulge in water sports, or unwind on the sandy shores. 

The resort’s lavish accommodations, coupled with Balinese hospitality, elevate the experience. Melia Bali, with its all-inclusive offerings and idyllic beachfront location, creates a beautiful retreat for those seeking the perfect Bali escape.

Club Med Bali: Club Med Bali is among the best vacations resorts in Bali all inclusive, captivating travelers with its blend of luxury and immersive experiences. Nestled in the heart of Nusa Dua, this resort offers a holistic retreat where all-inclusive takes on a new level of excellence. With a vibrant array of activities, from water sports to cultural excursions, guests can tailor their vacation experience to their desires. 

The all-inclusive package covers gourmet cuisine, spacious accommodations, and access to the resort’s world-class amenities. Club Med Bali offers an indulgent atmosphere. From relaxation to adventure, Club Med Bali ensures an all-encompassing and memorable vacation experience in this tropical paradise.

Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua Resort: This Resort is among the best marriott resorts in Bali all inclusive, redefines luxury and inclusivity. Nestled in the pristine enclave of Nusa Dua, this exquisite resort offers an all-inclusive experience that seamlessly blends comfort and sophistication. The package includes sumptuous dining options, recreational activities, and access to the resort’s world-class amenities. The elegant accommodations showcase modern Balinese design, providing a tranquil retreat for discerning travelers. 

With personalized service and attention to detail, Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua ensures a memorable stay. The resort’s allure, making it a top option for those seeking an indulgent escape.

Amadea Resort & Villas: Amadea Resort & Villas is among is among the best cheap all inclusive resorts in Bali, offering an exceptional blend of affordability and indulgence. Situated in the heart of Seminyak, this resort provides a budget-friendly yet lavish retreat. The all-inclusive package encompasses not only wallet-friendly rates but also access to the resort’s amenities, including the refreshing pool and serene spa. The accommodations, from rooms to private villas, provide a comfortable sanctuary with a touch of Balinese charm. 

Amadea Resort & Villas caters to savvy travelers seeking an economical escape without compromising on quality, making it a top option among cheap all-inclusive resorts in Bali. This resort ensures an excellent and affordable experience in the midst of Bali’s vibrant cultural and natural beauty.

Best resorts in Bali for families

Following are the Best resorts in Bali for families. Also check our travel guide on Best Places to Visit in Bali.

Bali Dynasty Resort: Bali Dynasty Resort is among the best resorts in Bali for families, offering an unparalleled blend of comfort, entertainment, and family-friendly amenities. Located in the heart of South Kuta, this resort caters to every family member’s needs. The Kids’ Club and Teens’ Club provide age-appropriate activities, while the multiple pools, including a dedicated kids’ pool with a waterslide, ensure endless enjoyment. 

The family-friendly accommodations are for both space and convenience. With a range of dining options and the renowned Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant, the resort caters to diverse palates.

Padma Resort Ubud: Padma Resort Ubud is among Bali best resorts for families, offering a perfect blend of luxury and family-friendly amenities. Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Ubud, this resort provides an idyllic retreat for all generations. The family friendly facilities include a kids’ club, a dedicated family pool, and engaging activities suitable for children of all ages. The spacious and well-appointed family accommodations ensure comfort and convenience for a memorable stay. 

Padma Resort Ubud provides an excellent experience for families. Its picturesque setting and Balinese hospitality make it a top option among the best resorts in Bali for families, creating cherished moments for all members.

Bintang Bali Resort: Bintang Bali Resort is one of the best family-friendly retreats in Bali, offering an unforgettable vacation experience. Nestled along the stunning South Kuta Beach, this resort seamlessly blends traditional Balinese charm with modern amenities. The resort provides a comfortable haven for families seeking relaxation and adventure. The expansive tropical gardens, shimmering pools, and direct beach access create an idyllic setting for both parents and children. 

Bintang Bali Resort also features a dedicated kids’ club with engaging activities, ensuring the little ones are entertained, and parents indulge in spa treatments or savor culinary delights at the resort’s restaurants. With its strategic location, warm hospitality, and thoughtful family-oriented services, Bintang Bali Resort captures the essence of a perfect family getaway in Bali.

