Malta Travel Guide

Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean heart and is a hidden gem offering a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

With a year-round sunny climate, Malta is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a budget-friendly vacation. We will provide a complete Malta Travel Guide. 

Where is Malta?

Malta is in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated south of Sicily, Italy, and east of Tunisia, Africa. Malta is part of Southern Europe. Malta is an archipelago comprising three inhabited islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. The island of Malta is the largest of the three and is home to most of Malta’s population. The capital city of Malta is Valletta is a popular tourist destination.

Is Malta in Europe?

Yes, Malta is in Europe. It’s a small island nation in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily (Italy) and east of Tunisia (Africa). Although geographically closer to Africa than Europe, Malta is considered part of Southern Europe and joined the European Union in 2004, and its official languages include Maltese and English. The country also uses the Euro, the European Union’s official currency.

Is Malta a country?

Yes, Malta is a country. It is known as the Republic of Malta and is in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Malta has a rich history and culture, with evidence of human habitation on the islands dating back to prehistoric times and ruled by various powers, including the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and, most recently, the British, who granted Malta independence in 1964.

Is Malta safe for tourists?

Malta is generally a safe destination for tourists. The country has low crime rates and a relaxed atmosphere, making it a fantastic place for those seeking a peaceful holiday experience. 

Is Malta best for vacation?

Malta is one of the best vacation destinations, offering various activities and attractions. From beautiful beaches and historic sites to its vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine, Malta has something for everyone.

One of the main reasons that Malta is such a popular vacation spot is its incredible weather. With almost 3000 hours of sunshine each year, it is the sunniest place in Europe, perfect for outdoor spending. Visitors can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and water sports at one of the many stunning beaches, such as Golden Bay or Mellieha Bay.

For history lovers, Malta is a treasure trove of ancient monuments and architecture. The capital city Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with many historical attractions, including the Grand Master’s Palace, St John’s Co-Cathedral, and the National Museum of Archaeology. 

When it comes to dining, Malta offers a diverse range of cuisine influenced by its Mediterranean location and cultural heritage. Traditional Maltese dishes include rabbit stew, pastizzi (flaky pastries filled with ricotta cheese or mushy peas), and hobz biz-zejt (a bread and tomato dish). Visitors can also enjoy fresh seafood, Italian-inspired pasta dishes, and international cuisine ranging from Indian to Japanese.

Malta has a lively and eclectic nightlife scene, with various bars, clubs, and music venues to suit all tastes. The seaside town of St Julian’s is famous, with its bustling nightlife district centered around Paceville. Malta is an excellent vacation destination, offering a unique combination of history, culture, cuisine, nightlife, and natural beauty. Malta has something to offer everyone.

What is Malta known for?

  • History and Heritage: Malta has a long history, reflected in its numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Megalithic Temples of Malta, the ancient city of Valletta, and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. 
  • Beautiful Architecture: Malta is renowned for its beautiful architecture, with various styles ranging from Baroque to Art Nouveau. The capital city Valletta is a prime example of this, with its ornate palaces, churches, and fortifications.
  • Scenic Cliffs and Breathtaking Coastline: Malta’s coastline is one of its major attractions, with picturesque cliffs, coves, and beaches. The Blue Lagoon is famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and beautiful white sand.
  • Diving and Snorkeling: Malta is famous for its excellent diving and snorkeling sites, with clear waters, abundant marine life, and various wrecks to explore.
  • Delicious Cuisine: Maltese cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean and North African flavors, focusing on fresh seafood, pasta dishes, pastizzi (flaky pastries), and traditional stews like rabbit or beef.
  • Warm Hospitality: The Maltese are renowned for their warmth, hospitality, and generosity towards visitors, making it a welcoming and friendly place.

