Best Places to Visit in Bali

Being a versatile tourist destination, Bali boasts about its rich regencies that feature everything from natural parks, historical sites, traditional temples to adventure spots. It is difficult to narrow down your choices as there is plenty to discover in this magnificent destination. So are you ready to explore this splendid island in best possible way? Then go through following list of best places to visit in Bali to make your tour memorable:

Key Highlights of Bali

  • Lovina: If you are searching for a destination that will allow you to relax and spend some peaceful time then place such as Lovina will do lot of favor for you. It is spread over a territory of 5 miles and considered as biggest resort area in Bali. Adventure lovers can do snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoy watching dolphins in the locality. Besides, give a visit to luxurious spa to add an extra spice to you tour.
  • Sanur Beach: It is one of the most secluded spots in Bali that rightly preserved its traditional touch. Here you will not only enjoy beachside but also enjoy some extraordinary water sports activities that you may have not participated before. Tourists can experience unlimited fun while enjoying kayaking, kite flying, fishing and parasailing here.
  • Mount Agung: Being recognized as a highest peak in Bali,Mount Agung has also maintained the reputation of most sought after spiritual center in Bali Island. The range of mountains offers perfect scenery during any season. All in all, it is an ideal destination to do some natural photography while doing rock climbing.
  • Nungnung Waterfall: Rejuvenate your senses by visiting such a breathtaking place in Bali known as Nungnung Waterfall. There is something unique about this waterfall when compared with others. You need to complete a challenging task of climbing 500 steps to reach this place but once you get there you will have every single reason to feel proud about your efforts.
  • The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary: You may have visited bird sanctuaries before but you may have not seen monkey sanctuary like this before. Here you can spot   typical long tailed monkeys of Bali in huge number. Besides, there is a huge number of species to watch out for. You will also love to visit few temples here that feature extraordinary carvings that have history of old century.
  • Sanur Night Market: If you are looking for some delectable food made from local spices then you can discover several restaurants in Sanur Night market. Here you can spot wide range of dishes ranging from dried fish, Balinese meals, local soups and much more. Moreover, you can explore some local stores and malls to indulge in shopping nearby.

Travelling within Bali is extremely convenient and affordable but you need to do some prior research to manage your time judiciously. The island like Bali will keep you excited throughout your tour and you will find it extremely difficult to take leave from such a dazzling travel destination.

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