Top Things To Do in Australia

What comes to your mind when one talks about the incredible country of Australia? Of course, the beaches, Kangaroos, and the wilderness of Australia! Further, there is more to Australia beyond one’s imagination! The gorgeous national parks, the awestruck mountains, things to do in Australia Gold Coast and the epic road trips with beautiful waterfalls on your way just mesmerize your mind and hearts amazingly.

Further, there are so many things you can do on this magical trip. Additionally, Australia is a complete package filled with coral reefs, rain forests, and also the scorching deserts! Enjoy some fun and leisure time in this heavenly place with your loved ones. Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Melbourne Australia or top things to do in Queensland Australia, the following travel guide covers everything:

  • Scuba Diving at Great Barrier Reef

Talking of the largest barrier reef system in the world, how can you not talk of the Great Barrier Reef? In addition, the world’s heritage site is visible even from outer space. Consisting of more than 3,000 coral reefs and scenic Islands, the coral reefs are one of the largest living structures on the planet. Dive into the crystal-clear turquoise waters to witness the blissful wonders of nature. The colorful marine life is to die for with the magnificent reefs visible from underwater viewing stations. Also, see the reefs from glass-bottom boats to stay dry throughout the activity. The price starts from Rs. 4,000 that turns out to be such a memorable experience. 

  • Take a stroll at Heide Museum of Modern Art

The Heide Museum of Modern Art is a combination of a contemporary art gallery along with a history art museum and heritage park. Besides, the location of the park makes this museum so much gorgeous. Likewise, located at vast lush farmland, the Museum is a must-visit place. Take your journey into the past and get mesmerized by finding out about the living history of Melbourne in Heide. The entry fee is Rs. 1,400 with so many people excited to see the Museum thereby making it one of the best Australian things to do all the time.

  • Shopaholics place at Melbourne Chapel Street

A shopper’s paradise, Melbourne Chapel Street is for all tourists alike having magnificent shopping places speaking of elegance and glamour. If exquisite shopping interests you, this is the best street to quench your thirst for shopping. Visit the world-class restaurants along with market fashion boutiques at Melbourne Chapel Street. Further, all the local designer’s collections are available at Brigade Road. It’s best to shop at any time of the day with so many people strolling in the streets leisurely.

  • Witness the finest wineries at Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley is widely known for its vineyards and wineries. Likewise, people take winery tours to sip in some of the finest wines in the world. Also, the wineries date back to the 19th century having over 150 wineries and cellar doors. Sometimes, prior appointments are needed to visit the best vineyards. Afterward, take wine tours or plan a road trip in the region. Take hot air balloon rides right over the valley. In fact, the smoked meat and bread taste awesome at the finest restaurants.

  • A road off beaten to Hahndorf

Hahndorf is such an amusement place to visit in Australia to take the off-beat track. Secondly, this quaint little town takes you back to Medieval Europe to explore the past in an unknown way. This small town gives beautiful vistas that are captured on the cameras. Further, find cafés, boutiques, and restaurants while exploring this wonderful city. Visit the Beerenberg Farm for buying the jams and pickles. If you are an art lover, the Cedar is a must-visit place. Next comes on the list is Misty Hollow Fantasy Cave filled with some amazing directions and admirations.

  • Take Farm pearl tours

Are you planning to discover some of the best places to visit Australia? Visit Broome to take the local farm pearl tours filled with amazement and enjoyment. Similarly, The South Sea Pearls are so unique making people crave it badly. Check out everything from oyster seeding to harvesting in the tours along with the grading of the pearls. Opt for either the land or the sea tours, the choice is on you. Choose the number of members you want for the tours restricting the crowd. Likewise, purchase some pearls to take back as souvenirs or buy from Chinatown to get something solid in the process.

  • Witness wildlife at Taronga Zoo

Get all ready to get personal encounters with vivid Australia’s wildlife with so many animals found all over the world. It is located just next to the harbor in the luxurious suburbs of Mosman. The zoo sees some of the amazing events including the Roar and Snore which is also an overnight stay in the zoo. Apart from that, indulge in the summer concert also. Try Lemur walk-through, Seal Show, and witness the amazing Sydney Skyline which looks amazing from the zoo. Also, go for the Sky Safari Gondola if you have the time for it.  You can also plan few cool things to do in Adelaide Australia after a visit to Taronga Zoo.

  • Relish the panoramic views from the Sydney Towers

The Sydney Towers, located at a height of 309 meters is so majestic and jaw-dropping! Being the city’s highest building, a tour of this tower is one of the top things to do in Sydney Australia. The tower eye is mainly a golden spire-topped turret rising from the center of the shopping mall. Being in the Sydney Towers, enjoy the panoramic views. Grab a drink and something to eat as well to have some quiet time to yourself. The charming cafes at the Towers offer some mouth-watering bakeries and coffee. Take the express Lift to go to the observation deck or get an experience of 4D cinema.

  • Head to the Sea World Marine Park

The Sea World Marine Park is the largest marine park in Australia entertaining the kids as well as adults. In the same way, it’s an amusement park keeping you occupied all through the day. Spot small sharks, penguins, and bears while in Marine Park. Get familiar with all the marine animals and also, hop the monorail to get a bird’s eye view of the entire Marine park. Get tickets to see performances of sea lions, dolphins, etc. The Sea themed roller coaster rides are fantastic beyond words.

  • Check the Architectural Masterpiece at the Sydney Opera House

Visiting the Sydney Opera House is one of the must-do things in Australia! It is considered to be an architectural masterpiece made by mankind featuring some of the best venues showing images of huge sailing ships. The billowing sails or the shells made up for the Opera House. Go to one of the fine dining restaurants to enjoy a scrumptious meal along with taking a tour of the building. Henceforth, the building comprises a concert hall, studios, exhibition rooms, and a cinema.

  • Take a day trip to the Blue Mountains National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Blue Mountains National Park is such a popular place in Sydney, you cannot miss out on! Also, it is named after the blue haze coming from the many eucalyptus trees giving such a spectacular view worth seeing. The three Sisters is something to see here comprising of a sandstone rock formation 900 meters above the Jamison Valley. Additionally, the exotic wildlife and the paintings cannot be missed out at any cost. Take the steepest passenger railway in the world going through a cliff tunnel or do rock climbing or mountain biking. If you are getting adventurous, horseback riding is also an exciting option to try out.

What’s next waiting for you?

Whether you are searching for unique things to do in Perth, funny things to do in Brisbane or unique things to do in Cairns Australia, the country has plenty to offer you. With varied opportunities to try out in Australia, when you are planning to visit? Australia, being such an unpredictable country, choose a good time to visit! Now you know what to do in Australia, simply plan your journey with ultimate zeal.

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