Best Places to Visit in Paris

Paris is recognized as one of the most buzzing cities in the world and it is considered as a dream destination for most of the travelers. There is a plethora of sightseeing destinations available in this metropolitan city that separates it from the rest of the places. From landscape gardens to cathedrals and museums to historical palaces, travelers have a lot to keep themselves busy in Paris. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in Paris to make your journey memorable:

Top Tourist Attractions of Paris

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Buttes Chaumont Park
  • Disney Land
  • The Louvre
  • Montmartre
  • Palace Of Versailles
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Jardin des Plantes
  • Tuileries Garden
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Arc De Triomphe

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • Eiffel Tower

It is the first destination that comes to your mind when you are planning to discover key tourist attractions in Paris. This unique architecture is made from wrought iron and considered as one of the most iconic Paris places to visit and an incredible masterpiece in the world. It is also recognized as a highly romantic destination in the world where you can express your feelings to your loved ones. Today, Eiffel Tower is reputed as a second most visited creation in the country and this explains everything about it.

  • Buttes Chaumont Park:

Don’t miss out visiting one of the most appealing and largest parks in the country. The park is designed in such a creative way that it gives you a glimpse of fantastic views of the city. The journey of the park will take you through several cascades and caves that will offer you an ultimate thrill. It is one of the most sought after destinations to organize a family picnic as the entrance to the park is totally free. It is one of the most sought after places to visit in Paris that attracts foreign travelers in huge numbers.

  • Disney Land:

It is one of the most joyful and vibrant tourist attractions in Paris that attracts people of all ages to experience the best moments of their life. This amusement park offers limitless stuff to visitors including rallies of cartoon characters, Disney arcade, animation movies, shows, exhibitions, and fun rides. If you are searching for top places to visit in Paris in 2 days that will offer unlimited fun to your kids then Disney Land is a place to be. To make the trip easier for you and your family, we recommend you to opt for the right Disney travel agency.

  • The Louvre:

It is located at the heart of Paris and considered as the most famous museum in the world. It covers an extensive area of more than 21,000 hectares and visitors get an opportunity to view the relics of the royal fort in the basement portion. This unique museum is divided into different sections that include Islamic art, oriental antiquities, Egyptian antiquities, sculptures, graphic art and much more. For art lovers, The Louvre is considered as one of the highly recommended and best places to visit in Paris.

  • Montmartre:

Your tour to Paris will be complete only when you visit Montmartre. It is distinguished as one of the most sought after places to go in Paris France that attracts several art lovers to experience extraordinary artwork contributed by some of the most famous artists of the country. It is an incredible destination where you can witness wonderful artwork that inspires several new artists to use their imagination to produce something exceptional. If you are an art lover then you will never forget a visit to this Montmartre.

  • Palace Of Versailles:

It is one of the top historic places to visit in Paris that will allow you to recall the old memories of this incredible city. It features several sightseeing destinations that you shouldn’t miss visiting at any cost. Palace Of Versailles possesses the Renaissance era, amazing décor, lush gardens and several other artistic masterpieces that date back to old centuries. It is also part of World Heritage tourist attractions of Paris that attracts foreign as well as local tourists in large numbers. It remains open from 9 AM to 6:30 PM so you can plan your visit in this time slot only.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral:

Paris boasts several historical tourist attractions and ancient monuments that give you a perfect glimpse of the history of this amazing city. Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the top tourist attractions in Paris which is popular for unique sculptures and fantastic architecture that will make you thoughtful even after a first glance. The cathedral offers an ideal opportunity for tourists to discover the extraordinary architecture of Paris which is hard to find anywhere else in the world. You can consider visiting this destination from morning to evening at the time of your preference.

  •  Jardin des Plantes:

Jardin des Plantes is recognized as the head office very famous National Museum of Natural History. This is the key reason why it is listed in one of the best places to visit in Paris France without fail. Here you can spot several scientific buildings and greenhouses that appeal to tourists who plan a trip Paris trip to discover its diverse tourist attractions. During your visit, you will come across several unique sightseeing destinations here but Menagerie is considered as the main highlight here. You can visit this place any day during the week from 9 AM to 5 PM to add an element of uniqueness to your Paris vacation.

  • Tuileries Garden:

If you are done exploring several historical sightseeing locations within the city, it’s time to unravel some natural tourist attractions of Paris. Inside the garden, you will spot an amusement park where your kids will enjoy some exciting time. There are several reasons that make Tuileries Garden a family destination that you can add in your trip to Paris. It is one of the most tranquil and top places to visit in Paris France where tourists get more than what they expect from their visit. Entry to the garden is allowed from early morning till late evening that gives tourists a chance to enjoy both sunrise and sunset views of the day.

  • Galeries Lafayette:

Paris is considered as a hub for shopping as it offers a real treat for shopaholic people. Most of the tourists allocate a significant amount of time in their itinerary to discover Paris tourist attractions packed with shopping stores, malls, boutiques and much more. Medieval streets are one of the key destinations where you can enjoy the best shopping experience of your lifetime. After a complete day of shopping, you can stop at nearby restaurants to have your favorite cuisine made from local ingredients.

  • Arc De Triomphe:

If you are looking for most versatile places for visit in Paris then your search ends at Arc De Triomphe. It boasts about amazing architecture that dates back to the early period of the 19th century. Engraved victory tales, pillar carvings and incredible art masterpieces are some of the highlights that will keep you busy throughout a day. Before planning to add Arc De Triomphe in your Paris trip make sure you check out the entry hours as they vary according to the season. Tourists enjoy panoramic views of Paris from the top of this amazing architecture.

What’s next waiting for you?

If you are planning a trip to France in the coming time then above mentioned visiting places in Paris will definitely add an element of spice to your journey. This exciting city is packed with several extraordinary activities that will persuade you to extend your stay for additional time. Travel Enthusiasts can make a list of places for their bucket list and even decorate their home walls based on the places of their wish list. If you are searching for the top 10 places to visit in France outside Paris then you will discover many of those. Check out our other travel guides to get information on some other popular cities in Europe.

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