Top Things To Do in Lima

Lima is the capital of the beautiful country of Peru, the largest city that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It is situated in the fertile valleys formed by three rivers, Chillón, Rímac, and Lurína. Lima is a most- visited tourist destination for people throughout the globe. More than 2.63 million tourists visit this beautiful city famous for its architecture, beaches, and cleanliness. With so many activities to do at tourist attractions in Lima, you will surely be wondering what to do next while at Lima.

Many activities comprise in making Lima a tourist hotspot – connectivity to most American cities because of superb flight connections, many tourist spots, relishing Peruvian food and its culture, the architecture of the buildings and exploring the historic center, paragliding above the coast, its mild climate, diversity, its rich cultural heritage, dancing in a hidden bar, and the good hospitality of the Peruvians.

You may have heard very little about a miraculous place called Lima in Peru but the city certainly offers a lot to tourists of different interests. Whether you are traveling to Lima from abroad or you are a native traveler, the city definitely offers plenty of potential to discover unique things. If you are searching for the best places to visit in this incredible city in Peru then check out our Lima travel guide to make your tour perfect.

Here we have listed the best places to visit and top 10 things to do in Lima Peru to enjoy the beauties of this city to the fullest:

  • Plaza Mayor:

It is also recognized as a Plaza de Armas and listed in one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. This is the key reason why tourists from different parts of the world traveling to Lima every year to view its amazing sightseeing. This is one of the best places to see in Lima Peru which is surrounded by several other key tourist attractions including Palacio del Gobierno, Archbishop’s Palace, La Merced church and much more. Every Lima travel guide advises tourists to start their city itinerary from Plaza Mayor to make their tour memorable.

  • Cathedral:

It is another historical landmark in the city which is included in every Lima city travel guide. The cathedral has witnessed renovation several times till today and adored with various extraordinary carvings. At the back of the cathedral, you can spot a tiny museum of art which is also considered as one of the best places to visit in Lima Peru all around the year.

  • Museo Larco:

If you are a true history lover then you will definitely prefer to start your Lima tour from Museo Larco. The museum features a grand collection of ceramic displays that date back to the old centuries. It boasts an extensive collection of garments, jewelry, nose ornaments, earrings, crowns and much more. The museum features diverse kinds of masterpieces that make every visitor stunned with its offerings. No wonder it is always listed amongst some of the popular Lima things to do.

  • Santo Domingo:

The monastery and church of Santo Domingo are rated as the oldest and most historic destinations in the city. Here you will come across relics of Saint Martin de Porres, San Juan Masias and Saint Rose of Lima. While on the go, you will also come across several mosaic paintings that date back to the old centuries. After a long walk, if you are looking for some of the best tourist attractions of Lima Peru then a small garden inside the cloister is available there for your rescue.

  •  Huaca Pucllana:

It is one of the extraordinary places to visit in Lima Peru that you will find out in every travel guide. The temple is crafted in an attractive shape of a pyramid which is considered as a center of attraction here. The structure of the pyramid is divided into seven different platforms and it is worth capturing few snaps of this masterpiece in your camera. Local tour guides are available in the vicinity, who will give you all the information you want to get about this destination.

  • Miraflores:

If you are searching for some of the top places to go in in Lima that will offer you exposure to view historical sites and also try out adventurous activities then come to Miraflores. In the vicinity, you can spot several local stores and shops selling a unique collection of textiles and other historical masterpieces. If you are a foodie then you will love trying out both national as well as international cuisine at the nearby restaurants. It is an ideal destination to add an element of zeal to your tour to Lima.

  • A Walking Tour of Lima

A walking tour is the best way to explore a city and a free walking tour through the Inkan Milky Way is the best solution to get to know Peru better. These tours originate from La Merced Church, from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The entire tour is free but if you like the guide who is taking you through the city, you can give a tip. A good amount to tip would be around 20-30 soles, which is about $7-10 per person. This tour will definitely give you a good perspective and insight into this beautiful city, and you can get a teaser view and come back to explore the spots you like at your own pace!

  • The Plaza de Armas

The Plaza de Armas or the Plaza Mayor is an important landmark being the birthplace of Lima, founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador. The city was centered on a square-shaped plaza based on the order of King Charles I of Spain. This tree-lined plaza has a fountain in the middle, is very beautiful, and is a relaxing spot. The plaza is surrounded by the Lima Cathedral and the Government Plaza. The exteriors of the cathedral are gorgeous; visitors need to pay 10 soles or $3 after the free visit to go in further to see the museum of religious art. The Government Palace is where the Peruvian President resides and the changing of the guard ceremony at noontime is a must-see event.

  • Views from San Cristobal Hill

A visit to San Cristobal Hill, the highest natural point in Lima which is 400 meters above sea level is a must-see place. The legend has it that an ‘apu’ or a mountain deity protects this hill. The Spanish conquistadors, later on, passed on their beliefs to the locals and planted a symbol of the cross here. Many Christian pilgrims gather during Semana Santa and give their offerings. The best way to explore this hill is by taking the bus to Plaza de Armas, as San Cristobal Hill is on the northeast of the Plaza, along the Rimac River. If you are searching for some of the unique things to do in Lima Peru then come to San Cristobal Hill.

