Top Things To Do in Cuba

Cuba is one of the richest islands which is known for featuring opulence of sightseeing and adventurous activities. Once you reach this destination you will surely be blown away by its diverse range of offerings. Most important thing is that the exciting vibe is spread everywhere you travel on this island. Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Cuba or the top tourist attractions of Cuba, you will find everything here.

Cuba, the country will captivate you in its undeniable lush green countryside, tranquil buttery soft beaches, vibrant colonial cities, and aroma of rum and cigar smoke. This is the largest island in the whole Caribbean Sea and is a perfect spot for having a sophisticated heavenly holiday. Beauty can be found in every corner of this island country, you can explore its mesmerizing parks, forests, nature and wildlife areas, waterfalls, beaches, religious and sacred places, art galleries, and museums. You can also go in for exciting tours being hosted in Vinales valley, enjoy outdoor activities like Havana bike rentals and car tours, attend mesmerizing cabaret concerts and shows, and enjoy the delicious Cuban food. Havana, the capital of the country has allured people with its beautiful yet contradictory ethos and thrilling salsa scene. Check out this list of top things to do in Cuba and plan your itinerary accordingly:

  • Explore Old Havana-

The crumbling building and bustling streets of old Havana radiates a vintage charm. The streets are narrow, busy, and confined in the heart of the city adding a quirky glamour. The architecture here is strikingly amazing the colorful picturesque blocks adjacent to shabby buildings are worth seeing. The nightlife of the city is just awesome, you can enjoy salsa music and smoke of cigars rolling up in the air and cocktails and rum flowing in the bar. The streets here are also adorned with neo-classical palaces and gorgeous historical churches.

Skipping Havana during your tour to Cuba means making a lot of injustice to your holiday. It is recognized as a spectacular historical city in the entire world where you can find several unique architecture and buildings that date back to the 16th century. The city also features some of the incredible nightclubs that will give you an experience of the buzzing life of Cuba. No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the top things to do in Havana Cuba all around the year.

  • Wander in Malecon Havana-

The Malecon is a broad promenade, roadway, and seawall that stretches for about 5 miles along the coast in Havana. This place is busy in the evenings, crowded with people relaxing or seating on the wall that separates the water and the road. Street musicians are often found walking along the road, playing music, and looking for money from the public. It is one of the best places to see in Cuba where you can find people puffing cigars, and Cadillacs bouncing and bumping over uneven roads. Do wander in Malecon and enjoy a thrilling evening life.  

  • Take a closer look at nature and wildlife areas in Cuba-

From lush green lands to floral landscapes, Cuba will amuse you with its vivid and vibrant scenery. The wildlife found here is outstanding and unique, both terrestrial and aquatic animals are found here, due to tall ancestral and beautiful trees many species of birds can also be found here. There is also a sea turtle hatchery and a park where you can spot dolphins and sea lions.  

  • Hike and bike around the Vinales-

Vinales valley host some most beautiful and picturesque landscapes in Cuba found in the lush greenery of Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba. It has the best cycling and hiking tours because the gorgeous Vinales Valley is encircled by mountains and splashed by dramatic rock formations. This small town is prominent for its most amazing natural landscapes. There is a lot to explore in this town; there are large limestone hills, brimming fields, and caves at every turn. There are many excellent trails for cycling, and it is also the best way to see this stunning area and have an excellent day out.

Vinalesbrags about some of the spectacular scenery that you will come across in Cuba. It is surrounded by several limestone formations and considered as a key land of tobacco farming. It is a destination where you can enjoy diverse kinds of adventurous activities including zip-lining. If you are planning an extended stay here then accommodation is never a problem.

  •  Smoke a Cuban cigar-

One of the mandatory and unique things to do in Cuba is smoking a real Cuban cigar. In every street, you will find people selling cigars which are less than $1 but their quality is not that great, but the best cigars are those which come directly from tobacco farms. Real Cuban cigars are very expensive because of two factors, its length, and its age. The larger the cigar the more expensive it is and the longer the cigar has been aged, the depth of its flavor and aroma gets more intensifying and it becomes more precious.

