Top Things To Do in California

One of the biggest dreams of so many travelers is to visit California and try out some wonderful and amazing things to do in this dream city! Many people think of visiting California for Hollywood but there is more to life in California than simply visiting Hollywood! The diverse culture and background define California and is a blend of beauty in this place. Like the culture, the climate of California is also quite diverse, summers are very hot and dry while the winters are cold and snowy. California is a very impressive tourist attraction and once you are here, you will not feel like leaving this gem of beauty! Whether you are looking for cool things to do in California long beach or free things to do in California Los Angeles, you will discover everything here.

Check out these top things to do in California that you must add in your itinerary.

  • Surf at San Diego

San Diego is a small town in California offering countless opportunities for adventure lovers. Surfing is one of the fun things to do in San Diego California. You can have fun at the theme parks, and relaxing at the sea beaches providing adorable views of the beaches. The zoo safari having 3,700 different species of animals is a sight for all animal lovers. The Seaport Village is such a gorgeous place having beautiful ponds and fountains.

The seafood here is worth relishing for making San Diego one of the must-visit places whenever you are visiting California. Choose a tour package that suits your budget by adding some of the best California things to do in it.

  • A tour to the Napa Valley Wineries

Visiting the Napa Valley Wineries is one of the top 10 things in California which is also famous all over the world. The winemaking process in Napa Valley started long back and till today, people from different parts of the world come here to take its selective ranges. Napa winemakers have been doing this for centuries and a half where the early settlers planted grapevines in the 1800s. The valley of Napa Valley is so scenic and charming lined with vineyards with wine tasting rooms.

There are many packages for visiting the wineries, where you can choose walk-up tastings to paired dinners. You can choose any of the appealing wineries and have a thrilling experience.

  • Explore the bounty of nature at Joshua Tree National park

Are you an exciting nature lover? Beautiful flowers, trees, rock formations, and the iconic Joshua plantations are waiting for you at the Joshua Tree National park and it is one sort of an elegant destination. Its just two hours from Los Angeles, providing you majestic scenery on your way to the National Park.

The hidden valley is the best campground you can find here so, you must plan a visit to this place. Rocky landscapes, Barker Dam, Skull Rock, etc. are a variety of hiking trails you can find in the Joshua Tree National Park. The Best time to visit is either from March to May or if you are planning of witnessing the winters, October to November are the best timings.

  • Enjoying at Lava Beds National Monument

The Lava Beds National Monument was established nearly a century ago on November 21, 1925, covering an area of 46,000 acres and having ranges of 4,000-5,000 feet. It has so many pictorial caves that are so beautiful and gorgeous each having different rock formations. There are several entrances to the caves like Mushpot Cave, Hopkins Chocolate Cave, Valentine Cave and so many more.

There is also a staircase leading you to glimpses of early man and with so many fun filling ventures at the Monument, you will be mesmerized watching all of these. There are many accommodation places here like small houses, cottages, and motels.

  • Soaking into the Magic of Disneyland

Now everyone knows Disneyland, isn’t it? Disneyland is one of those places best for reminiscing your childhood memories. This fantastic fairy tale land was established on July 17, 1955, and it has a plethora of things to try out in California. With themed parks, amusement parks, and statues of your favorite cartoon characters, this place can make you enliven your feelings and give you great happiness. The whole area is surrounded by flowers all around under the night sky with the colors complementing the surrounding.

Disneyland is heavenly anything you visit it. But try visiting Disneyland at nights for getting glimpses of the surreal and shimmery night sky showcasing impeccable beauty. The cost is about Rs. 6,000 per person to enter Disneyland.

  • Learning about Farm to Table Agriculture

While in California, its important to check out the farmer’s market, one of the greatest pleasures of seeing the working of the rural life of California. It produces 90% of the fresh vegetables grown in the US. People love picking up natural and fresh vegetables from the Californian region. Whether it’s their vine-ripe heirloom tomatoes, single peach or berries basket picked out fresh in the mornings.

You will find so many things at the farmer’s markets like jam, dried fruits, nuts, honey, herbs, and also handmade jewelry. Farmers are here any day of the week so in summers, a trip to the neighborhood farmer’s market can fetch you several things.

  • The Hollywood Sign and its history thereafter

Hollywood with all its romantic movies and home to all the movie stars is like a dream come true in the 21st century. The iconic Hollywood Sign is one sign attracting every traveler to see it once in their lives. It sits on the hilltop facing the Los Angeles basin with 9 out of the 13 letters written in plain and simple white sign. It is one of the best things to do in California Hollywood that you must add to your itinerary.

The sign was made by a Hollywood estate developer in 1923 who was making Hollywoodland for making it recognizable for all Hollywood movies and stars. You can see the sign from many cities and states and when you see it, hike to get a closer look of the same.

  • Taking the history lane at Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has an epic history making it such a globally significant destination in California. This place is a heaven for all the food lovers having Mexican, Italian and American restaurants selling multi-cuisine dishes. Stearns Wharf present in Santa Barbara is the deepest water pier located between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Walking at night under the beautiful starry night is such peaceful that you tend to forget all your worries and sink in at the moment. With so many lodging facilities available, you can choose any that you like.

  • Admiring Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The starter Golden Gate Bridge has been focused in so many movies and is a symbol that you will find in San Francisco. The Bridge is so lovely that you can spend your entire day admiring the beauty of it. Interesting engineering makes it worthwhile. It was opened on May 27, 1937, marking it as the longest bridge span in the world at a time.

The boats passing under the Bridge look so small and on the foggy days, you can find that all the side things are socked in, but as you walk towards the Marin County Side, you can find the sun appearing magically.

  • Close to nature at Yosemite National Park

Check out the exotic wildlife at Yosemite National Park located at the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Yosemite National Park is famous for domes, the Yosemite Falls, and various trails of rock climbing. And if you are an adventure lover, then EI Captain at Yosemite Valley awaits you. No wonder, it is one of the fun things to do in Northern California with your family and friends.

Bridal veil falls are one of the significant falls at Yosemite National park and you can find so many eating joints nearby for enjoying some delicious foods.

What’s next waiting for you?

These are some of the best places to visit in California that you must add to your itinerary. Whether you are looking for top things to do in Redding California or unique things to do in Anaheim California, the above travel guide covers everything. Now you know what to do in California, go ahead and plan your trip with total enthusiasm.

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