Best Places To Visit in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has so much to offer right from the Phipps Conservatory to Presque Isle State Park to the re-enactments of the Civil War in Gettysburg, history fanatics can spend a huge amount of time here without even knowing. Nature devotees can see the lovely national parks to uncover their wild side. Many adventurous activities like hiking, Whitewater rafting, and biking through scenic terrain in State Parks and Highlands and Mountains can be enjoyed in Pennsylvania.

Many tourists adore the sports and action events in Pittsburgh, while others wander the Dutch Country carefree on its curvy roads, halting merely to purchase fresh veggies from the local farmer’s markets. Pennsylvania has a good number of tourist attractions to explore and you can even have a peaceful weekend here. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania that you must add to your itinerary and opt for Bailey Coach to make your journey comfortable:

Hickory Run State Park

Placed in Eastern Pennsylvania in Pocono Mountains a 15,990-acre land in the Hickory Run State Park. This Carbon County’s huge park reachable from Interstate 476 and Interstate 80 offers a lot of things to do which includes over 40 miles of picturesque hiking trails. At the time of winter, few of the routes even prepare harriers for cross-country skiing. During the summer, the Sand Spring Lake swanks swimmers from various places on its beautiful sandy beach. When you visit the State park make sure to check out the boulder field. This area is over 20,000 years old and was shaped thanks to the defrosting of glaciers. Leap from one boulder to another on the alluring and quaint Boulder Field Trail. No wonder, it is one of the coolest places to visit in Pennsylvania in the winter with your entire family.

Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell

A noteworthy place in America’s most remarkable bygones and the place where you can find the Liberty Bell. The park is one of the best places to visit in Philadelphia and the USA’s national gem. Independence Hall, the construction of which began in 1732, is the core spot at the estate, known as the place used for drafting the US Constitution. The Declaration of Independence was also authorized here. The Liberty Bell is seated on an exhibit, crossways of the Independence Hall, encircled by a series of displays reciting the important times. You can choose to take a tour of the Independence Mall to build in 1948 which forms the remnant of the state park. The place is lined with timeworn cobblestone pathways. 

Ohiopyle State Park

The state park is located in Dunbar, Henry Clay, and Stewart Townships and spans Fayette County with an area of 19,052 acres. Set in the laps of the Youghiogheny River, is the charming beauty of Ohiopyle State Park. The river itself enhances the fascination of Ohiopyle. The river gorge spreads across a long 14 miles crossing through the state park. Ohiopyle offers great views of the river along with adventure pursuits like whitewater rafting. Go on an adrenaline-pumping adventure to the river’s extraordinary rapids and enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and mountain biking. Ohiopyle State Park also features amazing hiking trails and camping opportunities. It is one of the amazing places to see in Pennsylvania featuring several waterfalls and the most like by tourists is Cucumber Falls.

Hershey Park

This fun amusement park in Hershey is a great place for family outings at Pennsylvania tourist attractions. The town is directly related to the chocolate. The 90 acres Hershey Park is the central attraction in the town with roller coasters and recreation for kids and adults which even includes aquatic shows. Built-in 1906 as a leisure stretch for Hershey’s workers, the park developed over the decades to entice tourists from all over. Hershey Park still adds new activities. All ages can take a ride here. Apart from kids rides, the park also houses family-friendly rides like bumper cars, train, carousel, and Ferris wheel. Perfect for a summer day, the place offers several water rides too and many thrilling roller coasters for the adrenaline seekers. Hershey Park also has two huge video arcades. There is also ZooAmerica where you can spot over 200 animals and birds like mountain lions, bald eagles, and roadrunners thereby making it one of the coolest places to visit in Pennsylvania in the winter.

Gettysburg National Military Park

The Gettysburg National Military Park is the place of the 1863 Civil War battle in which some 51,000 people died in the three-day battle. Presently the place interprets the landscape with several markers and iconic monuments. Gettysburg is looked after by National Park Service. Key places of interest here are Seminary Ridge, Cemetery Ridge, and Oak Ridge. Many artifacts of the war are displayed in the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center. The Park Museum includes many exhibits like the Rosensteel collection, the biggest collections of uniforms used in the Civil War along with weaponry and sundry items of those times. The park also undertakes reenactments of the three-day war and offers vast horseback galloping trails thereby making it one of the unique tourist attractions in Pennsylvania.

Presque Isle State Park

The State Park is settled on the headland that arcs out into Lake Erie which forms Presque Isle Bay, a vital transport hub. Presque Isle is can be visited any day round the year. The place offers 11 miles of sandy beach and many hiking trails. You can stroll to the lighthouse as well. Surfers and swimmers have marked this space and often scout for vivid sea glass on the shore. Kite-flyers often come here to enjoy the open bay and winds flowing over the lake. The Sunset Point at Presque Isle State Park is a must-visit. The park holds periodic activities and free concerts. The Tom Ridge Environmental Center here displays the local ecosystems and houses a 75-foot observation tower, you can enjoy the sights of the scenic lake from here above. You can even take a guided tour to the lighthouse which is one of the top Pennsylvania places to visit.


This well-known construction plotted by Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized for its organic fused-with-nature structural design. The balanced building concurrently complements and juxtaposes with the natural environment surrounding it. The building offers the collections of the Kauffman family, its former resident which is a central attraction. Gigantic and tiny Sculptures decorate the estate inside and out. The art pieces stretch from Mexican folk art to Cubist sculpting. Fallingwater boasts a cast-iron Buddha head, a 1420 Madonna, and a sculpture of Parvati, the Hindu fertility goddess from the 8th century. The home is well-found with an assortment of folk craft and designer chairs. 

Phipps Conservatory

Phipps Conservatory is a massive complex located in Pittsburgh’s Schenley Park covering 15 acres of botanical gardens. In 1893, the conservatory was donated to the city and since then 23 gardens have been developed other than its enormous 14-room glasshouse. The glasshouse presents inspiring assortments of bonsai and orchids including numerous permanent settings such as the Tropical Forest Conservatory & the Desert Room. Exhibits keep on changing per the season with flower displays and shows. You can find here the aquatic gardens and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes. You can also check out the conservatory conducted awareness programs.

What’s next waiting for you?

Pennsylvania has played a major role in erecting the groundwork of the USA. The state is known as the Keystone State. Visitors can discover several historic landmarks and places. From the historic tourist attractions of Philadelphia to the several beautiful states and national parks and of course the countryside. In Pennsylvania, there is always something incredible for each kind of tourist here. So, follow the list when you plan your trip to the historic land of Pennsylvania. If you are planning to explore some nearby places to visit in New Jersey and Pennsylvania then don’t forget to check our USA travel guide.

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