  • Get lost in the rich music scene of Cuba-

One of the greatest places in the world in terms of music in Cuba. The musical element of their culture defines them internationally. Music is a fundamental segment of the life of Cuban people, and it evades in every corner of the city. No matter what genre of music you like to listen to but Cuban music will surely make your hips move. The music there is mostly influenced by West Africa and Europe, especially Spanish music. If you want to learn more about Cuban music you can ask about it from the locals. 

  • Enjoy at the butter-soft beaches-

The bluish and light greenish shades of warm and transparent waters with soft golden and white sands spread across all over with tropical plants bowing over it. When you’ll walk on the beach you will feel seaside sand scoring under your feet and warm waters touching you tenderly. Some of the gently mannered beaches in Cuba are Playa Sirena, Playa Esmeralda, Cayo Jutias, Cayo Levisa, and a lot more.

  • Pay a visit to the Museum of Revolution-

This gorgeous neo-classical palace situated in the heart of historic Havana is a place that is worth paying a visit by a history lover or otherwise. The Museum of Revolution showcases some of the raw and fascinating first-hand artifacts and weapons that were used by Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos to overthrow the government decades ago. It also exhibits sections that give a detailed account of the wars of independence against Spain.

  • Admire the works of various artists in the Cuban art galleries and museums-

On your trip to Cuba do visit some famous art galleries in the nation and admire the works of artists. Although the art galleries here are not that great as compared to those found in America, they are worth stopping and paying a visit to some of these is one of the top things to do in Cuba during your trip.

  • Enjoy the various cabaret concerts held in the country-

Spend a gala time singing and dancing at the cabaret concerts and shows hosted in various cities of the country. Enjoy the nightlife of Cuba in the Tropicana open-air nightclub show which presents a song and dance performance retrospective of 1950s Cuba. Cabaret Parisien is a cabaret show which will allow you to indulge in a colorful vibe of entertainment, dance, music, food, and drinks.

  • Taste the delicacies in Cuba-

There are a lot of Cuban cafeterias and tourist restaurants in the country which serve one of the finest delicacies. We highly recommend you to try a Cuban sandwich and fresh lobsters which have a ton of great flavor. The country also hosts some food tours like food tours Havana, at home in Cuba, the bespoke trip to Cuba, and some more.

  • Discover Sierra Maestra:

This immense mountain is known for its high altitude that offers a real adventure for travelers who love trekking. It is one of the untouched tourist attractions in Cuba where you can spot a lot of foreigners. If you are a photography lover then it is worth climbing this mountain as you will get opportunities to conduct some outstanding photography once you reach at the pinnacle.

  • Take a grand tour of Baracoa:

Your tour to Cuba will complete only when you visit Baracoa where you can spot several rainforests and mountains that separate it from the rest of the world. It is also recognized for Chocolate production which is considered as a center of attraction for tourists. A large part of the mountain is surrounded by national parks that make an ideal site for hiking to discover traces of archaeological sites.

  • Experience beauty of Varadero:

For beach lovers, Varadero is a place equal to heaven. While been here, you can spot several sandy beaches that welcome tourists of different interests. Here you can enjoy various water sports activities or simply sit at the beachside to enjoy a sunbath. If you want to taste some mouth-watering cuisine made from local ingredients then you can explore several local restaurants here.

  • Know about the history of Cuba at Trinidad:

It is one of the best places to visit in Cuba that boasts numerous UNESCO heritage sites. Here you can spot several historical quarters and most of the destinations have a strong history of revolutionary occasions. While been here, you can also consider visiting nearby beaches that will make you stunned with pleasant surroundings and delicious cuisine.

What’s next waiting for you?  

The history of the country is still very much alive, communism and revolutions are still fresh in the minds of the locals and the museums there exhibit the weapons used to overthrow the government decades ago. The best season to visit the country is between November and March because during these months the temperature there is not too hot and the rainfall is less. We recommend you to buy good travel and health insurance and a visa before visiting Cuba as this is compulsory according to Cuban national laws. There are two types of Cuban currencies so don’t get confused between them. So now you know what to do in Cuba and the best things to do in Cuba, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, and make reservations today and go on an exciting and thrilling trip to Cuba tourist attractions.

Cuba is one of the highly underrated islands you will come across on the earth. It has several untouched gems that are waiting for you to unravel its natural beauty. If you are planning to visit a versatile tourist destination that will allow you to see different aspects of traveling then Cuba is an ideal destination.

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