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The Netherlands, informally Holland is the most vibrant and engrossing country in Western Europe with Amsterdam, ‘Venice of the North’ as its capital. Despite being a small country it is packed with some of the famous icons of the world, which allure travelers from far and wide. The capital city of the country is the best place to start your trip to Europe. Whether you are looking for top things to do in Amsterdam Netherlands or unique things to do in Colorado Netherlands, the country has everything to fulfill your travel cravings.

You will not be able to find an appropriate excuse for not visiting this beautiful country on your European trip, as the country offers you world-renowned museums, historical monuments, unforgettable nightlife, countless of gorgeous canals, millions of bicycles, a cheese market, wooden shoes, masterpieces of legendry old masters, windmills, bulb fields, amazing water-management, mesmerizing artwork, lit-up music festivals, profoundly beautiful tulips, and floriculture, last but not the least good vibes as U.N named it the 6th happiest nation of the world.

This place is highly worthy of a visit all on its own, and here we have mentioned top things to do in the Netherlands. So make a checklist of places to visit, plan your itinerary well and fly to the Netherlands to experience the bliss and make your trip memorable:


Amsterdam has one of the most gorgeous waterways in the whole of Europe and is amongst one of the best things to do in the Netherlands. You can explore these blissful and pretty waterways by taking a boat tour or water taxi, you can also hop around different locations and sedately stroll along the banks and enjoy canal sights. If you are visiting Amsterdam in the winters then you can also skate on frozen canals.


If you are a history buff and want to satisfy your hunger for historic places on your holiday then definitely visit this open-air museum located around 15km north of Amsterdam. If you want to relive in a traditional Dutch village and its craftsmen lifestyle then Zaanse Schans will take you back in time. Some of the other attractions that can be spotted here are – wooden houses, grocery stores, a shipyard, a sawmill, windmills, and an oil mill.


Tulips are the country’s most popular flowers and one of the most beautiful places where these spring bulbs are showcased in abundance is Keukenhof or Garden of Europe, located on the outskirts of the town of Lisse. This public garden is the largest in the world and encompasses over 70 acres of land where more than 700 varieties of tulips bloom up every April and May. You can go to admire the beauty of the place and satisfy your eyes with the flower bed of every hue that is there. Go for an evening walk with your partner or click pictures with your loved ones with the beautiful backdrop of flowers as memories and for posting them on social media.


Despite being a relatively small nation, the Netherlands boasts some of the world’s most diverse and wonderful parks. The Hoge Veluwe National Park is located between Apeldoorn and Arnhem, spread across an area of 13,800 acres and is a perfect place for all those who love admiring nature and are adventurer at heart. The highlights of this park are that it is covered in woodland and some eccentric exhibits of this park are sculpture park, red & roe deer, and various species of birds, so do visit this park on your trip to have a blissful experience.


If you are on your trip to Europe and don’t have time to travel the whole of the Netherlands, then travel to Madurodam, in Hague where you will find a find version of the country on a scale of 1:25. You will be able to see the country’s top destination, windmills, bridges, main landmarks, historical sites, and replicas of houses. In this model city, you will also find its harbor, railway station and an airport. So definitely visit this amusement park to witness and enjoy the whole of the Netherlands at once.


This museum in Amsterdam is unlike any other museum in the country, and it is worth your time and money. This Dutch National Museum boats an amazing collection of art and antiques from the 18th century, handicrafts and sculptures of the medieval period and paintings depicting modern art, this place proves to be an eye-candy for those who have a keen interest in antiques and are art lovers. So make sure to add this place on your checklist and have enough time to explore this magnificent museum.


One of the most exciting Netherlands things to do in the country’s capital city is swinging ‘over the edge’ at A’DAM lookout. The swing is situated at an altitude of 100 meters and 2 minutes spent swinging over the edge is one of the most exciting and thrilling activities to do on your holiday perfect for explorers and adventure seekers.


If you are an adventure buff then visit Texel as here you would love the experience of jumping with a parachute in the clear sky and witnessing the beauty of the nation whole at once. You can bid adieu to your fears and create memories for a lifetime.


Every Europe trip is incomplete without shopping, and the Netherlands proves to be a heaven for shopaholics. Amsterdam is every shopper’s favorite destination but apart from that, you can also visit Maastricht to satisfy the shopper in you. Maastricht, being a fashion city has everything to cater to the moods and needs of different shoppers from magnificent malls to luxurious boutiques; you can buy everything your heart desires for.


If you are an art buff and love seeing majestic paintings then surely visit the Van Gogh Museum, which is voted as one of the best art museums in the world. Apart from having a massive collection of Van Gogh’s pieces in the world, the museum also has more than 200 beautiful paintings, 500 drawings, and 700 letters that will leave you enthralled.


While being on a holiday treating your taste buds and pampering the foodie in you is a must, being in the Netherlands if you haven’t tasted some of the world’s famous Dutch cuisines then you have not enjoyed your holiday to the fullest. Some must-try Dutch foods in Netherlands are-Kaas, Stroopwafel, Edam cheese, Patat, Kibbeling, and Kroket. From full meals to sweet treats, you will find a lot of delicacies that will excite up your taste buds also savor the famous local cuisines in the country.


Experience a picturesque view in the village of Kinderdjik which is located in between Rotterdam and Dordrecht. The windmills here are one of the most iconic attractions of the Netherlands and are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site; you can’t afford to miss seeing this on your trip to Europe. The village has 19 windmills that date back to the 18th century. If you are visiting the Netherlands between April and October then definitely witness the glorious spin of these windmills.


Netherlands experience a maritime climate; the weather overall is never too hot nor too cold as the temperatures are highly influenced by the North Sea, rainfall here usually occurs in the winter season which can make you feel chilly. The best time to visit the Netherlands is the spring months of April and May when the country’s best parks and gardens burst into life with richness of beautiful flowers and greenery all around. This beautiful and charming country is everyone favorite destination on a Europe trip, the country practices one of the most liberal and friendliest cultures in Europe and guarantees you a great time.

Despite being relatively small in size the country never fails to amaze its tourists by its attractions and the fun things to do in the Netherlands within the compact area. If you are wondering what to explore in the country then the above-mentioned list will help you make the right choice and make your journey unforgettable. Now you got whole list of what to do in the Netherlands, simply pack your bag and start your journey now.

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