Best Places To Visit in Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the most sought after travel destinations that boast its rich culture, history, and art. It is also recognized as Holland and left its mark in a diverse range of fields. From beaches to waterfalls and historical landmarks to museums, it is packed with several reputed Netherlands tourist attractions. If you are traveling to the Netherlands in search of heaven then this country will never disappoint you. When it comes to picking out the best places to visit in the Netherlands for your upcoming vacation, you need to be extremely smart. Here is a versatile travel guide that will offer you all the information to make your Netherlands holiday experience memorable:

Top Tourist Attractions of Netherlands

  • Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam
  • Maastricht
  • Delft
  • The Hague
  • Middleburg
  • Eindhoven
  • Giethoorn
  • Leeuwarden
  • Utrecht
  • Thorn
  • Texel
  • Kinderdijk

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • Rotterdam:

People traveling to the Netherlands for the first time often prefer to start their journey from one of the ideal places to visit in the Netherlands, Rotterdam. It is a destination highly rich in history and culture that attracts foreigners to discover the magic of Netherlands tourism. Rotterdam has received world recognition on the virtue of its diverse offerings. Here you will get an opportunity to see all the sides of the country which are difficult to discover anywhere else. Without any doubt, this tourist attraction of the Netherland will be listed at the top of the list.

  • Amsterdam:

When you plan a Netherlands vacation, Amsterdam is the first destination that will come to your mind. It is one of the most sought after cities in the world where tourists gather in huge numbers all around the year. Here you can witness a perfect blend of cosmopolitan as well as modern culture. The city offers you a plethora of sightseeing locations such as the Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, Bloemenmarkt, and The Anne Frank House. Amsterdam is one of the most talked-about tourist attractions in the Netherlands and it deserves such a high reputation.

  • Maastricht:

If you want to dig into the history and ancient architecture of the country then you must add this destination in your upcoming Netherlands holiday. It will remind of you several old memories that you see in movies and pictures. The city is packed with several historical museums and historical landmarks that are worth exploring at least once in a lifetime. Even if you are traveling in the Netherlands through a private vehicle, you won’t face any issue exploring this one of the key tourist attractions of the Netherlands.

  • Delft:

If you are traveling to the Netherlands to discover its hidden tourist attractions then Delft will offer you tremendous exposure. There are several reasons that allow Delft to get listed in the best places to visit in the Netherlands. Here you can enjoy amazing artwork, extraordinary museums and exciting canals that will take you through the city tour. This destination is highly recommended in Netherlands tourism due to its diverse kinds of sightseeing locations.

  • The Hague:

If you are traveling to the Netherlands to enjoy its nightlife then there can’t be a better destination than The Hague. The city is a perfect integration of old as well as a modern lifestyle which means you get to see a lot of cultural diversity here. Some of the most popular places to visit in The Hague include Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Duinrell, Binnenhof, Mauritshuis, and Madurodam. In the vicinity, you can spot several restaurants and cafes where you can try local as well as international cuisine.   

  • Middleburg:

If there is any popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands other than Amsterdam then it is Middleburg.  It is one of the oldest towns in the country which has great significance historically. Some of the key travel destinations you can consider visiting in this city include Vleeshal Middelburg, Zeeuws Museum, Mini Mundi and Delta works. If you are traveling in the Netherlands with your family then it is worth visiting this incredible city during any month of the year. Your Netherlands travel vacation will be incomplete without visiting Middleburg. So don’t risk your Netherlands holiday and allocate a fair amount of time to explore famous sightseeing locations in the city.

  • Eindhoven:

Eindhoven is one of the top places to visit in the Netherlands where you will get an opportunity to view the most creative side of the Netherlands travel. While been here you can visit PSV museum, DAF museum, Phillips Museum, and Van Abbemuseum. If you are bored of viewing sightseeing of city on feet then you can opt for cycle tours to add an element of spice to your journey. The more time you spent here the more will come to know about Netherlands tourism.

  • Giethoorn:

It is one of the most interesting sites you will come across in entire Europe. Giethoorn is a place where you can enjoy several tourist attractions of Netherlands in the tranquil environment. If you are traveling to the Netherlands to see its natural wonders, then you will find a lot of those here. You can also enjoy canals, waterways and village tours at Giethoorn that will make you every single moment worth here. Give at least one visit to these kinds of stunning tourist attractions of Netherlands and you will definitely fall in its beauty.

  • Leeuwarden:

If you have got tired after exploring Netherlands places to visit and want to try some food then come to Leeuwarden. Here you will spot several amazing restaurants and cafes which are known for serving the exhaustive food menu. In the vicinity, you can also consider visiting several museums and galleries which are known for their unique artifacts collection. This tourist attraction of Netherlands is extremely close to Amsterdam which means you can plan your tour judiciously to cover both these incredible cities within a couple of days.

  • Utrecht:

It is another tourist attraction which is listed in the best places to visit in Netherlands making it perfect for Netherlands vacation. Here you can spot historical architecture that dates back to several old centuries. The key travel destinations to cover here include Dom Tower, Trajectum Lumen and The Oude Hortus. If you are an adventure lover then you will enjoy private boat tours and bike rides through spiral roads of the city.

  • Thorn:

If you want to add a most scenic and tranquil destination in your Netherlands holiday package then don’t forget Thorn. It is one of the most sought tourist attractions in the Netherlands which is considered as a heaven for photography lovers. In the vicinity, you will spot lush greenery, brick constructions and cobbled streets which will make you fall in love with its beauty. If you want to get detailed information about this place then you can opt for Netherlands travel guides to make you tour all-inclusive.

  • Texel:

While traveling in Netherlands, you may search for a travel destination that will offer you exposure to try adventurous activities. It is one of the ideal tourist attractions in the Netherlands where you can plan a holiday tour with your loved ones. While been here, you will get an opportunity to discover several historical landmarks and museums which are rare to find anywhere else in the world. Texel is blessed with a coastline of over 30km and the beaches are crowded with several foreign tourists all around the year. If you want to try something challenging then you can opt for windsurfing, sailing, swimming, go kite sailing, etc. If you want to spend some lonely time then you can simply relax at the beachside and enjoy sunbathing.

  • Kinderdijk:

If you are searching for a highly offbeat tourist attraction in Netherlands then Kinderdijk should be your first choice. Check out any Netherlands travel package and you will find this destination listed without fail. Here you will spot several windmills surrounded by breathtaking greenery which is a rare site to watch in life. In the locality, you will find several UNESCO heritage sites thereby making it a must-visit Netherlands holiday destination.

What’s next waiting for you?

Now you got information on popular tourist attractions of the Netherlands, you can plan your upcoming Netherlands vacation with total confidence. It is also known as Holland in various Netherlands tourism guides and the entire list of travel destinations you will find in this country are truly limitless. This means you need to plan your journey efficiently to cover maximum sightseeing locations in a short time. Most of the foreigners traveling to the Netherlands often take the help of Netherland travel guides to make their journey hassle-free. The above-mentioned places to visit in Netherlands will definitely make your tour epic. If you are planning to visit few more famous countries in Europe then check out our other travel guides for the right information.

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