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As rightly called the Emerald City, Washington’s largest city Seattle is home to a large tech industry which also has a lot more to offer apart from it. A city that is loved by both urbanites and nature lovers has enveloped a perfect balance of urban and natural living which has oceans on one side, exalted mountains on the other along with evergreen forests and thousands of acres of parkland. Seattle places to visit offer the best of both industrial livings as well as keeping one closer at closer touch with nature. Aside from its undeniable natural aura and charm, the Emerald City has a plethora of things and experiences to offer which includes food, music and art catering to every interest of an individual and doubtlessly it should be that one must totally be sleepless in Seattle.

The city is so incredible and encompassing that making a comprehensive list is almost an impossible task, but, here’s the start to explore the tourist spots in Seattle which have phenomenal happenings and incontestable fun to offer and we dare you to try them all!

Seattle is one of the highly growing cities in the world, courtesy to the industrial and economical development this country has shown over the last few years. Most of you may have visited this city for business purpose but you will be stunned to see its traveling gems. From a buzzing lifestyle to a rich culture, you will witness everything in this spectacular city. No matter from what part of the world you are traveling to Seattle, this city has something or other to satisfy cravings of tourists with diverse interests. Here is a most comprehensive Travel guide that will cover the best places to visit in Seattle to make your tour memorable:

  • Space Needle:

Popularly known as Seattle Center in the city it was opened to the public in 1962 and the tower is a national icon and is as special to the city as Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Having approximately 1.3 million guest visits per year the tower offers a bewitching 360-degree view of the city accompanied by soothing, brisk and cold winds that leave one at awe and peace with the panoramic view of the city right in front of their eyes. The building also offers an entertainment complex with theatres, restaurants and sports facilities along with musical and impressive glass artworks at Chihuly Garden and Glass which is another Seattle’s greatest treasure. There are various shops for one to bring back souvenirs and are more towards the expensive side, but, before jumping into browsing the wares stop for the free simulated VR bungee jump. Overall this site is a power-packed box of joy!

Without any doubt, it is listed at the top in the top places to visit in Seattle. It is a destination fully packed with a lot of amusement thereby making it a highly popular family holiday location in the city. Here you can spot the entertainment centers, restaurants, theaters, shopping complex and several other key highlights that will keep you busy throughout a day. Space Needle is an ideal spot to enjoy 360-degree views of city that you love to capture in your camera.

  • Chihuly Garden & Glass:

If you are looking for a highly innovative and out-of-the-box destination in Seattle then come to Chihuly garden & glass. Here you can spot several unique displays and creative exhibits that will mesmerize you by its charm. While taking a stroll through the garden, you will get an opportunity to take a glance through different offerings and video presentations in natural surroundings. Every year, tourists in huge numbers visit this destination and no wonder you will find it recommended in several Seattle travel blogs.

  • Pike Place Market:

Food lovers and bloggers this is a must-visit place of your interest. Pike place market is a public market that overlooks the Elliot Bay waterfront and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmer’s markets in the US and is a place of business for many small farmers, craftspeople and merchants. Built on the edge of a steep hill its major attraction is the ‘Pike place fish market’ where one can witness employees throwing fishes to each other rather than passing by hand, a tradition, according to them was started when fishmongers got tired of walking out to get a fish each time someone ordered one. A sight indeed to view.

The market provides all sorts of fish, vegetables, fruits and odds that tantalize the taste buds and camera lenses. There are shops providing plentiful of antiques and collectibles, bookstores and quirky specialty shops as well as crafts market which would yearn you to hoard every single item that catches your eye.

  • Mohai – The museum of history and industry

Located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle this history museum is the largest private heritage organization in Washington City. If you are searching for some of the best places to go in Seattle Washington then Mohai is an ideal choice. It has been maintaining a collection of nearly 4 million artifacts and archival materials primarily focusing on Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound Region. A delight to historians and history enthusiasts the building is quite spacious with marvelous exhibits arranged in a manner that allows one to track Seattle’s history room to room and follow its various elements, added advantage being the novelty of Seattle’s history which makes it easier to connect as well.

The museum gives a fantastic view of the city’s history from different perspectives ranging from music, art and theatre to commerce. A wonderful place to learn about historicity and culture that makes Seattle special. The exhibits are great and interesting for both adults and kids giving an all-inclusive fun experience. No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the best places to visit in Seattle Washington at any time in the year.

  • Living computers museum and labs:

Heaven for the tech geeks and addicts, technology in this museum is alive and one can track the evolution of devices right from the massive supercomputers through the rise of Microsoft to the phone in our pockets. Having its base in the SoDo neighborhood the guests can visit in person to interact with the collections of mainframes, minicomputers, microcomputers and peripherals that the museum has on display. An expansion also adds direct experiences with contemporary technologies alike self-driven cars, big data and robotics. It also puts today’s computer technology in the context of how it’s being used to tackle real-world issues. If you are searching for some of the cool places to visit in Seattle then you should plan a short visit to these museums.

  • Discovery Park:

534 acres Natural Park is the largest city park and is breathtakingly majestic. The park is a must-visit for all nature and animal lovers as it offers a spectacular view of the Cascade and the Olympic mountain ranges. The site also includes protected tidal beaches, open meadowlands, seal cliffs, thickets and streams as well as forest grooves and active sand dunes. The park providing a feeling of tranquility and quiet away from the bustling city life is a sanctuary for the wildlife as well. The park also offers a biologically rich and diverse natural area, a perfect place to get environmentally aware as well. It also has boating access available for a peaceful evening ride along with an updated play area with improved security. A trail through the groves and a hike through them are surely not omissible.

