Best Waterfalls to Visit in the World

Waterfall is one of the natural gems that offer every traveler memorable experience of his life time. The scenery of white water falling from the black rocks is something very hard to describe in the world. In few cases exploring best of the waterfalls becomes a challenging task while in some cases they are easily accessible. There are different types of waterfalls you will come across during your journey and the choice completely depends upon your interest. Here we have made a list of some of the best waterfalls you can come across in the world:

  • Victoria Falls: Located in Zambia, Victoria Falls is recognized as one of the most sought after natural wonders in the world . There are several reasons that separate this waterfall from others and its incredible height & width is a reason behind it. It is falling from a height of more than 100 meters thereby becoming one of the adventurous destinations for thrill lovers. The waterfall has produced a natural water pool where tourists can enjoy swimming as well as water yoga. Moreover, the light showers coming out of this waterfall can be seen and felt from a very long distance.
  • Sutherland Falls: When you visit South Island of New Zealand, you will come across this spectacular Sutherland Falls. It is tallest waterfall of country that boasts about height of more than 500 meters. You can consider visiting this waterfall from the month of October to March when weather is extremely pleasant thereby making it an ideal sight to view.
  • Kaieteur Falls: It is one of the extraordinary waterfalls you will find in Amazon rainforest. You will be stunned to see the amount of water flowing through Kaieteur Falls. When we compare its volume and height, it is way ahead of even some of the best waterfalls in the world. Furthermore, nature lovers find it an ideal destination to visit as they can easily discover wildlife in the vicinity.
  • Niagara Falls: This one will be in the list without any doubt. It is combination of three different waterfalls that fall on the border of Canada and USA. It brags about highest water flow rate in entire North America. The drops of Niagara Falls are as high as 50 meters thereby creating magnificent scenes that you will love to capture in camera. Besides, it is also considered as a great source of hydroelectric power and tourists from different corners of the world come here to experience natural beauty of this place.
  • Angel Falls: If you want to see water falling from the extraordinary height then come to Venezuela to experience Angel Falls. It is one of the tallest waterfalls you will discover on this earth where water is falling from the height of more than 900 meters. Tourists who visit this fall get mesmerized by its absolute creation. Moreover, adventure seekers will love to explore some more sightseeing locations in the vicinity of Angel Falls.

The waterfalls mentioned above are only some of the few ones that you will love to visit during your upcoming holiday. The whole collection of waterfalls in this world is definitely endless and each of the waterfalls is unique in its own. So go ahead and consider adding some of these incredible waterfalls in your itinerary to add real spice to your journey.

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