The Trans Resort Bali: The Trans Resort Bali is an excellent option for families for a fantastic retreat on the beautiful island. Nestled in the heart of Seminyak, this five-star haven seamlessly combines luxury and family-friendly amenities. The Trans Resort Bali offers spacious family suites adorned with contemporary Balinese dĂ©cor, ensuring comfort and style. The resort’s expansive lagoon pool, complete with water slides and a dedicated kids’ area, ensures endless fun for children. Beyond the aqua delights, the resort provides a supervised kids’ club, offering engaging activities and entertainment. 

Parents can unwind at the luxurious spa or indulge in dining at the resort’s restaurants. With its central location, lavish accommodations, and an array of family-focused offerings, The Trans Resort Bali promises an unforgettable Balinese escape for families.

Best all inclusive adult only resorts in Bali 

The following are the best adult-only resorts in Bali, all-inclusive. Also, check our travel guide on top things to do in Bali.

The Royal Purnama: Nestled in the heart of Bali’s serene landscape, The Royal Purnama is among the best adult only resorts in Bali all inclusive offers a beautiful escape for couples seeking romance and tranquility. This all-inclusive haven caters exclusively to adults, ensuring an intimate atmosphere. The resort boasts lavish accommodations, each thoughtfully designed to blend modern comfort with traditional Balinese aesthetics.

Indulge in exquisite dining experiences with inclusive packages, where culinary delights mirror the island’s rich flavors. The Royal Purnama’s secluded beachfront, coupled with private pools and spa facilities, creates an idyllic setting for romantic interludes.

The Bale Nusa Dua by LifestyleRetreats: Nestled among the serene landscapes of Bali, The Bale Nusa Dua by LifestyleRetreats is one of the best romantic resorts in Bali for couples, catering exclusively to couples seeking a romantic escape. This beautiful haven redefines luxury with its secluded villas, private pools, and unparalleled personalized service. 

From candlelit dinners on the beach to indulgent spa experiences, The Bale Nusa Dua creates an intimate ambiance that ensures an unforgettable retreat for couples. With privacy and luxury, this resort offers a romantic getaway.

The Asa Maia: Nestled amid Bali’s tropical beauty, The Asa Maia is an exquisite adult-only, all-inclusive resort embodying tranquility and luxury boasting unparalleled sophistication; this haven offers a secluded escape for discerning travelers seeking a serene retreat. The Asa Maia presents a collection of exclusive villas, each a sanctuary of modern comfort and Balinese charm. Guests can indulge in personalized service, private pools, and sumptuous dining experiences. 

The resort’s intimate ambiance makes it a top option for couples seeking an idyllic escape. From lush landscapes to meticulously designed accommodations, The Asa Maia defines the epitome of adult-only resorts in Bali, providing an unforgettable, immersive experience for those seeking both luxury and seclusion.

Royal Kamuela Villas & Suites: Nestled in the heart of Bali, Royal Kamuela Villas & Suites is an amazing adult-only, all-inclusive retreat epitomizing luxury and exclusivity. This beautiful haven offers a blend of traditional Balinese architecture and modern comforts, ensuring an immersive and indulgent experience. The resort features meticulously designed villas and suites, each adorned with lavish amenities and a private pool, providing an intimate sanctuary for couples. 

With personalized service, the Royal Kamuela Villas & Suites create an atmosphere of unparalleled romance and relaxation. Exquisite dining options, serene spa treatments, and lush tropical surroundings make Royal Kamuela Villas & Suites among the best adult-only luxury resorts in Bali.

Final Thoughts

Bali offers a wide range of all-inclusive resorts catering to various traveler preferences. For families, Padma Resort Ubud and Bali Dynasty Resort provide family-friendly facilities and activities. Couples seeking a romantic getaway can enjoy the luxury of The Royal Purnama, which offers tranquility and exclusivity. With stunning beachfront locations and a rich array of amenities Bali has something for everyone.

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