The Comprehensive Sagada Tour Guide

If you are looking forward to an unforgettable journey and an incredible experience while escaping your world, then the peaceful and calming Sagada Mountain Province will get you covered during your upcoming Sagada tour.

Located around 400 kilometers from Manila, Sagada is famous for many things. Some of the Sagada tourist spots are living shreds of evidence of the life, culture, and tradition its locals have that can still be witnessed today. It’s also known for its breath-taking mountains, rice fields, caves and waterfalls that will surely bring you closer to nature. Meanwhile, its kind and hospitable people always offer their sincere and friendly smiles and gestures and freshest servings of their local cuisines and beverages that will add to the serenity it offers.  This humble place has everything you wanted for a spot where you can rest for a while from your hustle and stressful life.

If you want to know more about Sagada tourist spots, activities to try, places to stay and eat, read this guide for you to have the best Sagada itinerary.

Best Time to Go

Actually, there is really no definite time that you can go to Sagada because regardless of the season, it has always enjoyable things to give to its visitors.

During the wet season (November to February), you can experience the coldest temperature, for up to 4 degrees Celsius. This is also the harvesting period for their fruits and vegetables so there’s always an opportunity to try it as well. Festivals are mostly celebrated at this time like the Begnas Festival, a quarterly thanksgiving celebration. There is also the Panag-etag, an annual native festival happening from January 30 to February 2 as a way of celebrating preserving their ancient culture. However, the possibility of experiencing greater crowds is present, and if you don’t like the idea, you can go and visit between June to October, with raincoats and umbrellas to bring. Meanwhile, Sagada can also be enjoyed during summertime. And despite of kinda-chilly weather, its much warmer at this time so make sure to bring your comfortable clothes at this time.

Regardless, depending on your preferred schedule, secure your attractive Sagada tour package by planning earlier. And as you do, be sure to check the calendar of events and the weather conditions to become better prepared for your upcoming Sagada itinerary.

How to Get There

Bus trips are the easiest way to Sagada, and also the cheapest. However, expect long hours of travel and stopovers. You can travel from Manila to Baguio for 4 to 6 hours, then transfer to Dangwa station to reach Sagada. You can also consider buses from Manila to Benguet for 3 to 4 hours then ride DangwaTranco to reach Banaue then take jeepneys to Sagada. There are also nonstop buses offered and expect travel for 13 to 14 hours including stopovers. 

Lastly, booking tour operators is another cost-efficient and convenient way to reach Sagada. These operators offer you almost everything that you will need-transportation, accommodation, activity itineraries, food, and entrance fees.

Where to Stay in Sagada

For years, Sagada can adjust itself to a tourist-friendly destination. With that, you can never have problems with where to stay in Sagada. This part will give you some of the budget-friendly and luxurious accommodations you can choose from. Your Sagada tour package will definitely make you well versed with the famous Sagada hotels where you are going to stay.

Budget Accommodations

  1. Shamrock Tavern Inn- This cozy place is ideal for backpackers who will have a short-term stay.
  2. Isabelo’s inn and Café- This is famous for its family-friendly offers.
  3. Agape Log Cabin and Restaurant- For a moody stay

Mid-range Accommodations

  1. Coffee Heritage House and Hotel- The first coffee-themed destination in Sagada
  2. Treasure Rock Inn- Known for its warm, cozy and welcoming ambiance
  3. Inandakos BNB- This has a genuine hostel environment situated in Dagdag, Sagada

Luxurious Accommodations

  1. Martha’s Hearth- This has been in the industry since the ’70s, and its visitors are welcomed with a treatment like being part of the family
  2. Nellies Chalet Sagada- it has four spacious rooms that you can consider yours during your stay
  3. Rock Inn- This charming Sagada hotel is famous for its fresh vegetables and oranges harvests.

What to See in Sagada

As mentioned earlier, Sagada is blessed with several famous Philippines natural tourist spots that will not only give you the best relaxation experience you can ever have but will make you appreciate the simplicity yet very genuine walk of life.  With this, it provides unforgettable adventures that are suitable for any type of trip that you want to go through and savor here in Sagada.

  • Sumaguing Cave

Also called “The Big Cave”, Sumaguing Cave has the largest enclosed space from the 60 caves this place has. You will enjoy sightseeing here with its countless rock formations like shapes of animals, food, and people.

This Sagada cave is divided into three trail levels:

1st Level: Going down the cliffs (expect that this is slippery and full of bat wastes)

2nd Level: Seeing the rock formations (Slippers and shoes have to be removed on this site)

3rd Level: Going wet in the tunnels (Slide into the very narrow openings with shivering cold waters)

  • Kiltepan Peak and Marlboro Hills

Another famous spot that you must add in the Sagada itinerary is the Kiltepan Peak and Marlboro Hills with its sea of clouds that you can enjoy watching while being relaxed by the winds. It became more popular because of the Filipino movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”, making this spot a place “where broken hearts go”.

Aside from checking out the sea of clouds here, you can also spend the night here camping and wait for the majestic view of sunrise right in front of your eyes. Just make sure you’ll come here earlier for you to have a good spot.

  • Kapay-Aw Rice Terraces

If Banaue has its Banaue Rice Terraces, Sagada prides itself on its Kapay-Aw Rice Terraces. As you are walking in these terraces, you will surely feel calmer while appreciating the abundant agricultural life of the locals. Get ready to see its sunshine view that this place can give you as well.

  • Ganduyan Museum

If you get tired of taking delight in Sagada’s magnificent nature, you can have some throwbacks and learn stuff about its past in the Ganduyan Museum.

One distinct thing about this museum that you will surely love is how the museum’s owner Christina Aben narrates the birth and rise of Sagada and some in-between stories. Despite that it’s not allowed for picture-taking, the narration along with the artifacts will make you take a glimpse of Sagada’s rich history.

  • Lumiang Burial Cave

This is another famous cave in Sagada. If Sumaguing has various rock formations to be witnessed and enjoyed, here you may find another historical possession of Sagada-its ancestors’ coffins wherein the oldest coffin is said to be 500 years old already. These hundreds of coffins have markings that symbolized life and fertility. Experience the “cave connection” here in this cave.

  • Blue Soil Hills

Another Sagada mountain that is filled with nature’s wonders, Blue Soil Hills is filled with towering trees that will give you the coolness of the air that will invigorate you. Also, you can enjoy its easy trekking experience.

What’s next waiting for you?

The above mentioned Sagada tour guide will definitely make you familiar with all the nitty-gritty of the town. If you are planning to visit some other famous cities of the Philippines then don’t forget to check out our other travel guides to get all the information.

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