Best Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa boasts about variety of sightseeing destinations that will keep you excited for every single moment you spend in this fabulous country. The ambiance of South Africa is extremely pleasant and it features several natural jewels including grasslands, mountains and beaches. With every day spent here; you will get acquainted with diverse culture of local societies and regional tribes. Here we have listed best places to visit in South Africa in this exhaustive travel guide:

  • Hermanus: This marvelous coastal town in South Africa offers you spectacular views of whales when they migrate from Antarctica to North during spring season. Here you will enjoy one of the best whales watching experience from cliff path, boat or even helicopter. Besides, here you will also get an opportunity to spot awe-inspiring white sharks which are difficult to find anywhere else in the world.
  • Kruger National Park: It is considered as one of the major natural reserves in entire South Africa. It is spread over a gigantic area of more than 7,500 miles that features lot of grassy plains, tropical forests and mountains. Here you can spot specialty of Africa which is leopards, rhinos, buffalos, lions and the very famous African elephants. Moreover, you will also come across several unique species of plants, birds and animals in this stunning park.
  • Hout Bay: It is one of the highly secluded places in South Africa which is located in Cape Town. Here you can spot several natural wonders including sandy beaches, misty mountains and crystal clear water. If you want to find out an ultimate peace of mind then this is a place to be.
  • Muizenberg: It is another wonderful coastal town located in Cape Town and recognized for its white sandy beaches. The waves here are extremely ideal for surfing purpose and this is the reason why it is so crowded with adventure lovers during weekends. Just next to beach, you can discover vibrant color traditional beach houses that offer perfect site for photography.
  • Oudtshoorn: Situated in the western region of South Africa, it is highly popular for its rich territory of Ostrich Farms. In the vicinity, you can also spot CP Nell Museum that features several exhibits pertaining to Ostrich feather industry. Moreover, Cango Caves is another highlight you can come across where you can plan a small tour to get acquainted with history of Africa.
  • Sabi Sabi: If you are planning to get a memorable safari experience through dense jungles of South Africa then Sabi Sabi is a place to be. The people of this region are extremely dedicated and they welcome guests with open hands. During your safari, you can spot lions, elephants and some more animal species. Moreover, here you can also try tasting some delicious food during the safari breaks.

Even if you have visited above mentioned gems of South Africa, you are far from exploring everything in this incredible country. It is worth planning an extended tour to South Africa and get pampered by its amazing offerings.

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