Best places to visit in Malta

The following are the best Malta places to visit

  • Valletta: The capital city of Malta, Valletta, has beautiful architecture. The city offers stunning harbor views and various restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • Mdina: It is known as the “silent city” due to its peaceful atmosphere and lack of cars. Visitors can explore the alleyways, admire the beautiful architecture, and visit attractions like the Mdina Cathedral and Bastion Square.
  • The Blue Lagoon: It is a popular swimming and snorkeling destination. The crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches make it a beautiful destination.
  • Gozo: Gozo Island is known for its rural landscapes, charming villages, and stunning natural beauty. Visitors can visit the impressive Azure Window and explore the picturesque capital city of Victoria.
  • Marsaxlokk: A Fishing village in the south of Malta, Marsaxlokk, is famous for its colorful boats and fresh seafood. Visitors can wander around the Sunday fish market, sample local delicacies, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this charming village.
  • Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples: These prehistoric temples are among the world’s oldest free-standing structures, dating back over 5000 years. Visitors can explore the impressive stone structures and learn about Malta’s ancient history.
  • Popeye Village: It was a movie set for the 1980 film “Popeye,” this charming village became a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the colorful houses, enjoy live shows, and even go on a boat trip from the harbor.
  • The Three Cities: Located across the Grand Harbor from Valletta, the Three Cities offer a glimpse into Malta’s historical past. Visitors can explore the alleyways, visit the historic forts and churches, and admire the stunning views of the harbor.
  • St. Julian’s: A lively coastal town known for its nightlife, St. Julian’s, is a popular destination for visitors looking for entertainment. The town offers many bars, clubs, restaurants, a picturesque marina, and beautiful beaches.
  • Dingli Cliffs: These dramatic cliffs offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Maltese countryside. Take a scenic walk along the clifftop and enjoy the beauty of this natural attraction.

Top things to do in Malta

If looking for what to do in Malta, the following are the best Malta things to do

  • Visit the historic city of Valletta: The capital of Malta is beautiful Baroque architecture, museums, churches, and palaces. Visitors can walk along the fortified walls, explore the streets and alleys, and enjoy the stunning harbor views.
  • Explore the ancient city of Mdina: Known as the “silent city,” Mdina is a fortified city with narrow streets, beautiful architecture, and stunning views. Visitors can explore the city’s many attractions, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Palazzo Falzon, and the Mdina Dungeons.
  • Relax on the beautiful beaches: Malta has many beautiful beaches where visitors can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Some famous beaches include Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, and Ramla Bay.
  • Visit the Blue Lagoon:  It is a must-visit destination for swimming and snorkeling. The crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches make it a paradise-like destination.
  • Take a boat trip around the islands: Visitors can take a boat trip around the Maltese islands, which offer stunning coastline views, hidden bays, and historical landmarks. Some popular boat trips include a harbor cruise around Valletta and the Blue Lagoon.
  • Go scuba diving or snorkeling: Malta is known for its clear waters, abundant marine life, and numerous diving sites. Explore the underwater world and see shipwrecks, caves, and reefs.
  • Visit the prehistoric temples: Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples are prehistoric structures that date back over 5000 years. Visitors can explore the impressive stone structures and learn about Malta’s ancient history.
  • Enjoy the nightlife: Malta has a lively nightlife scene, with various bars, clubs, and music venues to suit all tastes. 
  • Visit the Three Cities: Located across the Grand Harbor from Valletta, the Three Cities are a group of fortified towns that offer a glimpse into Malta’s historical past. You can explore the alleyways, visit the historic forts and churches, and admire the stunning harbor views.

Best time to visit Malta

The best time for visiting Malta is between June and October. The weather is sunny during this period, perfect for outdoor activities and beach lounging. The temperature ranges from 23°C to 32°C, with July being the hottest month. 

The sea temperature is also ideal for swimming and snorkeling. However, Malta can get crowded during this peak season, especially in July and August, so if you prefer a quieter holiday, it’s best to visit in June or September.

Is Malta expensive or cheap for travel? 

Malta is an affordable destination for budget-conscious travelers, especially if you visit during the off-season and opt for budget-friendly accommodation and food options. 

Final Words on Malta Travel

Malta is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean that offers a unique history, culture, and natural beauty. With its year-round sunny climate, friendly locals, and budget-friendly options, Malta is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a memorable vacation without breaking the bank.

Whether you love history, culture, or outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone in Malta. So, pack the bags and explore this Mediterranean paradise.

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