Best Places to Visit in Durban

Durban is blessed with plethora of natural gems including pristine beaches and serene climate which is rare to see in other cities of Africa continent. It is perfect representation of vast history and unique culture of South Africa. It is third largest city of South Africa which is heaven for travelers. Whether those are breathtaking gardens, lush hills or historical monuments, this spectacular city boasts about wide range of offerings. Here we have listed some of the most recommended places to visit in Durban during your tour to South Africa:

Key Highlights of Durban

  • Durban Botanic Gardens:

The people of South Africa feel proud about the natural resources they have got and Durban Botanic garden is a perfect example of it. It has history of more than 100 years and popular for maintaining proper collection of unique species of fauna you will never find anywhere. The main collection includes palm trees, bromeliads, orchids and cycads. The garden also features more than 50 different species of birds that add an element of excitement to your tour.

  • Golden Mine:

It is perfect starting point for travelers who want to start their tour to Durban with extreme excitement. The beach point is a catalyst for adventure lovers who can try water sports activities including surfing, swimming, fishing or simply bask in the mild sunshine. In the vicinity, you can spot several other key tourist destinations such as Mini Town, Moses Mabhida Stadium and uShaka Marine World.

  • Moses Mabhida Stadium:

It is listed in one of the most popular stadiums in the world where some of the matches of FIFA World Cup 2010 were organized. This massive stadium has a capacity of holding more than 60,000 spectators including seats for VVIPs. You can enjoy a short tour to stadium and consider having mouth watering food at the nearby restaurants that serve unique South African cuisine.

  • Phezulu Safari:

Your journey to South Africa will only complete when you take a wild life tour and Phezulu Safari is an ideal destination to do so. It is one of the most exciting and safest safari parks you will come across in entire South Africa. Along with safari tour, here you can also enjoy cultural shows organized by local people that become key highlight for local as well as foreign tourists.

  • The Valley Of A 1000 Hills

If you want to experience the lush landscapes spread over an immense territory then you must visit this unique destination. It is one of the most spectacular driveways you will enjoy that takes more than half hour of drive from main Durban city. Photography lovers will definitely love this destination as they can find nice background views which can be only seen in post cards.

  • Victoria Street Market:

If you are done exploring natural gems of Durban, it’s time to indulge in shopping. Here you can enjoy hustle and bustle of city life as the entire market is crowded with several shops, stores, galleries, boutique, restaurants and hotels that make your day totally worth. While been here, you can consider buying few antiques, artifacts, brassware, Chinese goods and much more. There is a lot to take as a sovereign from here and the choice is totally up to you.

Most of the tourists prefer to keep South Africa as their last vacation destination as they find other countries more worth visiting. However, you will realize importance of cities like Durban only when you actually visit them. If you are planning to visit some other cities in this amazing country then check out our travel guide on South Africa.

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