  • Paragliding in Lima

Lima or the garden city owes its name to the Malecon, a beautiful cliffside that overlooks the Pacific Ocean stretching for many miles in Miraflores. There are many parks along the Malecon and the views of the Costa Verde or Lima’s Green Coast are a beautiful sight. There are also fun things to do in Lima such as cycling, walking, and paragliding. North of the Parque del Amor or the Park of Love, is the perfect spot for paragliding because of the tall cliffs and the strong winds here. The feeling and the views you get from this experience, needless to say, are awesome for the adventurous who try this activity. The cost is $75 per head, one would need to sign relevant documents, and it is advisable to have travel insurance before undertaking the trip!

  • Larcomar – a Shopping and Dining paradise!

Larcomar is a shopper’s and diner’s paradise. The only shopping mall in the world that is built into a cliff, wow! Indeed it is a sight to see along with the other must-see places in Lima. It is not that we come across a mall on a cliff on a regular basis! Apart from the amazing views from this open-air mall, there are 70 shops and 17 restaurants. Larcomar is within walking distance from the center of Miraflores and is open from 10 in the morning and closes at 10 in the night.

  • The Ancient Huaca Pucllana Ruins in the Modern City

The bustling, modern city of Lima has preserved the ancient ruins of Huaca Pucllana inspite of developing with the modern times. These ruins date back to the 5th century of the Lima Culture, a civilization prevalent at that time. This 7-tiered sacred temple is in the center of Miraflores and was built for the higher level of priests who were in-charge of all the natural resources of the temple area. There are guided tours that a tourist can take to visit these ruins and the languages spoken are Spanish and English. The visit costs 6 soles or $2. Visitors can visit the ruins from Wednesday to Monday between 9 a.m., to 5 p.m. If one misses the specific timings, a meal at the restaurant on site is a great experience to see the temple which is lit up against the night sky.

  • Barranco – Lima’s Happening Place

Barranco is the next stop after Miraflores which is a happening neighbourhood. This bohemian enclave was initially built as a beach destination with many palm trees lining up streets that house beautiful-coloured mansions  There is so much to do for the Limeños and the tourists alike to keep everyone busy. The beautiful architecture, the street art, the lovely plaza, restaurants, cafés, bars, and unique shops, are some of the plus points here. Moving with the modern world, there are beautiful co-working spaces in the area. There is a local legend that if one holds their breath, makes a wish, and crosses the Bridge of Sighs or the Puente de los Suspiros the wish would come true!

  • The Magic Water Circuit

The Magic Water Circuit is the largest water fountain complex listed through the Guinness Book of World Records. There are 13 different fountains that are illuminated at night making it a wonderful sight. The circuit is in Parque de la Reserva where there is music, laser light, a magical show, and many fountains. Visiting these fountains to coincide with the show that features Peruvian folk music will be very interesting. The Circuit is easily accessible by the Metropolitano bus and is next to the National Stadium.

  • The Mirabus

Exploring Lima is best through the Mirabus which gives a promising and panoramic view of the city and its history. One can sit on the first floor and enjoy the views in quiet or experience the city through the second floor to get a better view. It is one of the cool things to do in Lima Peru with your family or friends. The Mirabus originates from Parque Kennedy which is in Miraflores.

  • Enjoy Peruvian Cuisine

Eating local cuisine or Peruvian cuisine is considered the best in South America. The cuisine is influenced by the Spanish conquistadors, the Chinese immigrants, and different communities over the decades. The cuisine has become a fusion of local ingredients and flavors that are part of the global cuisine. Ceviche is the most famous dish in Peru. This is raw fish that is marinated in lime juice. There is a National Ceviche Day on the 28th of June that commemorates this Peruvian dish. Some of the other famous dishes are the aji de gallina which is a spicy chicken stew, the Chifa which is a combination of Peruvian and Chinese food, and the lomo saltado which is stir-fried vegetables. There will be a dish from Peruvian cuisine that will cater to everyone’s taste. If you are looking for the best things to do in Lima Ohio then you should try the local cuisine of Limo.

What’s next waiting for you?

The list of destinations mentioned in the above Lima travel guide are a few of the key highlights in the city. If you are planning an extended holiday to the city then you can definitely consider adding few more travel destinations of Lima in your itinerary. You can cover Convento de San Francisco, National Museum, Larco Museum, Las Nazarenas and much more. If you are planning to visit few more cities in South America then check out our other travel guides.

Lima does indeed have a lot to offer the tourist in terms of its rich culture and heritage, its diverse activities, its mouth-watering cuisine, the warm hospitality, the connectivity by walk or road to places of interest, and its vibrancy. It is worth a visit and to be part of the tour calendar while visiting Peru. It is amazing to note that in a day one can eat the best food, go paragliding over the ocean, visit ancient ruins, and see a magical fountain water show. You can end the day with the famous cocktails of the region, the Pisco Sours, and dance all night long! Now you know what to do in Lima, don’t wait any longer, make your bookings, and make a trip to the city of Kings, Lima in Peru.

About Author: Anjana Samuel is an avid traveler, writer, and has a passion for meeting people. With a flair for writing and communication, she has honed these skills to help her professionally in different spheres to excel in her chosen fields. Being a communicator she loves to read, learn, and imbibe new aspects. 

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