Best Places to Visit in Jordon

Jordon is recognized as an offbeat travel destination and it is surrounded by some of the best countries in the world. It has Iraq and Saudi Arabia to its East while Israel is situated to its West making it a center of attraction.  If you want to explore all the gems of Jordon, you need to dedicate it some significant amount of time of your itinerary. Here we have listed some of the extraordinary destinations that you can consider visiting during your tour to this spectacular kingdom:

Key Highlights of Jordon

  • Dead Sea: It is one of the key highlights spread over the borders of Israel and Jordon attracts several foreign tourists. Here you will get an opportunity to enjoy vibrant marine life and experience the unique phenomenon that lets you to easily float on the water without using any special equipment. Moreover, you can spot several beach resorts in the vicinity where you can simply sit and relax.
  • Amman Citadel: It is located exactly at the center of Jordon and considered as an oldest inhabited city in the country. The current portion of citadel offers plenty for sightseeing that mainly includes Umayyad Palace, Ayyubid watchtower, Roman Temple of Hercules and Byzantine church. There is still significant part of the citadel that needs to be explored.
  • Mount Nebo: It is recognized as sacred site in country thereby making it famous amongst pilgrims who gather here in huge number. Here you can spot memorial of Moses and amazing peak that emerges over scenic valleys. All these offerings make it an absolutely unique sight to do photography.
  • Jerash: Located only 50km away from Amman, it is a place where you can discover everything about ancient ruins. It is also referred as Gerasa that features Roman ruins of old centuries. Apart from exploring ancient history, you can also enjoy several valleys and hills here that develop spectacular views you see only on postcards. Moreover, you can spot several pine, olive and plum trees that develop a picturesque landscape to be captured in camera.
  • Dana Biosphere Reserve: It is one of the most adventurous destinations you will come across in Jordon. Several campsite activities can be organized here to add a real spice to your day. Besides this, you can try cycling and hiking during breezy day. This place is packed with lot of biodiversity and gives you an opportunity to watch several unique species of birds migrating in large group. If you want to enjoy stunning flora and fauna of Jordon then this is a place to be.
  • Petra: It is one of the untouched destinations in Jordon that was remained unknown for several years. It is listed as a UNESCO Heritage site where tourists can experience different color patterns and structures of rocks. You can visit this place during any season as it remains open all days in a week.

Jordon has always remained as a second choice for tourists when it comes to tourism to Middle East Asia. After going through above list of sightseeing destinations, you may have realized what Jordon offers and why you should keep it on your priority list.

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