Best Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with huge collection of breathtaking islands that feature plethora of sightseeing locations. It is known for its cultural diversity, extraordinary architecture, serene landscape and buzzing nightlife. Featuring more than 13,000 islands, Indonesia never disappoints its guests as it has got something for everyone. Whether you are an amateur traveler or an experienced one, here is a list of places you should never miss in Indonesia:

Key Highlights of Indonesia

  • Gili Islands: Whether you are an adventure lover or seeking ultimate peace of life, Gili islands is a place to be. Here you can visit turtle sanctuary where turtle hatchery takes place and thousands of new turtles born every year. If you are watersports lover then you will enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and speed boating at Gili Islands. Don’t forget to participate in some yoga sessions here that will help you to harmonize your body and mind.
  • Lake Toba: It is one of the matchless destinations in Indonesia that feels proud about plethora of natural treasures. Here you can experience volcano activity on constant basis thereby creating an extremely thrilling atmosphere for adventure seekers. When it comes to water sports activities, you can try fishing, canoeing, water skiing and swimming with total freedom here.
  • Komodo National Park: It is listed as one of the UNESCO heritage site that is surrounded by spectacular islands where you can explore some of the unique creatures such as Komodo dragons. Here you can spot crystal clear waters that offer you an opportunity to view marine life from very close distance. If you are an adventure lover then you can also try canoeing, snorkeling and hiking here.
  • Bali: Your tour to Indonesia is incomplete without exploring hidden gems of Bali. The beaches here are truly peerless and you can enjoy extreme adventure while been here. While in the vicinity, you can experience rare sunrise and sunset scenes that you may not seen anywhere on this earth. For adventure lover, the Kintamani Volcano is also an ideal attraction where they can do some photography activities from the safe distance.
  • Sacred Monkey Forest: It is a destination where you can discover ancient history of Indonesia. Here you can spot several sacred temples where travelers of different religion come to fulfill their wishes. This place is packed with amazing flora and fauna that will surely make every traveler stunned with its diverse offerings. If you want to experience culture and village life of Indonesia then you can spot several such destinations in the locality.
  • Jatiluwih Rice Fields: If you are done exploring beaches of Indoensia it is time you should start enjoying its scintillating landscapes. Jatiluwih Rice Fields is one such natural treasure you can consider visiting in Indonesia that will take you extremely close to the nature. It is recognized as a UNESCO landscape and after visiting it you will get to know about the skills and hard working capability of local farmers.

When it comes to listing down the highlights of Indonesia, the list is never ending. If you are planning a short journey to this sparkling country then you have to plan your journey judiciously.  It is always recommended to keep some buffer time to cover some of the versatile destinations in Indonesia. The more time you spend here, the more you end up enjoying.

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