Top Things To Do In Idaho

Ready to explore the potato rich state of America, here’s your ‘top things to do in Idaho’ list. We got it all listed for you so that your search ends right here.

Either imbibe it all or jot it down, up to you guys. Make sure, you try to cover as many of these as you can, for it shall surely make your visit worthwhile.

Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Mccall Idaho or the best things to do in Lewiston Idaho, the following travel guide covers everything:


They say, to rise, you need to stumble through the falls. Well here, the only difference is instead of stumbling, we need you to just soothe your eyes as well the soul by exploring the ‘Shoshone falls of Idaho’. It’s actually generated from the Snake River and has also served as a great point for fishing and mining of gold for the locally residing Americans.

‘Shoshone falls park’ is specially created to view the scenic views of the falls along with the history and necessary details about the falls being displayed. Also, hiking is one of the major activities that add to the attractive points of this spot. No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the top things to do in Idaho falls that you must add to your itinerary.


Craving for some fun along with cultural heritage at one place? Come and enjoy all Idaho things to do here.

One of the popular tourist spots for the same,  especially in North Idaho has to be the ‘lake city’ or ‘Coeur d’Alene’, the biggest city of North Idaho. Serving as one of the largest Ski destinations in Idaho, it’s situated on Spokane valley with several other mountains carved out for skiing purposes.

To add on, the ‘Silverwood theme park’, one of the largest theme parks of the area, serves as icing on the cake for the tourists, specifically for the families. The city also aids other fun and adventurous activities such as fishing, hiking, mountain biking and events like the portrayal of culture and heritage through exhibitions and art festivals.


One of the most interesting things to do in Idaho has to be ‘Craters of the moon’, which is a national monument and also a preserve. The area was actually a volcano, situated on the plains of the Snake River. The lava fields were created as a result of a volcanic eruption which led to rivers of lava flowing out from the cracks and fissures across the river plain, ultimately resulting in the movement of the plates beneath the plain that consequently formed the ‘Great rift of Idaho’, which is considered to be one of deepest ones till date in history. some of the popular activities including hiking, snowshoeing and caving along with various attractive spots including the Great rift, Devil’s Orchard and Inferno cone viewpoint. Here you go, on the earth’s moon!


How about natural lava hot springs to indulge yourself in some spa kind of feeling? we’re talking about the hot springs that are mostly seen in the southeastern part of Idaho. Despite its scarce population, it has a thing of infatuating tourists by having developed various resorts and hotels alongside the natural springs, letting them savor serenity by Amazing views of mountain ranges and keeping the facilities open the whole year, making the whole experience even more soothing. One of the most famous among these is Kirkham hot springs, located on the south fork of the Payette River near the Boise national forest campground. Apart from multiple waterfalls, it is also a combination of both hot water pools and springs, just apt for tourism in all seasons thereby making it one of the best things to do in Idaho springs.


Are you someone who loves hiking? this place should surely be your stop then. ‘Hells Canyon national recreation area’ is all about numerous trails for hiking purposes, accompanied by scenic views. The Snake River runs in between the canyon, which is actually situated on the Oregon-Idaho border. Mainly used for archaeological studies and the history of the canyon, the area is mainly located in the widespread forests of Wallowa-Whitman in Northern Idaho. Explore the wilderness and enjoy hiking through!


If you are someone who is all about getting away from the city hush and going for long walks or biking by wandering through the zones of green scapes surrounding the city, ‘Boise river greenbelt’ is the most suitable place for the same and offers one of the top 10 things to do in Boise Idaho. It is actually a recreational belt, which passes through the capital city of Idaho that is ‘Boise’, in an east to west direction. With a ban of motor vehicles on the belt, it also makes it a clean and pollution-free zone, apt for a healthy track-on. To add on, you also get to do some site seeing through the city. From parks that line the river to Downtown Boise, you get to explore the major spots of the city. From the city clatter to this serenity, we assure you it’ll be worthwhile!


Do you have a knack for having unique experiences wherever you visit? to quench this thirst of yours, we have a spot for you. ‘Bruneau dunes state park’ is one of the state parks of Idaho, located in the southeast Direction of the city of Boise. The main feature of this park is huge sand dunes that stand tall and free. From having a six-mile-long trail to explore through to some unique and fun things to do in the core, the experience is obvious to be surreal. Other highlights of the park include activities like sandboarding and hiking and stargazing through a telescope at night along with the campgrounds.


These days, connecting to roots is important whether it’s about a culture or other things as well. For the same, we suggest you visit the ‘Basque block’, situated in the Boise city of Idaho, which makes you culturally rich by learning various aspects of the Basque culture as much as possible, be it their traditions, architecture, trade, or food. From famous eateries to museums or cultural centers, it shall surely enrich whatever you need to know about the unique culture of the Basques.


For the above-mentioned purpose, our suggestion would be a city named ‘Stanley’. Situated on the shores on the borders of the Salmon River and surrounded by the sawtooth mountain ranges, this city is perfect for a getaway from the usual happenings in and around Idaho. Furthermore, due to its scarce population and landscape beauty, it’s ideal for people to dwell in a calming and relaxing vibe along with the options of fishing and hiking as go-to activities.


Idaho is all about exploring in all sorts. From the top 10 things to do in Moscow Idaho to unique things to do in Sandpoint Idaho, the above travel guide covers everything. If you are looking for a travel destination within this or the coming years, this should surely be your pick and we assure you won’t be disappointed. Also, different tourism plans and packages are available through various sources to guide you through which will let you enjoy within your time as well as budget, thus making the execution and experience much easier and hassle-free.

Get ready to vibe with the unique moods of Idaho, for it offers almost all the flavors of travel. From serenity to fun and adventure, it’s enough to make you hooked to its memorable escapades for a long. Now you know what to do in Idaho, why now check out some other best places to visit in North America.

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