Top 4 Must-Visit Places When Riding A Motorcycle in Greece

Amidst the falling economy and inflation, traveling has become a luxury that most of us can’t afford. So eventually when we think of visiting Europe, we struggle to figure out how we are going to arrange money for the trip. However, among all the European countries, Greece is known to be the cheapest and the best thing is that technically, you are going to enjoy some of the best and most scenic views within your limited budget. When you visit Greece, you will experience the mix of European beauty with affordability and some of the best hotels at the cheapest rates. Greece is known to be a marvel in southern Europe that is loved by travelers, history enthusiasts as well as people who like to enjoy some leisure time with family. However, it also offers the best places to visit when you are on a motorcycle road trip.

Starting from the glorious blue water lined with silky smooth beeches, you will get to open your eyes to this beauty every day. Apart from this, you will see endless mountain roads that will get your heart racing. From smooth roads to some of the toughest terrains that will offer you an off-roading experience of a lifetime, you will be able to spice up your travel experience with some traveling by the sea as well.

With the help of this article, we will mention some of the best and most famous places to visit when you are on a motorcycle road trip to Greece. These rides have been selected based on the reviews offered by motorcyclists who are not only mid adventures but also have visited some of the best motorcycle routes within Europe.

The Vikos Gorge

Entering from the northwestern border you will enter the Epirus province. This place is divided between Albania and Greece. Here you can experience some of the best and most famous landmarks and most of them will offer you a lot of information about nature and history in general. Here you will also see the world’s deepest canyon. However, if you want to experience some serious adventure you can also try riding your motorcycle through a long twenty km gorge that has been carved by the Voidomatis River. This will be a good adventure but this is not for the faint-hearted people. Instead, you need to be very cautious because the stream sometimes is far too strong to offer you a safe path.


While enjoying your Greece experience, there is no way you can miss Meteora. Even if you don’t want to ride your motorcycle there, you have to experience the sunset at the Meteora mountain range. If you look at the word Meteora, it means suspended in the air. This technically means that you will get to experience something that will look like zero gravity. With 24 mountains within Meteora, you will see 6 mountains being used for churches. So you can not only just visit but also take some time out to pray and get closer to god.

Agios Ioannis Beach

Visiting Greece and not stepping into a water body means you have wasted your time. To make sure you make the most out of your travel experience we have also added a beech to our list. Lined with crystal white sand and blue water, Agios Ioannis Beach is a place straight out of paradise. What intrigues most people is that although it is considered a tourist destination, the place is very clean and very well kept. When you travel here, you will get to experience the most beautiful road. This includes a long narrow road with a sense of lush green trees on both sides. You will also see apple forests that you can visit. As you move forward the road becomes narrow so if you are a beginner you might want to practice a little before you start planning for your trip.

Panta Vrechei

If heaven was a place on earth, most people will agree that this might be it. The word Panta Vrechei means it always rains, so if you like water bodies or you are into water sports, this place is ideal and must be visited. Most people get very confused about the idea of rain; however, this is not the traditional rain that you might be expecting. Instead, the waterfall doesn’t have a continuous flow, so it looks like a rain curtain which is the reason it is named after rain and not a waterfall.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, even if you are not into adventure sports and you just want to explore some of the best places in Europe, do not miss Greece. Within Greece, you will get to visit not only some of the most scenic views but also historic places that will take your breath away. Although most of the roads are fully paved and you can smoothly ride your motorcycle, however, you will also get to experience off-roading by taking a tricky and adventurous route. Most people even bring their motorcycle on ferries and then ride their motorcycle back so, if you think you will get tired while riding your motorcycle, you can always get your motorcycle on the ferry.

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