  • Alki Beach:

A kind of place which makes it visiting a real treat. This stretch of beach is in West Seattle and is a great place to relax, play and enjoy the scenery. The skyline views are picture-perfect. It has volleyball courts, a pathway for walking and sandy beach is fantastic no matter if it is spring, sunny summers or gray winter days. You can spread out a towel and relax on the sands or have a sumptuous meal with your dear ones at the picnic table; the beach is an excellent place to enjoy some quality time with your families and friends.

The beach park is one of the two parks in Seattle that allows bonfires all year round in designated fire pits which are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and watching the sunset while having fresh roasted food is a must-try experience. Walk, run, skate, relax you can do anything that interests you and live the best time of your life. There are a number of restaurants along the avenue running parallel to the beach offering lip-smacking delights. Also, don’t miss the Alki Point Lighthouse which is still in operation and has free tours on weekends during the summers.

  • Richmond Beach:

This is a secluded and dog-friendly beach offering wonderful views of Whidbey Island and Puget Sound. There are many areas to meditate or to have a group gathering with nice bench areas as well as beach area to walk play and explore. A spectacular top view of the skyline, Mount Rainer mountain range and the salt mixed air indeed makes it an enthralling visit. Seattle tourist attractions are known for their natural beauty and you will come to know this fact when you spend some time at Richmond Beach.

  • Mount Si:

The most popular hiking destination is a treat for hiking enthusiasts is hiked each year by upwards of almost a hundred thousand people. Its rugged beauty and proximity to Seattle guarantee a full parking lot on any nice day. From here you can enjoy sweeping views of the Puget Sound Basin and Snoqualmie Valley. A wonderfully convenient place to get the feeling of wild and as well as to get in a burly workout simultaneously. But, it is a challenging trek and if you are fairly well in hiking you should be visiting this amazing place as it makes a delightful introduction to the Cascades.

  • Olympic Sculpture Park:

It is another artificial treasure of Seattle which remains open for the public all around the year. Here you can spot several key sculptures ranging from Seattle Cloud Cover and Eye Benches. In the vicinity of the park, you can also spot some other sightseeing destinations including the Pike Place Market and Seattle Art Museum which are also must-visit locations if you are traveling to Seattle for the first time in life.  Search for Seattle tourist spots on the internet and you will find Olympic Sculpture park listed at the top in the list.

  • Woodland Park Zoo:

If you are done exploring manmade treasures of Seattle, it’s time to visit natural wonders of the city. The park is spread over an area of more than 90 acres that feature several unique wildlife species. Here you can spot some unique creatures such as lemurs, jaguars, snow leopards, penguins and bears. If you are traveling with your family then your kids will love getting close and feeding food to friendly animals here. If you are searching for some of the natural Seattle places to visit then you can come to Woodland Park Zoo without any doubt.

  • International District:

It is one of the most vibrant and colorful destinations in the city thereby making it a most talked spot in every Seattle travel blog. Here you will experience a perfect blend of Chinese and Japanese culture. If you are a shopaholic person then you can spot several local shops and stores in the area where you can fulfill your shopping cravings. Foodies will also have a lot to discover in local restaurants serving mouth-watering cuisine.

  • Discovery Park:

As the name suggests, there is a lot to discover here. It is spread over an area more than 500 acres featuring several natural wonders such as meadows, forest, coastline and much more. Educational programs and tours are also organized here that offer information on the history and several other wonders of the park.  It is one of the most tranquil locations in Seattle where you will enjoy spending some relaxing time in the natural surroundings of the mountains.

  • Woodinville Wine Country:

On the east side of Lake Washington is the most remarkable wine country experience which is home to some 130 tasting rooms and wineries. If you are interested in wines and want to indulge in the best tastes of the same them this place should be a must in your list as it makes you open to a whole new range of wine and its varieties. No wonder it is listed amongst the best places to visit in Seattle WA with your friends who are fond of wine.

What’s next waiting for you?

The city though known for its beautiful surroundings and international population has all of it reflected in its food cuisines and the diversity is astounding. The port city has the freshest seafood to offer which includes oysters, crabs and sushi but most famous is Salmon and it’s a compulsory try. Another specialty is a dish named Pho, a Vietnamese dish that is adored throughout the city. Other specialties include chicken teriyaki, triple coconut cream pie, hot dogs, mac and cheese and seafood chowder.

The city loves fast food and stopping by any stall would be worth a treat for you and your loved ones. Apart from the variety of cuisines, it presents the city is also home to more than 100 festivals and the city loves celebrating it grand and with pomp and show. This evergreen city works really hard to stay well and green and dishes out sites you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it is to feel the lively city bust or the calmness of the sea and serenity of the mountains and forests the city has it all and stores a lot more than words could list down or express.

From the best places to visit in Seattle downtown to offbeat tourist attractions in Seattle Washington, now you got to know everything in this exclusive travel guide. Whether you are traveling to Seattle solo or with your entire family, it is a city that will never disappoint you. In this Seattle travel guide, we have covered all key highlights that you should add in your itinerary including top places to visit near Seattle. If you are planning to visit few more cities in North America then check out our other travel guides to get detailed information.

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