Best Places to Visit in Pretoria

Pretoria is referred as an administrative capital of South Africa and it is also known as a Jacaranda city. Though you may have heard less about this city, it has a lot to create name in your unforgettable travelling memories. From natural reserves, amazing wildlife to historical monuments, you will find a lot unique in this city of South Africa. If you are planning to visit South Africa in coming time then you should consider visiting Pretoria without any doubt:

Key Highlights of Pretoria

  • Pretoria Zoo:

The unique fauna of South Africa mesmerizes every traveler and Pretoria zoo is no exception to it. Here you will get an opportunity to get acquainted with several rare wildlife species that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Whether those are reptiles or aquatic animals, the zoo boasts about diversity in animals. It is spread over an area of more than 80 acres and recognized as one of the largest zoos in the world. Here you will spot owl aviaries, emu and several rare birds which kids enjoy playing with.

  • Voortrekker Monument:

It is national heritage site of South Africa and also recognized as a most visited monument in the country. It was established in year 1949 and since then referred as a popular tourist spot which is visited by millions of local as well foreign travelers. The granite structure of 40 meter height is considered as a reputed landmark in South Africa with several steps that take you to Hall of Heroes.

  • Freedom Park:

South Africa has a long history of independence and there are lots of people who have sacrificed their lives to help country achieve freedom. The Freedom Park is a unique masterpiece which was constructed in order to commemorate freedom fighters who lost their lives in South African wars. When you visit this incredible park, you will get to see names of all people who contributed towards the freedom of country and sacrificed their life in different kinds of wars.

  • Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve:

If you are planning to visit South Africa then you can’t overlook its wildlife jewels and Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve is a perfect example of it. This serene place is considered as a true paradise for nature lovers and hikers. It is spread over a gigantic area of 100 hectares thereby offering enough space for natural habitants to survive and grow. Some of the unique animal species you will find here include ostrich, zebra, bushbuck, impala and springbok. In the vicinity, you can spot different types of birds travelling in huge number thereby creating amazing patterns.

  • Church Square:

If you want to dig into the history of South Africa then you must visit Church Square in Pretoria. Here you can spot several architectural sites that will make you stunned even after a first glance. The square features several masterpieces such as Post Office, Old Capitol Theatre and the list is never ending. While walking on the streets, you can also spot several statues and creative structures installed which is also a rare site to watch.

There is more in South Africa than just wildlife and Pretoria city is a perfect example of it. Here you will come across several unique travel destinations that you may have not heard before. If you are planning to visit some more cities then check out our other guides on South Africa and browse through all the information.

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